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Neil Armstrong diary-Alicia

“One small step for man…and one giant leap for mankind!” I exclaimed as I walked upon the rocky terrain of the Moon. This was a jaw dropping experience for me it was truly unbelievable. Glancing at the oblivion ahead it was absolutely amazing that I Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the Moon. Calmly I stabbed the American flag in to the Moon’s surface to signal the victory of the space race! How this happened is a much longer story.

July 16th 1969

“5..4…3..2..!”  The mission control team radioed in my ear.Nervously, I sat tightly back on the extremely comfy space chair. Lift off! I heard the thousands of cheers from the millions of  people below. Suddenly, rumbling started and then…the flames of fury came out and we were lifting of. We knew we had all of our equipment ready including: Space suit, camera, dried food (yuck) and even my flask of warm tea. As our chairs started dying down (from the rattling) we stared out of the window while we were feeling nauseous and the sight was…truly beautiful!

Unfortunately, we had to orbit around the Earth just to make sure everything was in ship shape! All i could see was the coal black sky,which was outstanding, and the tiny world below us. After a few seconds, I could see the silhouette of the trees and the sapphire blue waters.“Amazing ” I  told buzz “truly amazing!” Aldrin replied.

Eventually, we finished  orbiting the Earth and headed to our destination…the Moon! the adventure ahead of us was going to be so exiting. We were as joyful as a seal getting a bucket of fish. In addition, we were very anxious for the journey ahead. As the huge moon came into sight we were getting very exited.

July 19th 1969

Amazingly, we were going in to the Moons orbit it was so mesmerizing. We were  gob smacked because it looked so magical yet we were worried yet because may not make it. the large moon was astonishing.

The mysterious sweet-100WC

Sunday 12Th February 1856

Dear diary, today was the worst day of my entire life for some reason my best friend Izzabelle has defriended however I have no idea why was it the way I dressed today? Was it pure jealousy? what ever it was I hope she becomes my friend again. bye Love Eliza XX

As I put down my diary I quietly sobbed into my thin knees and then suddenly a knock came from the downstairs door. therefore I ran down the what seemed to be a long haul.Before I knew it  I was down stairs and I was itching to eat a sweet thus I grabbed a sweet and ate it however this wasn’t a sweet it was something else but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper….

Greek cinquains.


Fierce, courageous,

menacing, fighting, killing

heart of stone



popular,great temple,

biting, pouring,boxing

hard and deathly



courage, proud


his lightning bolt



delicious, divine,

rumbling, eating,nibbling

delicious foods and drinks



Snow story Alicia part 3

Not long after, I drank the magic coco I started feeling woozy, my head was spinning round and round I didn’t know Santa Clause did  this to children.Was he trying to kill me? Was he helping me? Or was he getting me home?… About 10 hours later,I woke up in a rather large bed with the teddy bear I asked for,except I wasn’t home however that was such a lovely nap I was extremely tried after all! Nervously, I sneaked down the stairs to see if I was still in the freezing cold North Pole and guess what …. I was still there! Quietly, I sobbed into my knees Mrs.clause asked me “what’s wrong dear?” with tears in my eyes I muttered “I wan’t to go home!” .While wiping the tears of my eyes Mrs clause handed me my coat, blue and pink hat,matching mittens and my pink and grey scarf I slowly put my warm clothing items on (while I was thanking the woman who was extremely nice) Soon, she led me to the reindeer shed in to a hidden door where Saint Nick was polishing the front of the magical sleigh. About 10 minutes later I was in the sky of New York city wow it looked just like I dreamed it would! We travelled the entire globe from America (not forgetting Canada) to China you name it we went there. Our final destination was my house which is in England.We landed on the pointed, grey and tall roof and we hopped down the sooty pipe,which led to my open fire.Afterwards, I thanked Santa and whispered” Merry Christmas” then I strolled into my bedroom and had a nice long sleep.Soon, I awoke to the noise of my little sister Rosie yelling ” Alice,Alice wake up it’s Christmas!” therefore I rose from my bed and darted straight to the stairs to open my presents, I knew straight away what one of the presents were… it was the large pink teddy bear I left a the North Pole it also had a note saying  ‘ho ho ho Merry Christmas Alice you left this lovely teddy bear alone on my bed from Mr. and Mrs Clause’

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Snow story Alicia part 2

Santas grotto

With my heart in my mouth, I knocked on the door with a great THUMP! Eventually, someone opened the great oak door with a “  HO HO HO hello child you look freezing cold please come in!” With shock I was actually standing in Mr Clause’s grotto, ever since I was little I’ve wanted to see inside Santa’s home I’ve only been in the ones with the Santa’s who beard come off! What a life! Then a sweet warming voice came from the kitchen ” Hello dear would you like some coco” I replied ” err yes please”. Suddenly, I felt the warm rush of coco down my throat then a thought came into my head ” will I EVER get home?”   

photo credit: Puzzler4879 via photopin cc

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Alicia snow 100wc


Nervously, I stood up from the ice cold ground. I didn’t know what had happened. Was I unconscious? Was I kidnapped? Or was I in a dream? Who knows however I managed to jump up and look around. What was that it looked like a sign it read : You are now entering the Artic Circle have a good stay and wrap up warm! Suddenly, I thought who or what brought me here? Suddenly a cold breeze hit me I felt like I was freezing. Later on I walked until I got to a grotto there was another sign saying: Santa’s grotto.

photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc

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Letter to Intersnack

Tanfield Lea Community

                                                       Tanfield lea






Dear Intersnack,

We are writing to you because we are a school in your community which are learning about enterprise and selling products, are you interested? Then read on! Do you want children to miss out on their education about adverts and making them?

We are Mr Patterson’s class which are years 5 and 6 we are aged between 9 and 11 years old. This new term, we have been finding out what it’s like advertising a product and what makes a good enterprise. As well as this we are learning on how to make money and have a good profit. In addition to this, we are thinking about what makes a good advert, design and product.

We feel that a great company like Intersnack would help boost our learning in enterprise. As well as this, here is some of your AMAZING facts about yourself we discovered FANTASTIC advert. You are ‘committed to the community’. In addition to this, you people at Intersnack produce over 3 million packs of Hula Hoops a day that’s ABSOULUTELY MAGNIFECENT. We also love the fact that you are one of the UKs leading manufactures. Furthermore, we are thrilled to hear that you are ‘committed to the community ‘maybes you could help a local school?

As a School in your ‘community’ we would like to know is you are willing to help is learn about enterprise and maybes visit us or we visit you? Do you want to help children’s education? Because we are local would you be willing to give up 200 packet of your amazing crunchy crisps, which is only 0.008% packet of your crisps to our own enterprise project. Moreover, maybes you could give up some of your time to visit us to tell us how you produce so many packs of crisps in a day? If needed we could come to you. Additionally, we could visit you so you could help us with a successful enterprise.

Thank you for your time,

Yours faithfully,

Alicia Thompson-Mack