Neil Armstrong Biography

Neil Armstrong Biography

“That’s one small step for man…One giant leap for mankind!” I proudly announced. Stepping out onto the moons terrain was not only my greatest achievements but one of the most significant events in the history of the human race. My big space boots made the first foot marks in the surface of the gloomy moon. Glancing around the moon planet was gloomy, bumpy and was mouth-watering. “I” Neil Armstrong, the first person to step onto the moon, “That’s unbelievable” Let me tell you about it…

16th July 1969
“5, 4, 3, 2…” The numbers filled my ears as I braced for lift off. The rumbling and roasting of the fierce engines lifted us swiftly off the ground like a missle (but not as small) and up we gliding through the air with engines, powerful engines. After that, we had been around the whole world 1 and a half times and now heading towards the planer Moon. All of the fantastic views were mouth-watering and wondering what would happen at our destination.

19th July 1969

Heading towards the moon and zooming into the orbit was glorious, the moons gloomy rocky terrain was in sight
As we started the descent, “Good look” wished mission control. Nervously, Buzz announced, “60 Seconds of fuel”, “I, Armstrong” saw that we were heading towards a big creator in the moons floor with a few boulders sitting there too. With only 30 seconds of fuel left and a few hundred feet away from the moon, I, Neil decided to take over the controls and searched for a clear landing spot. Finally, we found a landing spot, 10 seconds left, BOOOOOMM! We were down and that’s one of the biggest history ever in mankind…

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