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Neil Armstrong biography

Neil Armstrong was famous for being the first ever man to set foot on the moon. He was born on August 5th 1930. However, he unfortunately passed away 20 days after his 82nd birthday due to heart complications from heart surgery.

Early Life

After leaving university Neil went to join the Army and Navy. But after spending a couple of years in his career he was called up to join the Korean war by flying over 200 different air crafts. Sadly,in 1952 he left the military to go back to collage. Despite going back to collage, he met his first wife Janet sheeran .He also became a professor of science and space and Harvard academy where he taught how rockets were made and how they blast off.


After Armstrong and Sheeran got married, they had their first son Eric in 1957 28th January . Two years later, Neil was elected for the national space race ; which his wife was devastated about as their son was only two. But before anything was planned, they had another child called Karen. Sadly at the age of three Karen suddenly died due to a brain tumor. Unfortunately, Janet later died that year. However he remarried and went on to have another child called mark who went on to become an astronomer and astronaut like his father.

Moon Trip

On July 16th , Neil Armstrong , Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins ventured out in to space bursting through the bright blue atmosphere made of various gasses. But on 19th July, Neil stepped foot ion the moon for the very first time making history through out time. However, after 3 or 43 hours of exploring they waddled back in to the Eagle that had ejected from the other space ship that had got them on to the glorious, jaw-dropping moon . After spending a couple days traveling back home they burst back through the earths atmosphere and made a gigantic splash in the cold Atlantic ocean and waited until help arrived to help them out of the glorious Eagle that got them home.

As you heard in the opening paragraph, Neil unfortunately died happily in his home on the 25th August 2012  just 20 days after his 82nd birthday . All his family told the world that many people had payed tribute in order of his death and made a moral  in order to know that they loved him. Barack Obama stated that ” he wasn’t just a hero of h is time and ours, he was a hero of all time and will be forever”