Neil Armstrong – biography

Neil Armstrong

Educator, military pilot and most importantly the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong was the most famous astronaut of all time. Born on November 5th 1930, in Ohio USA, he was a man with one ambition – space travel. However, he sadly died in August 2012, leaving members of NASA’s hearts in pieces.

Early life

Neil loved transportation, it fascinated him, and this led him to his accomplishment of making it to The Moon. However, a lot more came before hand. As a teenager, at the age of fifteen, he learned to fly aircrafts and soon after was given a pilot license when he was ONLY 16; he could fly before he even learned to drive! WOW! At a young age, after finishing college, his skills were put to the test when he was called to fight in the Korean War due to the fact that, by this time, he was in the American Navy flying over 200 test aircrafts in his career. After that, he finally joined the organisation that was to become NASA.


In 1956, Armstrong was married to a lady, Janet Shearon, and they soon had children. First of all, in 1954 his first son (Mark) was born followed by Eric (1957) and Karen in 1959 – however after a while Karen died of complications with a brain tumour. Without warning, the pair divorced and the astronaut re-married to a nice lady called Carol. Another fact, Neil had two siblings, one of them he used for the name of his son Mark.


Trip to the moon

In 1969, on 16th of July, Apollo 11 was launched with Neil in total control. He visited with: Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and the memory of NASA back on Earth. As soon as he arrived, he set foot on the mighty moon and shouted “That’s one small step for man… One giant leap for mankind!” He defied the throttling and rattling of the Columbia and made history. In aid of winning victory of America, he accomplished something that seemed impossible.

At age 82, in August 2012, Neil died. He had a bypass operation in early 2012 when a couple weeks later he died of complications with his surgery. People remember him when they look at the moon seeing as his family released a statement reminding them to give him a wink. Barrack Obama even mentioned (in exact words) “He was one of the greatest American heroes – not just of his time but of all time!” Personally, in my opinion, Neil Armstrong did a thing of great bravery in 1969 and shall be remembered for years on for his determination and talent to soar through alternative galaxies. I will probably remember him when I look at the moon in future!

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