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We have received lots of comments from Springfield Junior School which is in Derbyshire, England. Blogging is a fantastic way of sharing what we have been up to and it is fantastic to see other children visiting us and leaving us comments.

However, I we should also take the time to visit their blog as well. Therefore, please visit their class blog and leave some feedback (especially Year 6 who will have extra time during Y5 assessments this week).


Demo Book Review

Book Review

Lucy’s Calculator Squid

Following our coding lesson this week, Lucy has created the fantastic ‘Calculator Squid’!

Instead of having six sprites to do all of the different calculations, she has just one that does them all and allows the user to select their choices. Check out the code to see how she did it!
Well done Lucy! See me for a success card stamp!



Have a look at the listed websites below and jot any key information in your jotters.

1. http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/revision/science/space.htm
2. http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Interactive.aspx?cat=73
3. http://www.planetsforkids.org/planet-earth.html

Coding Challenge

You have all been working very hard in coding lessons this term. Today’s lesson you have two challenges.
In these challenges, you only have a few pieces of code. They are the only code blocks you are allowed to use! Your challenge is to make the best game / procedure that you can using just these blocks. You are allowed to create sprites (with different costumes) and backgrounds if you need them.
I can’t wait to see what you come up with

Challenge 1: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/14176054/#editor
Challenge 2: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/14176134/#editor

If you have a Scratch account, post a link to your code in the comments please

William Shakespeare

Use ipads to :

  • Find out at least 3 facts for a factfile on him (You can do more)
  • Find out why Shakespeare was famous
  • Find out the plot of 1 of his plays
  • Find 1 primary piece of evidence to include in the Pic Collage and write about what we can deduce from it.

Good weblinks: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/famouspeople/william_shakespeare/
http://www.theschoolrun.com/homework-help/william-shakespeare (good for primary evidence in links at the bottom)

BBC Clip:


Neil Armstrong diary-Alicia

“One small step for man…and one giant leap for mankind!” I exclaimed as I walked upon the rocky terrain of the Moon. This was a jaw dropping experience for me it was truly unbelievable. Glancing at the oblivion ahead it was absolutely amazing that I Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the Moon. Calmly I stabbed the American flag in to the Moon’s surface to signal the victory of the space race! How this happened is a much longer story.

July 16th 1969

“5..4…3..2..!”  The mission control team radioed in my ear.Nervously, I sat tightly back on the extremely comfy space chair. Lift off! I heard the thousands of cheers from the millions of  people below. Suddenly, rumbling started and then…the flames of fury came out and we were lifting of. We knew we had all of our equipment ready including: Space suit, camera, dried food (yuck) and even my flask of warm tea. As our chairs started dying down (from the rattling) we stared out of the window while we were feeling nauseous and the sight was…truly beautiful!

Unfortunately, we had to orbit around the Earth just to make sure everything was in ship shape! All i could see was the coal black sky,which was outstanding, and the tiny world below us. After a few seconds, I could see the silhouette of the trees and the sapphire blue waters.“Amazing ” I  told buzz “truly amazing!” Aldrin replied.

Eventually, we finished  orbiting the Earth and headed to our destination…the Moon! the adventure ahead of us was going to be so exiting. We were as joyful as a seal getting a bucket of fish. In addition, we were very anxious for the journey ahead. As the huge moon came into sight we were getting very exited.

July 19th 1969

Amazingly, we were going in to the Moons orbit it was so mesmerizing. We were  gob smacked because it looked so magical yet we were worried yet because may not make it. the large moon was astonishing.

Neil Armstrong Biography

Neil Armstrong Biography

“That’s one small step for man…One giant leap for mankind!” I proudly announced. Stepping out onto the moons terrain was not only my greatest achievements but one of the most significant events in the history of the human race. My big space boots made the first foot marks in the surface of the gloomy moon. Glancing around the moon planet was gloomy, bumpy and was mouth-watering. “I” Neil Armstrong, the first person to step onto the moon, “That’s unbelievable” Let me tell you about it…

16th July 1969
“5, 4, 3, 2…” The numbers filled my ears as I braced for lift off. The rumbling and roasting of the fierce engines lifted us swiftly off the ground like a missle (but not as small) and up we gliding through the air with engines, powerful engines. After that, we had been around the whole world 1 and a half times and now heading towards the planer Moon. All of the fantastic views were mouth-watering and wondering what would happen at our destination.

19th July 1969

Heading towards the moon and zooming into the orbit was glorious, the moons gloomy rocky terrain was in sight
As we started the descent, “Good look” wished mission control. Nervously, Buzz announced, “60 Seconds of fuel”, “I, Armstrong” saw that we were heading towards a big creator in the moons floor with a few boulders sitting there too. With only 30 seconds of fuel left and a few hundred feet away from the moon, I, Neil decided to take over the controls and searched for a clear landing spot. Finally, we found a landing spot, 10 seconds left, BOOOOOMM! We were down and that’s one of the biggest history ever in mankind…

Neil Armstrong biography

Neil Armstrong was famous for being the first ever man to set foot on the moon. He was born on August 5th 1930. However, he unfortunately passed away 20 days after his 82nd birthday due to heart complications from heart surgery.

Early Life

After leaving university Neil went to join the Army and Navy. But after spending a couple of years in his career he was called up to join the Korean war by flying over 200 different air crafts. Sadly,in 1952 he left the military to go back to collage. Despite going back to collage, he met his first wife Janet sheeran .He also became a professor of science and space and Harvard academy where he taught how rockets were made and how they blast off.


After Armstrong and Sheeran got married, they had their first son Eric in 1957 28th January . Two years later, Neil was elected for the national space race ; which his wife was devastated about as their son was only two. But before anything was planned, they had another child called Karen. Sadly at the age of three Karen suddenly died due to a brain tumor. Unfortunately, Janet later died that year. However he remarried and went on to have another child called mark who went on to become an astronomer and astronaut like his father.

Moon Trip

On July 16th , Neil Armstrong , Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins ventured out in to space bursting through the bright blue atmosphere made of various gasses. But on 19th July, Neil stepped foot ion the moon for the very first time making history through out time. However, after 3 or 43 hours of exploring they waddled back in to the Eagle that had ejected from the other space ship that had got them on to the glorious, jaw-dropping moon . After spending a couple days traveling back home they burst back through the earths atmosphere and made a gigantic splash in the cold Atlantic ocean and waited until help arrived to help them out of the glorious Eagle that got them home.

As you heard in the opening paragraph, Neil unfortunately died happily in his home on the 25th August 2012  just 20 days after his 82nd birthday . All his family told the world that many people had payed tribute in order of his death and made a moral  in order to know that they loved him. Barack Obama stated that ” he wasn’t just a hero of h is time and ours, he was a hero of all time and will be forever”



Neil Armstrong – biography

Neil Armstrong

Educator, military pilot and most importantly the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong was the most famous astronaut of all time. Born on November 5th 1930, in Ohio USA, he was a man with one ambition – space travel. However, he sadly died in August 2012, leaving members of NASA’s hearts in pieces.

Early life

Neil loved transportation, it fascinated him, and this led him to his accomplishment of making it to The Moon. However, a lot more came before hand. As a teenager, at the age of fifteen, he learned to fly aircrafts and soon after was given a pilot license when he was ONLY 16; he could fly before he even learned to drive! WOW! At a young age, after finishing college, his skills were put to the test when he was called to fight in the Korean War due to the fact that, by this time, he was in the American Navy flying over 200 test aircrafts in his career. After that, he finally joined the organisation that was to become NASA.


In 1956, Armstrong was married to a lady, Janet Shearon, and they soon had children. First of all, in 1954 his first son (Mark) was born followed by Eric (1957) and Karen in 1959 – however after a while Karen died of complications with a brain tumour. Without warning, the pair divorced and the astronaut re-married to a nice lady called Carol. Another fact, Neil had two siblings, one of them he used for the name of his son Mark.


Trip to the moon

In 1969, on 16th of July, Apollo 11 was launched with Neil in total control. He visited with: Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and the memory of NASA back on Earth. As soon as he arrived, he set foot on the mighty moon and shouted “That’s one small step for man… One giant leap for mankind!” He defied the throttling and rattling of the Columbia and made history. In aid of winning victory of America, he accomplished something that seemed impossible.

At age 82, in August 2012, Neil died. He had a bypass operation in early 2012 when a couple weeks later he died of complications with his surgery. People remember him when they look at the moon seeing as his family released a statement reminding them to give him a wink. Barrack Obama even mentioned (in exact words) “He was one of the greatest American heroes – not just of his time but of all time!” Personally, in my opinion, Neil Armstrong did a thing of great bravery in 1969 and shall be remembered for years on for his determination and talent to soar through alternative galaxies. I will probably remember him when I look at the moon in future!

The Moon landing – Tamzin

“That’s one small step for man… One giant leap for mankind!” announced Neil Armstrong, my Space partner. We both stepped on to the Moon. I couldn’t believe it! Neil and I were the first people to land on the Moon! This was the greatest achievement anyone could ever make! Glancing around, it seemed unbelievable that I, Buzz Aldrin, had actually made it. The first! Ever! After taking in the scenery, Neil and I placed the flag into the rocky terrain. We had done it. Victory for the USA!!! We had won the Space Race! But what happened before this? Well, read on to find out.

16th July 1969

“5, 4, 3, 2…” the 5 numbers rang out in my head. We were eventually taking off! Feeling nauseous, Neil Armstrong received a message from Mission Control, “We wish you a safe journey. Good luck!” Without warning, a plume of smoke and flames appeared.

Then, the rocket (the Eagle) rose from the ground. It was actually happening! After a few minutes, the Eagle started to do 1 ½ orbits around the Earth to check if everything was in order. In addition, I had everything I needed:

My Space suit, my Space boots and the USA flag (in case we did actually make it!) The Earth’s orbit was beautiful! On one half, it was a pretty blue atmosphere, as blue as a sapphire. However, on another half, it was a pitch-black ocean of darkness. After the orbit, it was time. Bring it on!

Shaking with fear, we blasted off into Outer Space. Neil gave me a thumbs-up sign. I smiled back it him weakly. Another thing, I had dozens of questions racing through my mind. Will we get there? What will it be like? Will we win the Space Race? As we shot off into Space, I could see the glistening stars and the bright and colourful planets.  It was nothing like I’d ever seen before; a dark atmosphere with colourful lights. I was simply awestruck! Feeling nervous, I looked at Neil, who as busy steering the rocket.

17th July 1969

It had been a full day of excitement of travelling through Space. I felt very claustrophobic as if I was in a tiny room and I couldn’t get out. Suddenly, Mission Control proudly announced, “You have just entered the Moon’s orbit! You still have a way to go, though. Keep it up!” Bubbling with excitement, I bounced up and down in the back seat and exclaimed to Neil, “Neil, we’re in the Moon’s orbit! We’re nearly there!” My Space partner beamed at me happily. Suddenly, lights and sirens started whirring. “What’s happening?” I asked. Neil looked at me sadly, “We only have 60 seconds of fuel left. We need to find a landing place NOW!” he panicked. Generously, I helped him to search for a landing spot. However, there seemed to be mysterious holes and craters EVERYWHERE! Neil searched everywhere for a place to land. Eventually, we found one with seconds of fuel remaining! If only we didn’t use much fuel! If only we found a place earlier! If only we had a bigger fuel tank then we’d have lots more fuel left for the journey home. In a matter of minutes, we had landed on… THE MOON!

Feeling jubilant, I had un-fastened my seat belt. We stepped onto the Moon…

AND THAT is how it happened. In a lot more detail.

The moon landing – Anais

“One small step for man … One giant leap for mankind!”

I announced calmly. Apprehensively gazing, I slowly dropped my foot out of the Eagle. Proud I watched Buzz Aldrin (my fellow partner) pop out of our transformation with our American Flag ; I remembered my mission therefore I took the stripy flag and smiled. We were the first people there. Ever!

How this began is a much longer story however.

16th July 1969, 13:32pm

“5 , 4 , 3 …!” the numbers yelled in my ears as I thought more about our mission. Shaking nervously, I glanced down towards the bottom of the Eagle and discovered thousands of flames firing out on to the ground leaving an ocean of smoke. Thinking carefully , I knew I had everything I needed : my uniform , my sick bucket , just in case, and my water and food. “Good Luck boys!” shouted mission control ( the men who was giving us lots of attention at the moment) as he patted me on the back. Feeling worried, we stepped slowly in to the space vehicle. Glancing out of the window, I saw lovely, bright stars. Beautiful! What would happen if we were left stranded in space? Why did I sign up for this? What is going to happen?

Gob- smacked, I watched mesmerised, out of the mall window; I saw millions of small green land all around the Earth. Honoured, Buzz and I stared gratefully at the vibrantly coloured planets. Amazed, we circled around the Earth’s side, watching the stars twinkle every mile we moved.


Crying with excitement we had finally left the Earth’s atmosphere and we were heading for the moon. Tired but joyful, I closed my eyes and imagined what the moon would be like and look like. Would it be soft? Would it be hard? I was unsure; suddenly I found myself wrestling with the control panels while the space ship turned, wobbled and spun. Smiling, it finally stopped doing stupid and calmed itself down

(Thanks to me that is). “Are we nearly there yet Armstrong?” asked Aldrin. Feeling adventurous, I turned back to Buzz and replied,” Nearly”.

July 19th , 17:21 pm  

Bitter sweet, I jumped up with glee and sang, “We’re here, finally we’re here!” Sweating, I watched the moon, even though it didn’t really move, as we got closer and closer. Staring at the perfect view in front of us I realised (not long after I saw the moon) we had reached the moon’s orbit.


Diary recount of Neil Armstrong

“That’s one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind,” I happily announced. My foot stepping on the hard rock surface and jumping for joy. I looked back to see my foot prints being imprinted into the sandy dust as I walked towards the centre. How did I get here you ask, well let me tell you.

16th July 1969

“5,4,3,2…1!” Yelled ‘my partner in crime’ Buzz Aldrin, who I had known for age. Suddenly, the engine roared like a tiger pouncing on its prey. Do I have everything? I worriedly thought to myself. Space suite, dry food, water, Oxygen tanks. I thought again. “YES!” I yelled strangely. Seconds later I saw the flickering, fierce flames shoot out from the long dark tunnel.

Moments later, we were above the clouds looking down on the different countries, which looked tiny. Feeling nauseous we started spinning round the Earth “Um… Buss” I exclaimed “Yes?” He asked “I’m going to be…” I replied before being interrupted by mission control to say “Hang in there soldier we are almost round”.

At 16:16 we left the Earths orbit and set off towards the moon. I looked out of one window and saw space it was darker than the devils heart however, in the distance, glistening like mad, was O’ Ryan’s belt. “Buzz the further we go from earth the more I get home sick” I told Buzz secretly “I know… me too” he replied.

At 17:21 we entered the Moon’s orbit and I was waiting for a frightening adventure to strike us but the only thing that stuck us was a Meteorite shower. Feeling bittersweet ,because half of me was exited but the other was nerve-racking, I sat on the chair that looked to be futuristic.At 18:11 we left our ship and into the Eagle. Suddenly, the controls went mental and so did Buzz for that matter he grabbed the controls calmly and finally got it under control. With all that struggling the moon came into signt and we were dazed by its beauty.

That is the end of my story, Signed,


Neil Armstrong ~Diary Entry~

“That’s one small step for man…One giant leap for mankind!” I announced as proud as I could be. Nervously glancing, I watched my fellow astronaut, Buzz, climb out; he watched the moon like a hawk therefore he didn’t fall. Feeling emotional, I remembered my great mission as I placed the USA flag into the moon’s surface. Out of the corner of one eye, I saw the Earth and winning the space race for the USA.

How it came to this is a much bigger story…

16th July 1969 13:32pm

“5,4,3,2…” The numbers rang in my ear as I thought about the mission. Rumbling ferociously, the flames from the bottom of the Columbia like a plant on a growth spurt. Shocked, that I, Neil Armstrong, was one of the first EVER! people to step foot on the moon (that’s if we make it there in time.) Crushed, into my seat I managed to grab my rucksack which included: space food, sick bag, water and a back scratcher. “Good Luck,” boomed a voice in my right ear as mission control wished us luck n our massive mission. Feeling Claustrophobic, I gazed out of the window at the Earth. Beautiful!

Mesmerized, I watched the outstanding view from 3 inches underneath the clouds. Honored, to have seen what U saw I felt really special; no one had ever stepped on the moon till now. After a few minutes, we had already done 1 whole circle of the Earth’s blue and green atmosphere.


Leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, I waved goodbye to me home and hello to the Moon. Feeling stiff, Buzz and I stared gratefully at the Earth, which is getting smaller, as we drifted off into the place many people call the Moon. Unsure, I shouted,”Buzz, how much longer?” He replied,”4 more hours” Looking forward to the adventure ahead, I looked next to me to find Michael Collins writing something down in his journal.

17:21 July 19th

Excited yet nervous, I wrestled with the controls.BOOM! SMASH! I fell into a load of powdered food. Feeling sleepy, I watched the rocket turn round and round the remarkably small planet. Inquisitively, I listened to the engine. Feeling bittersweet, I sleepily watched the starts beautifully sparkle.


Anxiously, Buzz and I watched out at the spacious area. “How much longer Buzz?” I asked, he replied, “2 hours and 6 minutes” Restlessly, Buzz and I looked as we got closer to the moon and further away from Earth. 1000ft 800ft from the moon. If we don’t make it in time before the fuel runs out we’ll all be dead, if we don’t make it in time we’ll drift off into space, if the Columbia blows up before we make it we won’t make history, then we can’t be remembered.

And then it all comes back to when I said,”One small step for man… one giant leap for mankind”and that is how Buzz, Michael and I made it to space.


Neil Armstrong-Diary Entry-

“That’s one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind”I announced.Happy to see the moon,i stepped out of the rocket(The Eagle)and i felt like i had already achieved my goal.With overcoming my achievement,my big space boot was the only thing on the moon.Proud to represent the USA,i got the United States Of America flag and planted it on the Moon’s surface.Even though I felt proud to be the only person to put the flag down,I felt as if something terrible might happen.However, it didn’t and it had meant that the end of the space race was complete and the victory for the USA.

How it came to this, Let me explain…

16th July 1969-13:32pm

“5,4,3,2!”boomed through my ears.I quickly reminded myself what was in my bag it included;space helmet,space drink(with a space straw),clock and my gas operators therefore i wouldn’t be able to smell the strange odors. BOOM!the speed went to 60MPH,the windows were shaking and the seats were rattling.”All the best!”pronounced Mission control,who were on the other side of the radio.Our Mission,the moon, was waiting to be found;winning for USA was the only thing we could think of.

Leaving Earth, our terrain was unbelievable because i stared mesmerized at the silhouette of the rocket on the Moon.It was FABULICIOUS!The atmosphere was mind-bubbling,mouth-watering and was like seeing a nice hot chocolate fudge cake,which hadn’t been eaten.Feeling Dizzy, the Eagle,also known as the rocket,went around the Earth 1 and a 1/2 times(which made me feel nautious)

16th July 1969-16:16 pm 

Finally,we set off towards the moon.”Were back in the game!” my partner announced.Buzz Aldrin.a very good friend,was incredibly fantastic for his scientific knowledge.Anyway enough about him, I sat comfortably in my seat interested in many other things including:sight-seeing stars and the scorching sun.”Were nearly there my friend,” as he would sarcastically say.

July 19th 1969-17:21

Thankfully,the life-time experience had nearly come to end.Happiness and joy filled the rocket as we felt like we were winning magnificently.Smiling,happily,we entered the moon’s orbit so that we could safely land correctly.

Global Warming / Climate Change

Today we are going to look at Global Warming – how it is caused and the impact it is having on the World. We should also consider what we can do to make a difference.

First of all visit www.oddizzi.com
Go to:
Explore the World >>> Global Knowledge >>> Environment >>> How is it changing? >>> Global Warming.

Then, take a look through this Powerpoint. (Click to open it on your iPad)
Climate Change PPT

Design a PicCollage to show what you have found out

We can now play lots of fantastic quizzes on Oddizzi as well. Simply login as MrPatterson (using your old password). Then select Quiz, choose your name and play. The weather and climate quiz seems a great place to start.

Tennis Game Example – Monday’s Computing Lesson

Can you follow these steps to create your own bat and ball game?
1. Draw a bat sprite
2. Make your bat move (use the mouse OR arrow keys) check your code NOW!
3. Add a ball sprite
4. Make the ball move check your code NOW!
5. Tell the ball what to do IF it touches the bat or and edge check your code NOW!
6. Add a colour to the background
7. Add the code for if the ball touches the coloured edge check the code!
Feeling ambitious? Can you add a score or speed? Maybe both?

If you have managed that, you could try getting adding another sprite to your game and a different way of scoring. Check out the example below:

Neil Armstrong

We will be writing an autobiography about Neil Armstrong in Big Writing this week.

Use the link below to find out more about the famous astronaut. Try to research parts of Neil’s life that you don’t already have lots of information about.

Can you make use of any of these openers in your writing? Remember to only choose openers that you understand and can add to a sentence that makes sense!

Words and phrases to use at the start of sentences
Time connectives

  • As a child . . .
  • During his early life . . .
  • At a young age . . .
  • In his early years . . .
  • As a teenager he . . .
  • Shortly after this . . .
  • Soon afterwards . . .
  • The time came for . . .
  • By the time he had . . .
  • Many years later . . .
  • In 1878, at the age of . . . he . . .
  • In his later years . . .
  • Towards the end of his life . . .
  • In his final years . . .

Making statements

  • One of the interesting things about . . . was . . .
  • One of the most remarkable facts about . . .
  • Strangely . . .
  • Another unusual thing about . . . was . . .

Complex sentence starters

  • Even though . . .
  • Although . . .
  • Despite the fact that . . .
  • In spite of . . .

Expressing a viewpoint (Useful in the conclusion)

  • In my view . . .
  • As I see it . . .
  • I believe that . . .
  • In many ways . . .
  • It’s difficult to understand why . . .

Legacy statements

  • His one regret was that . . .
  • His dying wish was that . . .
  • He will probably be best remembered for . . .
  • His greatest achievement was . . .
  • He will be remembered most of all for . . .
  • His life was . . .
  • His lasting legacy is that . . .

Scratch Challenge

This week in computing we are going to make our own car game:
Your challenge is to create a simple game with:

– A moving car
– A racing track
– Code that tells the car what to do when it touches the grass AND reaches the end of the track.

If you can complete the challenge before the lesson, I will give you extra challenges to add to your game.

Brooklyn and the Witches Curse

My name is Brooklyn. I am 13 years old and I live at a castle hidden within a forest called Black Forest. I don’t know how but it just is, I suppose.I used to live with my Mother but sadly she passed away when I was 7 years of age. I live alone now. Actually, I do have maids to clean the house and cook for me. Also, my Dad. He just misses my Mother so is a bit upset.  Anyway, I am telling you a story that I will never forget. For my entire life! Here is the beginning.

It was the best day ever (kind of) me and my Dad were messing around, like back in the old days when Mother was out shopping. She hated it when we did mess around. But today, was good. He was in a good mood. We started playing and cracking jokes but at 12:17 pm on this wonderful day… something awful happened. The sky turned dark grey and a tornado just appeared out of nowhere! It was weirdly INCREDIBLE. Anyway, I got really frightened, my Dad pushed me behind him for protection. Suddenly, a witch appeared from inside of the tornado. She produced a large wand from her cloak and waved it around saying these words. Technically, GOBBLEDEGOOK! I think it was something like this:

“Zing wah Huyicon makh thize people dizzabeare!”

But then, even though no-one understood the language a huge whilrwind came and took away my Dad, the maids and mostly everything. But when she and all victims had gone, everything had remained and eerie shade of black.