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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 13

Dear Diary,

This is it, ‘Mother’ has told me the truth, but I just can’t believe it. I’ve never fitted in to be a girl who lives with wealth and fame. It isn’t me… or is it? I just can’t do it… write it in my diary, I think I better explain soon. I think she had better She should be sorry. Very sorry that I found out.

From Daisy

“I know, I know, I can’t say this. It is very hard.” ‘Mother’ explained.
“Just tell me!” I yelled. I sat down in the uncomfortable cage, waiting for an answer.

“I am… I mean we are not your real parents. My name is… Isabella. I was the youngest of my Mother’s daughters. She had 5 of us. I ran away when I was 18 and met your not-so-real Father when I was 26. That was it,” she confessed. I was fuming. When was she going to tell me about the whole me situation? About why I was here at this particular moment.

“I stole you from a cottage deep within the woods. I couldn’t bear it. You were crying and you wouldn’t stop, I tried to calm you but then your Mother came down and I wasn’t thinking-” she burst into hysterical tears. I felt a bit sorry for her. But mostly, I was angry.

“What else is there to this ‘story’?” I said.

“I picked you up and ran back to our cosy Hall. Heather Hall. It was my Grandmother’s. It has been in our family for generations. I wanted you to carry it out for another. I raised you as if you were actually my own. You smiled at your Father at 7 weeks old. Your first word was ‘Hello’ But then, it started to get awkward. You made friends with them 2 girls. Your attitude changed. I haven’t told you this story until now. That is all there is to it,” continued Isabella. I was literally as boiling as a lava bucket. I was SO ANNOYED at Isabella. I couldn’t believe it.


E-Safety Week

Can you use this link to make your own comic strip about cyber-bullying? Think carefully about the message you want to get across. This could include:
What cyber-bullying is
what to do if someone is being cyber-bullied.

Here are some examples of our comics from today:

Other useful links:

Disasters Vanuatu

First News Vanuatu ReportYou need to complete some research about the recent cyclone in Vanuatu.

Read the ‘First News’ report in our shared area.

Then make notes using the web-links below. Please use one web link at a time. Do not try to read them all first because we simply do not have enough time.

CBBC Newsround:

TIME for Kids:

BBC News Videos:


Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 12

“Help me Bubbles!!” I cried out. Darkwood had me by the leg. His grip was like steel, not letting go. I started wriggling to get out of his grasp. Laughing, he pulled me out of the portal, and away from Bubbles. Swiftly, Darkwood led me to his ugly, grey mansion (of terror). My Mother was still trapped in a cage. “Oh Mother. I tried to escape. But I failed. Only Bubbles left.” I cried. Mother sadly just looked at me and sighed. “I’ve always thought you of your real parents… oh no!” Mother stopped and looked guilty. “Mother… what real parents. You and Father are my real parents.” Slowly, my eyes filled with tears, and they slid down my face. “What happened, Mother? Can’t you tell me the truth this time? I have always thought you as my real parents… but you’re not…?” I whispered. I hid my face beneath my long hair and cried. “What HAPPENED, Mother. Or should I even call you that?” I mumbled, furiously. With a big sigh, ‘Mother’ opened her mouth and prepared to tell me… the truth

The school bully! – Anais

“Please don’t do it , I’m begging you!” I ran , pulling myself carefully up the Green Pipe , sometimes i get so scared of Daina.  Unfortunately , it felt like it was a long day of school : I hadn’t slept much that night as i was terrified of what was going to happen at school? What was  Daina going to do me? Sometimes , to help me stop thinking about school, I go swimming or horse riding. I love it! Last night i went swimming , I swam until my heart was beating like a thousand drums in my chest like it just wanted to pop out. Afterwards, I got on my horse. BOOM! I fell…

National pet performance!


Swiftly, my horse and I galloped far from home, just as dawn was breaking; we were training for the national pet contest’s talent round. Due to this, I carefully tried my best to seek out the best thing to perform for this tournament! “Suzie, be careful, you have ruined your best green saddle!” I sighed in hope that our performance wouldn’t fail as badly as I imagined. After a few hours, I became a bit hungry therefore I Swam across a pond nearby and held onto a pipe  to pull me safely to shore, (it was trapped between 2 rocks. “Yummy!” I ate my snack!


This is the life of the Green Horse…

This green horse lives at 22 animal road and he loves to sleep. One day he woke up and thought “Do I spent more time sleeping than awake?”. So he planed to change his life one morning he was up at 8:00AM Rather than 7:00PM and he decide to make an English breakfast. “Oh I’ve got everything I need” yelled the horse. Suddenly, he shrunk and was tiny. He was standing in the sink. So carefully he tried to climb down the sink pipe and swam in the dirt water and was never seen again.

100wc logo

The Green Monster ~100WC~

Dear Diary,

So today hasn’t been the best day ever my adventure to try and catch the gigantic green monster (which failed badly).

So I was on my way to the deep dark cave in the deep dark depths of wood of North Decoder, trying to catch the ginormous horrible terrain destroyer GREEN MONSTER!!!! I ran through a ditch on my way to the home of the revolting mess (also referred to as the big bad beast). As I ran towards the end of the wood I slipped next to a pipe luckily I didn’t hit my head. Carefully, I swam toward a massive piece of land, where I found a horse therefore I hijacked it and galloped away to another place far away….

100 WC – Week 25


Last week, many of you put in a superb effort as you completed research for our disasters topic. As a result, there weren’t many 100WC entries. I wonder if we can see a few more entries into the challenge this week.

Here is this week’s challenge – Try reading some examples from other children at first and magpie some ideas.

100 Word Challenge – Week 25

This week the prompt is five words that you must put into your piece of writing. This means you should use 105 words altogether. They are:


If you can, try to put words in bold so that your readers can see you have used them all.

Don’t Forget About Grinton!


It may seem like a lifetime ago now. However, it was only just over a week that we were battling the elements and settling in to a different way of life at Grinton Lodge.

If you get a spare moment, why don’t you head over to the Grinton Blog and have a look at some of the photos that were taken during the week – you could even leave a comment too!

World Book Day

Deep in the hollows – part 2

One day, another family, who were looking for a new home in the U.K, were travelling in their own private jet. This family were very rich too, seeing as lots of their relatives were very famous. However, Melony, one of the youngsters of the group, was looking through a window when she saw a peculiar view of the ONE AND ONLY… 

Sofa! “Mother! Oh my! How odd, I have seen a sofa from miles in the air…!” The clever yet confused child wailed. “Calm down!” Her baffled mother sighed. “Ok, then when I looked out of the plane window there was a sofa!…

100 WC – Week 24

Well done to everyone who managed to complete last week’s challenge despite not being in our usual class. See me for a success card stamp as a reward for your hard work.

Hopefully, we will have  a lot more entries this week.

Week 24

The prompt for Week 24 is:

… then when I looked out of plane window…

100WC Week 23.

One day there was a man called Joseph. He was very old. On one Saturday he moved house but he threw his couch in a disgusting pond. Suddenly, Josephs moving truck came so he got in and moved house. After a while, a little girl found the glorious couch and ran home to get her father. Her father brought a ladder and picked it up and took the couch to a forest. They took the couch to the place where their Grandma died in the forest. Also, they asked a man to carve Grandma in a stone and dusted the couch.


Dear Diary, I was walking down the park and I found a sofa in the middle of no where. Where could it have come from? Out of the corner f one eye, I saw a dark shadowy figure taking a computer and placing it on the sofa. And piles and piles of useful things were all on the sofa. All of the stuff was loaded into a big van and it drove into the forbidden woods! What the??? I crept in behind it and the person stole the van when the driver got out. Was it a theif? Considering it had all that stuff…

Deep in the hollows-100WC

100wc sofaIn the heart of the overgrown forest, where suspicious sights may be spotted, a sofa was dumped by a family, who where currently decorating their posh house. However, this leather piece of furniture was, actually, a huge mistake to throw away; it had been full of good luck and home to a mythical cat named Fidget. As soon as the old chair had landed on the dirty, crumbling soil it became cold and eventually turned to mossy stone. “Meeeeeeeeooooooooooow!” the odd beast had also  changed it had become a…

A chuckling kitten! Throughout the woods, strangely, the local beings knew much about the uncomfortable seat!


100 WC – Week 23

Well done to everyone who competed the challenge for last week, particularly as you did it during your break from school. Please remember to see me for a success card stamp after Grinton.

This week’s challenge is below. As I am away with Year 5 this week, I will offer the same reward for anyone who manages to complete the challenge. Try to take your time to think about the possibilities before you start writing.

100 WC – WEEK 23

As you can see, we have a picture for the prompt today. Take a really close look at it. There is a great deal to talk about in this picture. Where might this settee be? Does it look odd in anyway? Really be creative with the words you choose.

100WC Sofa

The mysterious sweet-100WC

Sunday 12Th February 1856

Dear diary, today was the worst day of my entire life for some reason my best friend Izzabelle has defriended however I have no idea why was it the way I dressed today? Was it pure jealousy? what ever it was I hope she becomes my friend again. bye Love Eliza XX

As I put down my diary I quietly sobbed into my thin knees and then suddenly a knock came from the downstairs door. therefore I ran down the what seemed to be a long haul.Before I knew it  I was down stairs and I was itching to eat a sweet thus I grabbed a sweet and ate it however this wasn’t a sweet it was something else but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper….