Neil Armstrong diary-Alicia

“One small step for man…and one giant leap for mankind!” I exclaimed as I walked upon the rocky terrain of the Moon. This was a jaw dropping experience for me it was truly unbelievable. Glancing at the oblivion ahead it was absolutely amazing that I Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the Moon. Calmly I stabbed the American flag in to the Moon’s surface to signal the victory of the space race! How this happened is a much longer story.

July 16th 1969

“5..4…3..2..!”  The mission control team radioed in my ear.Nervously, I sat tightly back on the extremely comfy space chair. Lift off! I heard the thousands of cheers from the millions of  people below. Suddenly, rumbling started and then…the flames of fury came out and we were lifting of. We knew we had all of our equipment ready including: Space suit, camera, dried food (yuck) and even my flask of warm tea. As our chairs started dying down (from the rattling) we stared out of the window while we were feeling nauseous and the sight was…truly beautiful!

Unfortunately, we had to orbit around the Earth just to make sure everything was in ship shape! All i could see was the coal black sky,which was outstanding, and the tiny world below us. After a few seconds, I could see the silhouette of the trees and the sapphire blue waters.“Amazing ” I  told buzz “truly amazing!” Aldrin replied.

Eventually, we finished  orbiting the Earth and headed to our destination…the Moon! the adventure ahead of us was going to be so exiting. We were as joyful as a seal getting a bucket of fish. In addition, we were very anxious for the journey ahead. As the huge moon came into sight we were getting very exited.

July 19th 1969

Amazingly, we were going in to the Moons orbit it was so mesmerizing. We were  gob smacked because it looked so magical yet we were worried yet because may not make it. the large moon was astonishing.

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  1. Mr Sutton

    What a fabulous piece of writing. How on earth did you mange to get into Neil Armstrong’s mind? I will look forward to reading your next blog post.


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