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The moon landing – Anais

“One small step for man … One giant leap for mankind!”

I announced calmly. Apprehensively gazing, I slowly dropped my foot out of the Eagle. Proud I watched Buzz Aldrin (my fellow partner) pop out of our transformation with our American Flag ; I remembered my mission therefore I took the stripy flag and smiled. We were the first people there. Ever!

How this began is a much longer story however.

16th July 1969, 13:32pm

“5 , 4 , 3 …!” the numbers yelled in my ears as I thought more about our mission. Shaking nervously, I glanced down towards the bottom of the Eagle and discovered thousands of flames firing out on to the ground leaving an ocean of smoke. Thinking carefully , I knew I had everything I needed : my uniform , my sick bucket , just in case, and my water and food. “Good Luck boys!” shouted mission control ( the men who was giving us lots of attention at the moment) as he patted me on the back. Feeling worried, we stepped slowly in to the space vehicle. Glancing out of the window, I saw lovely, bright stars. Beautiful! What would happen if we were left stranded in space? Why did I sign up for this? What is going to happen?

Gob- smacked, I watched mesmerised, out of the mall window; I saw millions of small green land all around the Earth. Honoured, Buzz and I stared gratefully at the vibrantly coloured planets. Amazed, we circled around the Earth’s side, watching the stars twinkle every mile we moved.


Crying with excitement we had finally left the Earth’s atmosphere and we were heading for the moon. Tired but joyful, I closed my eyes and imagined what the moon would be like and look like. Would it be soft? Would it be hard? I was unsure; suddenly I found myself wrestling with the control panels while the space ship turned, wobbled and spun. Smiling, it finally stopped doing stupid and calmed itself down

(Thanks to me that is). “Are we nearly there yet Armstrong?” asked Aldrin. Feeling adventurous, I turned back to Buzz and replied,” Nearly”.

July 19th , 17:21 pm  

Bitter sweet, I jumped up with glee and sang, “We’re here, finally we’re here!” Sweating, I watched the moon, even though it didn’t really move, as we got closer and closer. Staring at the perfect view in front of us I realised (not long after I saw the moon) we had reached the moon’s orbit.


The school bully! – Anais

“Please don’t do it , I’m begging you!” I ran , pulling myself carefully up the Green Pipe , sometimes i get so scared of Daina.  Unfortunately , it felt like it was a long day of school : I hadn’t slept much that night as i was terrified of what was going to happen at school? What was  Daina going to do me? Sometimes , to help me stop thinking about school, I go swimming or horse riding. I love it! Last night i went swimming , I swam until my heart was beating like a thousand drums in my chest like it just wanted to pop out. Afterwards, I got on my horse. BOOM! I fell…

Greek cinquains



Ruling , Fighting, Standing

Taking care of other Gods 




Fighter, Immortal

Killing , Helping , Attacking

The king of all waters



Enthusiastic , Dangerous

Exiting, Competeting, Racing

Gods started this Event



Helper, Carer

Loving , Caring , Friendly

Helps to finds love

Match- Maker 

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek report

Greece (which is a rich country) hosted the first ever Olympus Games. Ancient Greeks, who took part in many different wars, has a capital city which is Athens. In this report you will find out about Greece today, Greek Gods , Greek women and girls and Athens.

Greece today

Greece, which is part of Europe, was the home of many Gods. It is also a very popular city; its population is 11,183,000 people. The leader of the country is Alexis Tsipras (Priminister). Another thing about Greece is that there are about 140 inhabited islands. Mount Olympus, which is a mountain in Greece, is the highest mountain; the height of this mountain is 9,754 feet. This humongous mountain used to be the house of the Gods.


The Ancient Greeks believed in many Gods and Goddesses. People believed that the Gods were controlling everything; therefore they would do what the Gods told them to do. As well as this there used to be a God, (which were very powerful) for each aspect of life. If you didn’t please the Powerful beings then you would have had trouble with them. In addition to this, a lot of people, who believed in the Gods, had a special place in their home where they would pray to them. Greeks thought that the Strong men and women were just like normal human adults, they would love the same, and they would argue the same and make babies the same. The ruler of all of the gods was Zeus, his symbol was the thunder bolt.

Greek women and Girls

Women in Sparta had much more freedom than others in other Greek states. Some Girls (which weren’t treat as well as boys) would be taught at home by their mothers if they weren’t rich, however other rich people would send their daughters to school to learn how to read and write properly. Most Girls would get married between 13-16; their husband would be over 30. Many Greeks (women) would stay at home, while their husbands were out having parties or work, making clothes, looking after the children and preparing food for the family. Often the women would go out with their slaves to visit friends.


Athens is the largest city in Greece and controlled the region called Attica. This capital city of Greece is very rich because they have lots of valuable thing, however they also get their money from Attica as they have many valuable gifts of silver. In addition to this, Athens is a very busy, big and beautiful city and has many people working there. Another thing, this city is mostly famous for its temple named Paretheon.

Bonfire night

It started to get dark therefore we quickly made our way to the display. I began to smell the burger van and the hot chocolate as we got closer.The crowd of people began to expand as they waited for the fireworks to commence. Suddenly all the lights , which were extremely  bright ,  went out and BANG! the first firework went off , music started to play  and everyone  started to cheer.The sound was deafening. Quickly the sky was lit up by the vibrant colours of the fireworks like thousands of shooting stars. Unfortunately it was over,  sadly we all had to leave.

A day at the zoo.

It was one minute  to twelve ( nearly dinner time ). I saw my mum making me a sandwich; i was starving. Today I was going to the zoo with my friend Lilly  , the only reason she wanted to go was to look at the hyenas. Before long, after eating my ham and mayonnaise sandwiches , Lilly was at my house standing in the kitchen scanning my house like she was a police man looking for evidence after a big murdering. We got in her mums car and set off , it was a 10 minute drive to the zoo and we had to climb a steep hill.  We got out of the car and the sky was grey and miserable; it started raining.

The dark shadow !

As I walked down the dark wet street I saw a tall, mysterious, dark shadow creeping up behind me . Without  warning I turned as fast as possible to check what was there. I couldn’t see anything. Scared I kept walking thinking if I was seeing things. Suddenly, I felt an enormous , cold hand tapping  my shoulder. What was that? Screaming, I ran turning my small back on the scary fingertips. Was I  being chased or was this my friends pulling another joke on me ?Anxious ,  I stopped to take a breath, I didn’t know whether or not I should of. All of a sudden I got dragged in to the huge bush. HELP!

The Snow bunnies

One day there was two snow bunnies,they were called Harvey and Minnie. These rabbits were very intelligent and knew how to do nearly EVERYTHING. One Saturday Morning they were really hungry but their owners weren’t up yet,therefore they said to each other “I’m really hungry, we need to get out of this dreadful cage “.Suddenly, they both started to push the cage door to get out . All of a sudden they banged heads as they burst out of the door.The two furry animals were so glad they even started dancing and singing. Suddenly they realised that they needed to hurry up because …

The donkeys point of view – Anais


All of a sudden, I felt a soft hand rubbing my pink nose. I left my eyes closed until I felt a sharp tug on my mouth. Without warning, I jumped up in a flash.To be honest I think Joseph got a bit of a fright really. Suddenly,I heard Mary yelling “Hurry up Joseph!”. That split second, we all started to move. After about ten minutes, I started to get curious, why were we  going to Bethlehem. Soon, I heard Mary and Joseph having a conversation. They were saying they needed to leave Nazareth and go to Bethlehem to pay their tax. I felt scared.

After a while, I saw an outstandingly huge sign, it read’ Bethlehem’. Finally, we were there. “YES!, finally we’re here” Joseph cried. It was very busy ,I nearly even crashed in to a man. As I looking around, I felt the weight off my back and I heard a rather loud knock. ” Hell, is there any room here where I can stay until I have had my baby?” asked Mary pleasantly. “No!” said the evil innkeeper. Therefore, married couple and I kept walking. ‘knock, knock’. “Hello there, how can I help you?”   “Hi we were wondering if we could stay here until I have my baby?”   “I have a little bit of room in my stable” So the kind innkeeper let us all in the stable. I helped Joseph create a warm bed for the new baby about to arrive. I even had a little bit of food as well. Later on, Mary had her beautiful little baby. Lots of rich men brought lovely presents. One of them brought him Myrrh, One  of them brought him Gold and the other one brought the precious baby some Frankincense. It was VERY strong.

3 days later, we had to set off on another long journey. It hadn’t even been 15 minutes and I was already thirsty. Luckily, Joseph brought me a bucket of water for the journey. I over heard Mary telling Joseph that they were going to Egypt . I was very sure that country was a long way away. We stopped for a bit of food and a drink. Eventually, we set off again. After 2 hours, we were finally there!

photo credit: Rsi06 via photopin cc

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Anais – Snow – 100WC


The velvety  snow was a blanket covering the universe. Another thing, the freezing cold air blew in my face, strangling me as I walked. Furthermore, the trees, which were as tall as giants, were covered in snow. As well as this, the snowmen were standing, looking in to thin air as their fingers froze to death. Exited, the children ran screaming with joy while there friends threw gigantic snow balls. Scared, parents tried not to slip on the ice (which was as slippery as a ice skating rink) as it would be very embarrassing. At just that moment everything changed …

photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc

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How to make Gun Girl

How to make Gun Girl.

Have you ever wanted to have laser eyes? Do you want to slice people’s necks?If so then follow these instructions and you too could become Gun Girl.

What you will need.

  • A long,sharp knife
  • Fire balls from a volcano
  • Springy springs
  • The most shiniest shampoo
  • Laser eye contacts

What to do.

First,buy some knifes from the most sharpest knife shop.                                                                               Next,go to the deepest end of the darkest and scariest forest then find huge volcano and take some of its fire balls.                                                                                                                                             Then,go and find a trampoline and take its springs for your boots.                                                          After that,break in to a police station and capture two guns .                                                                   Once this has been done , go to Batmans cave and steal his laser eye contacts.                                      To complete your senses buy the most shiniest shampoo in the world,for your hair,from your nearest retailer.

Final note.

When you have become Gun Girl stay away from the Police,Tall men and Christmas Trees .

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Should iPads be allowed in school?

Should iPads be allowed in school?

Since the development of iPads ,there has been much discussion about wheather or not iPads should be allowed in school. In addition to this ,it has become an important issue as many schools have to decide if they want iPads in their school.

Moreover,teachers from both upper and lower school believe that iPads should be allowed in school since they are a great teaching tool.Furthermore,some teachers think that the variety of amazing apps will catch the children’s attention therefore the children may work better or give more work to the teacher.Parents have argued that the children are more willing to work when they are using iPads. Some teachers think that by changing the way they view information children can learn more.

On the other hand, other people suggest that the iPads are just a distraction to the kids learning.Many people think that the children would find it harder to concentrate with an iPad than without. Some people suggest that it is incorrect to suggest iPads being in school.

Having considered both the arguments,we think that iPads should be allowed in school because they could make the pupils learning better.Even though, the iPads,which are  great  for teaching kids with,could distract the children if a good teacher is teaching,they should be able to keep them under control.