Neil Armstrong-Diary Entry-

“That’s one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind”I announced.Happy to see the moon,i stepped out of the rocket(The Eagle)and i felt like i had already achieved my goal.With overcoming my achievement,my big space boot was the only thing on the moon.Proud to represent the USA,i got the United States Of America flag and planted it on the Moon’s surface.Even though I felt proud to be the only person to put the flag down,I felt as if something terrible might happen.However, it didn’t and it had meant that the end of the space race was complete and the victory for the USA.

How it came to this, Let me explain…

16th July 1969-13:32pm

“5,4,3,2!”boomed through my ears.I quickly reminded myself what was in my bag it included;space helmet,space drink(with a space straw),clock and my gas operators therefore i wouldn’t be able to smell the strange odors. BOOM!the speed went to 60MPH,the windows were shaking and the seats were rattling.”All the best!”pronounced Mission control,who were on the other side of the radio.Our Mission,the moon, was waiting to be found;winning for USA was the only thing we could think of.

Leaving Earth, our terrain was unbelievable because i stared mesmerized at the silhouette of the rocket on the Moon.It was FABULICIOUS!The atmosphere was mind-bubbling,mouth-watering and was like seeing a nice hot chocolate fudge cake,which hadn’t been eaten.Feeling Dizzy, the Eagle,also known as the rocket,went around the Earth 1 and a 1/2 times(which made me feel nautious)

16th July 1969-16:16 pm 

Finally,we set off towards the moon.”Were back in the game!” my partner announced.Buzz Aldrin.a very good friend,was incredibly fantastic for his scientific knowledge.Anyway enough about him, I sat comfortably in my seat interested in many other things including:sight-seeing stars and the scorching sun.”Were nearly there my friend,” as he would sarcastically say.

July 19th 1969-17:21

Thankfully,the life-time experience had nearly come to end.Happiness and joy filled the rocket as we felt like we were winning magnificently.Smiling,happily,we entered the moon’s orbit so that we could safely land correctly.

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  1. Rachel

    Well done Hannah! I like your diary entry! My favourite part was the introduction seeing as you basically explained the whole moon landing in one paragraph. You could improve by adding a picture!


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