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Greek report

Greece, which is in Europe, played an important role in our history. The Ancient Greeks, who were famous for their warriors, lived a very long time ago. In this report you will find out about Greek today, Greek schools, houses and clothes.

Greece today
Greece, which has a vast number of islands, is a country in south Eastern Europe. This European country has a rich culture history and many of its ruins have been preserved. These religious people have a major religion which is Christianity. This famous country has a population of 11,183,000! Furthermore, the size is 29, 6768 square miles (128,000 square kilometres).

Ancient Greek Schools
Schools in Greece were small; they only had one teacher and about ten or twenty boys. Furthermore, only rich people could afford to send their child to school because it was not free or cheap. These educated places, did not need a lot of school equipment because, children had to learn everything of by heart. Girls were educated to do housekeeping and to look after family. But boys were educated to be good fighters and citizens (the freemen of Athens).

In Ancient Greece, men and women lived in different parts of the house. Women had the upstairs and the back part of the house, while men had the rest of the house. Most of the houses in towns were made out of stone or clay also the roofs were normally covered with tiles or reeds. These historical houses, had the floors of rooms were tiled to keep them cool, although in winter fires in metal buckets were sometimes used to keep you warm. Larger homes had a kitchen, a room for bathing, a man’s dining room and sometimes a woman’s sitting area. Mosaics which, were small pots, were sometimes used to decorate houses. The houses were planned around a courtyard.

The Greeks wore light, loose clothes since the weather was hot. Coloured fabric was used to make Greek clothes. The main item of clothing for men was a tunic called a Chiron. The Chiron was squares of cloth, kept in place by pins at the shoulders and a belt at the waist. They were made from wool in the Winter and linen in the Summer. Many of the clothes were made by women and female slaves.

As you can see the Greeks were really interesting and played an important part in our history. You have learned a lot about the Greeks.

Curse of the ghost part 4


The woman from fell chased me into rooms and out of rooms. I was only 5 steps ahead of the beast. I had some string in bag for some reason and ran around the corner and tied it to the wall. The lady fell as she ran, while I had the chance I locked my self in a locker. I could not hear anything the silence was deafening what shall I do. I slowly opened the locker I looked around and the executioner was behind me. He grabbed me by my arm I didn’t know we’re I was going but I had a clue since he brung his axe!

The curse of the ghost part 3


Out of my other eye I seen a stick. Was the stick long enough to get the keys and get out of there? I reached for the stick and grabbed it then, I collected the keys from the ridiculously curved hook. There was loads of keys on the ring. Which one was it? After 10 long minutes, of try different keys I finally found the right one. I forced it in the slot and the door creaked open. I heard the evil witch like woman talking to a man with an axe saying that she wants a little girl executed. That girl was me . AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! The evil woman walked in and saw the jail sell open ( she could not see me because I was running at the speed of light). Will she catch me…

the curse of the ghost part 1 ( 100wc)

The dark night is getting darker by the minute. The street lights begin to fade as the light bulbs start to run out. When would the night end? All you can see is fog in the distance. I was coming home from my friends house. I was petrified as I stamped through the streets. Was I going to be alright? Would this nightmare end? Then all of a sudden I felt something cling onto my bag then I turned around. I thought to myself it can’t be the ghost of the Queens Temple. But what I seen was a shadow behind me…

winter the dolphin part 1

it was a sunny day in Florida and a little dolphin who was called Winter was swimming in the aquarium. Hazel who looks after Winter through in Winters favourite toy. Winter did not know and had a look around the pool to see what was in there.  Winter said to herself what was that I could feel.  Then Winter realised that they were her rubber rings. The dolphin jumped and leaped in the air she was having fun. But there is a sad part to Winters story her, tail got caught in a trap and had to be amputated. Poor Winter 🙁


In this piece of writing you will hind out about rabbits and dolphins.

rabbits can be kept as pets, rabbits are kept in cages and hutches. Rabbits that are kept indoors are normally referred to as house rabbits. Rabbit that live indoors typically have a pen or a cage and a rabbit -safe  place to run and exercise. Some rabbits are clever and can be trained to come when their name is called. Rabbits that don’t live indoors can also be a great coir owner. There are loads of rabbit breeds such as French Lop, Rex, mini lop, German lop, Netherland  dwarf rabbit and much more.

Dolphins are marine mammals which are closely related to Whales. There are almost 40 species of Dolphin including the Bottlenose Dolphin . Dolphins are found worldwide but they are mostly in the shallower seas, and they are carnivores but they mostly eat squid and fish. Dolphins usually leap above the water this is done for various reasons like fighting, entertainment, dislodge parasites, orientantion and social display.


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The Nativity in the perspective of a donkey!


It was in the middle of the night, and my weary eyes opened as I  felt Joseph pile stuff on my back and pulled me out of the stable. I thought we were going for a little walk but I was wrong. I nearly fell to the floor when Mary climbed on my back. What is going on? Joseph told me to walk on. Half way to Bethlehem we stopped for some fruit I got some delicious apples.

Finally, we reached Bethlehem Joseph knocked on door to door. Eventually, a kind inn keeper let us sleep in his stable. But, Mary and Joseph was hogging the stable. I was going to have some hay. Until, Jesus was born and placed in the hay. It is UNFAIR!!!! Nothing can get worse. But I was wrong again.

Once again, we set of somewhere(I think it was Egypt).I travelled hundreds of miles as I went over hills. I got really tired by the minute. Eventually, we were there.

photo credit: Rsi06 via photopin cc

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Amberleigh snow 100wc



The snow is a blanket covering the earth. Also, the snow froze my fingers as I touched the ground. All you can see is the everlasting woods with the cold snow. I walk on  and I caught frostbite easily. I shouted but no one answered I was all alone!!! I thought what was going to happen to me?  I am in the middle of nowhere. The snow glistened in the sun like diamonds.  It is a winter wonderland throughout the woods.the sky was really gloomy. Since I was alone I started to build a snowman. Then I sat down on the freezing cold blanket of snow.

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What is Christmas about?

Chistmas is not just about presents it is about spending time with others and Jesus. People think Christmas is just about presents but it is not it is about thinking of Jesus’s birth. Jesus did not have a nice life. Everyone knows that Jesus was pinned to a cross. But we don’t think of that at this time of the year. We are all happy at Christmas(a part from Scrooge).Not everyone has a great Christmas,some children in Africa don’t ever have one Christmas or they die after there Chriatmas. So this Christmas be more jenerous then normal. Possibly even donate some of your Christmas money to Ebola crisis people will be really thankful for the bit of money. What do you do for Christmas? Be kind and have a merry Christmas!

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What we expect in school!

What we expect in school

If we do not do what we are told there are consequences such as a red card loss of privlege time and much more.

There is no excuses if you do something you should not be doing. We have a whole song about school rules. Some of the rules in school are keep your hands and feet to yourself, don’t talk if someone else is talking,and most importantly NO bullying!!!

We don’t have bully’s in our school. There is different types of bullying there is cyber bullying, physical,arashional and verble. People are some times sad when someone is mean to them so, if you see someone sad go and cheer them up. That is most of the things I had to tell you so be good at school.

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How to create Lightning Woman !!!!!

How to create Lightning Woman

Have you ever wanted to shoot lightning from the sky? Do you want to glow in the dark?

What you need:The cape of Batman, Light whip made out of lightning, fire from a active volcano, magic boots from the golden chest under the deepest ocean, mask made out of the finest silk and a blue and yellow costume

what you do:

  1. First, you get your costume and put it on.
  2. Next,get your cape and glue it to your costume.
  3.  After that, collect your fire and whip and put your whip in the fire for 1 hour.
  4. Finally put on your boots and mask.

Finally note

Once you have became Lightning Woman stay away from water, octopuses and electricity.

The Blitz Poem

The Blitz Poem

A deadly silence is flowing along the street,

All you can here is footsteps like ghosts stamping there fast feet,

there is nothing in the air to hear,

but everyone knows the Germans are near.

Pit all used to be calm,

but all you can hear is th loud alarm,

you can hear the aeroplanes in the sky,

also the children in the houses beginning to cry.

All of a sudden, there a crash,

then lungs fill up with ash,

now children had a nightmare,

and parents don’t think the Blitz is fare.

It it is all calm again,

but people were still in pain,

now there was silence,

and there was no violence.