The Moon landing – Tamzin

“That’s one small step for man… One giant leap for mankind!” announced Neil Armstrong, my Space partner. We both stepped on to the Moon. I couldn’t believe it! Neil and I were the first people to land on the Moon! This was the greatest achievement anyone could ever make! Glancing around, it seemed unbelievable that I, Buzz Aldrin, had actually made it. The first! Ever! After taking in the scenery, Neil and I placed the flag into the rocky terrain. We had done it. Victory for the USA!!! We had won the Space Race! But what happened before this? Well, read on to find out.

16th July 1969

“5, 4, 3, 2…” the 5 numbers rang out in my head. We were eventually taking off! Feeling nauseous, Neil Armstrong received a message from Mission Control, “We wish you a safe journey. Good luck!” Without warning, a plume of smoke and flames appeared.

Then, the rocket (the Eagle) rose from the ground. It was actually happening! After a few minutes, the Eagle started to do 1 ½ orbits around the Earth to check if everything was in order. In addition, I had everything I needed:

My Space suit, my Space boots and the USA flag (in case we did actually make it!) The Earth’s orbit was beautiful! On one half, it was a pretty blue atmosphere, as blue as a sapphire. However, on another half, it was a pitch-black ocean of darkness. After the orbit, it was time. Bring it on!

Shaking with fear, we blasted off into Outer Space. Neil gave me a thumbs-up sign. I smiled back it him weakly. Another thing, I had dozens of questions racing through my mind. Will we get there? What will it be like? Will we win the Space Race? As we shot off into Space, I could see the glistening stars and the bright and colourful planets.  It was nothing like I’d ever seen before; a dark atmosphere with colourful lights. I was simply awestruck! Feeling nervous, I looked at Neil, who as busy steering the rocket.

17th July 1969

It had been a full day of excitement of travelling through Space. I felt very claustrophobic as if I was in a tiny room and I couldn’t get out. Suddenly, Mission Control proudly announced, “You have just entered the Moon’s orbit! You still have a way to go, though. Keep it up!” Bubbling with excitement, I bounced up and down in the back seat and exclaimed to Neil, “Neil, we’re in the Moon’s orbit! We’re nearly there!” My Space partner beamed at me happily. Suddenly, lights and sirens started whirring. “What’s happening?” I asked. Neil looked at me sadly, “We only have 60 seconds of fuel left. We need to find a landing place NOW!” he panicked. Generously, I helped him to search for a landing spot. However, there seemed to be mysterious holes and craters EVERYWHERE! Neil searched everywhere for a place to land. Eventually, we found one with seconds of fuel remaining! If only we didn’t use much fuel! If only we found a place earlier! If only we had a bigger fuel tank then we’d have lots more fuel left for the journey home. In a matter of minutes, we had landed on… THE MOON!

Feeling jubilant, I had un-fastened my seat belt. We stepped onto the Moon…

AND THAT is how it happened. In a lot more detail.

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