Diary recount of Neil Armstrong

“That’s one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind,” I happily announced. My foot stepping on the hard rock surface and jumping for joy. I looked back to see my foot prints being imprinted into the sandy dust as I walked towards the centre. How did I get here you ask, well let me tell you.

16th July 1969

“5,4,3,2…1!” Yelled ‘my partner in crime’ Buzz Aldrin, who I had known for age. Suddenly, the engine roared like a tiger pouncing on its prey. Do I have everything? I worriedly thought to myself. Space suite, dry food, water, Oxygen tanks. I thought again. “YES!” I yelled strangely. Seconds later I saw the flickering, fierce flames shoot out from the long dark tunnel.

Moments later, we were above the clouds looking down on the different countries, which looked tiny. Feeling nauseous we started spinning round the Earth “Um… Buss” I exclaimed “Yes?” He asked “I’m going to be…” I replied before being interrupted by mission control to say “Hang in there soldier we are almost round”.

At 16:16 we left the Earths orbit and set off towards the moon. I looked out of one window and saw space it was darker than the devils heart however, in the distance, glistening like mad, was O’ Ryan’s belt. “Buzz the further we go from earth the more I get home sick” I told Buzz secretly “I know… me too” he replied.

At 17:21 we entered the Moon’s orbit and I was waiting for a frightening adventure to strike us but the only thing that stuck us was a Meteorite shower. Feeling bittersweet ,because half of me was exited but the other was nerve-racking, I sat on the chair that looked to be futuristic.At 18:11 we left our ship and into the Eagle. Suddenly, the controls went mental and so did Buzz for that matter he grabbed the controls calmly and finally got it under control. With all that struggling the moon came into signt and we were dazed by its beauty.

That is the end of my story, Signed,


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