Neil Armstrong ~Diary Entry~

“That’s one small step for man…One giant leap for mankind!” I announced as proud as I could be. Nervously glancing, I watched my fellow astronaut, Buzz, climb out; he watched the moon like a hawk therefore he didn’t fall. Feeling emotional, I remembered my great mission as I placed the USA flag into the moon’s surface. Out of the corner of one eye, I saw the Earth and winning the space race for the USA.

How it came to this is a much bigger story…

16th July 1969 13:32pm

“5,4,3,2…” The numbers rang in my ear as I thought about the mission. Rumbling ferociously, the flames from the bottom of the Columbia like a plant on a growth spurt. Shocked, that I, Neil Armstrong, was one of the first EVER! people to step foot on the moon (that’s if we make it there in time.) Crushed, into my seat I managed to grab my rucksack which included: space food, sick bag, water and a back scratcher. “Good Luck,” boomed a voice in my right ear as mission control wished us luck n our massive mission. Feeling Claustrophobic, I gazed out of the window at the Earth. Beautiful!

Mesmerized, I watched the outstanding view from 3 inches underneath the clouds. Honored, to have seen what U saw I felt really special; no one had ever stepped on the moon till now. After a few minutes, we had already done 1 whole circle of the Earth’s blue and green atmosphere.


Leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, I waved goodbye to me home and hello to the Moon. Feeling stiff, Buzz and I stared gratefully at the Earth, which is getting smaller, as we drifted off into the place many people call the Moon. Unsure, I shouted,”Buzz, how much longer?” He replied,”4 more hours” Looking forward to the adventure ahead, I looked next to me to find Michael Collins writing something down in his journal.

17:21 July 19th

Excited yet nervous, I wrestled with the controls.BOOM! SMASH! I fell into a load of powdered food. Feeling sleepy, I watched the rocket turn round and round the remarkably small planet. Inquisitively, I listened to the engine. Feeling bittersweet, I sleepily watched the starts beautifully sparkle.


Anxiously, Buzz and I watched out at the spacious area. “How much longer Buzz?” I asked, he replied, “2 hours and 6 minutes” Restlessly, Buzz and I looked as we got closer to the moon and further away from Earth. 1000ft 800ft from the moon. If we don’t make it in time before the fuel runs out we’ll all be dead, if we don’t make it in time we’ll drift off into space, if the Columbia blows up before we make it we won’t make history, then we can’t be remembered.

And then it all comes back to when I said,”One small step for man… one giant leap for mankind”and that is how Buzz, Michael and I made it to space.


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