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Demo Book Review

Book Review

Lucy’s Calculator Squid

Following our coding lesson this week, Lucy has created the fantastic ‘Calculator Squid’!

Instead of having six sprites to do all of the different calculations, she has just one that does them all and allows the user to select their choices. Check out the code to see how she did it!
Well done Lucy! See me for a success card stamp!


Have a look at the listed websites below and jot any key information in your jotters.


Coding Challenge

You have all been working very hard in coding lessons this term. Today’s lesson you have two challenges.
In these challenges, you only have a few pieces of code. They are the only code blocks you are allowed to use! Your challenge is to make the best game / procedure that you can using just these blocks. You are allowed to create sprites (with different costumes) and backgrounds if you need them.
I can’t wait to see what you come up with

Challenge 1:
Challenge 2:

If you have a Scratch account, post a link to your code in the comments please

William Shakespeare

Use ipads to :

  • Find out at least 3 facts for a factfile on him (You can do more)
  • Find out why Shakespeare was famous
  • Find out the plot of 1 of his plays
  • Find 1 primary piece of evidence to include in the Pic Collage and write about what we can deduce from it.

Good weblinks: (good for primary evidence in links at the bottom)

BBC Clip:


Global Warming / Climate Change

Today we are going to look at Global Warming – how it is caused and the impact it is having on the World. We should also consider what we can do to make a difference.

First of all visit
Go to:
Explore the World >>> Global Knowledge >>> Environment >>> How is it changing? >>> Global Warming.

Then, take a look through this Powerpoint. (Click to open it on your iPad)
Climate Change PPT

Design a PicCollage to show what you have found out

We can now play lots of fantastic quizzes on Oddizzi as well. Simply login as MrPatterson (using your old password). Then select Quiz, choose your name and play. The weather and climate quiz seems a great place to start.

We have received lots of comments from Springfield Junior School which is in Derbyshire, England. Blogging is a fantastic way of sharing what we have been up to and it is fantastic to see other children visiting us and leaving us comments.

However, I we should also take the time to visit their blog as well. Therefore, please visit their class blog and leave some feedback (especially Year 6 who will have extra time during Y5 assessments this week).

Tennis Game Example – Monday’s Computing Lesson

Can you follow these steps to create your own bat and ball game?
1. Draw a bat sprite
2. Make your bat move (use the mouse OR arrow keys) check your code NOW!
3. Add a ball sprite
4. Make the ball move check your code NOW!
5. Tell the ball what to do IF it touches the bat or and edge check your code NOW!
6. Add a colour to the background
7. Add the code for if the ball touches the coloured edge check the code!
Feeling ambitious? Can you add a score or speed? Maybe both?

If you have managed that, you could try getting adding another sprite to your game and a different way of scoring. Check out the example below:

Neil Armstrong

We will be writing an autobiography about Neil Armstrong in Big Writing this week.

Use the link below to find out more about the famous astronaut. Try to research parts of Neil’s life that you don’t already have lots of information about.

Can you make use of any of these openers in your writing? Remember to only choose openers that you understand and can add to a sentence that makes sense!

Words and phrases to use at the start of sentences
Time connectives

  • As a child . . .
  • During his early life . . .
  • At a young age . . .
  • In his early years . . .
  • As a teenager he . . .
  • Shortly after this . . .
  • Soon afterwards . . .
  • The time came for . . .
  • By the time he had . . .
  • Many years later . . .
  • In 1878, at the age of . . . he . . .
  • In his later years . . .
  • Towards the end of his life . . .
  • In his final years . . .

Making statements

  • One of the interesting things about . . . was . . .
  • One of the most remarkable facts about . . .
  • Strangely . . .
  • Another unusual thing about . . . was . . .

Complex sentence starters

  • Even though . . .
  • Although . . .
  • Despite the fact that . . .
  • In spite of . . .

Expressing a viewpoint (Useful in the conclusion)

  • In my view . . .
  • As I see it . . .
  • I believe that . . .
  • In many ways . . .
  • It’s difficult to understand why . . .

Legacy statements

  • His one regret was that . . .
  • His dying wish was that . . .
  • He will probably be best remembered for . . .
  • His greatest achievement was . . .
  • He will be remembered most of all for . . .
  • His life was . . .
  • His lasting legacy is that . . .

Scratch Challenge

This week in computing we are going to make our own car game:
Your challenge is to create a simple game with:

– A moving car
– A racing track
– Code that tells the car what to do when it touches the grass AND reaches the end of the track.

If you can complete the challenge before the lesson, I will give you extra challenges to add to your game.

E-Safety Week

Can you use this link to make your own comic strip about cyber-bullying? Think carefully about the message you want to get across. This could include:
What cyber-bullying is
what to do if someone is being cyber-bullied.

Here are some examples of our comics from today:

Other useful links:

Disasters Vanuatu

First News Vanuatu ReportYou need to complete some research about the recent cyclone in Vanuatu.

Read the ‘First News’ report in our shared area.

Then make notes using the web-links below. Please use one web link at a time. Do not try to read them all first because we simply do not have enough time.

CBBC Newsround:

TIME for Kids:

BBC News Videos:


100 WC – Week 25


Last week, many of you put in a superb effort as you completed research for our disasters topic. As a result, there weren’t many 100WC entries. I wonder if we can see a few more entries into the challenge this week.

Here is this week’s challenge – Try reading some examples from other children at first and magpie some ideas.

100 Word Challenge – Week 25

This week the prompt is five words that you must put into your piece of writing. This means you should use 105 words altogether. They are:


If you can, try to put words in bold so that your readers can see you have used them all.

Don’t Forget About Grinton!


It may seem like a lifetime ago now. However, it was only just over a week that we were battling the elements and settling in to a different way of life at Grinton Lodge.

If you get a spare moment, why don’t you head over to the Grinton Blog and have a look at some of the photos that were taken during the week – you could even leave a comment too!

World Book Day