Tennis Game Example – Monday’s Computing Lesson

Can you follow these steps to create your own bat and ball game?
1. Draw a bat sprite
2. Make your bat move (use the mouse OR arrow keys) check your code NOW!
3. Add a ball sprite
4. Make the ball move check your code NOW!
5. Tell the ball what to do IF it touches the bat or and edge check your code NOW!
6. Add a colour to the background
7. Add the code for if the ball touches the coloured edge check the code!
Feeling ambitious? Can you add a score or speed? Maybe both?

If you have managed that, you could try getting adding another sprite to your game and a different way of scoring. Check out the example below:

3 thoughts on “Tennis Game Example – Monday’s Computing Lesson

  1. Lucy V

    I really like all of the games on this blog. I wish we could do something like this at our school 🙂

  2. Ella

    Me and my friend Lucy really enjoyed the football game and we spent a lot of time playing this it was heaps of fun 🙂


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