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A letter from Santa by Hannah


Father Christmas,

39 Santa’s Grotto,

The North Pole,



Dear Sammy,

                             Thank you for my letter, I am writing to you to explain to you What I do straight after the Happy Holidays?What I do during the summer time? And What I do when Christmas comes?Right here I go then.

Well, straight after Christmas, I always need to help Mrs Claus to get ready for her Newyears eve party.Next, I would have to get ready to go back out and get food shopping for next year (because you know how much food I need) Usually, I would go through all of my thank you letters and then have to reply to them all. However, before all, of that, I have to put away my travelling gear( before my beautiful wife)finds it because she finds all of my important stuff lying all around.Also, I have to give my dogs food because when they look at me in dismay I have to immediately give them food.

When all of the cold snow goes away, I normally want to decide where I want to go for summer therefore instead of me going to France seeing as I went there last year and I didn’t like it that much so that made me decide to go to the lovely and scorching place( which is Spain) As soon as I arrived,I instantly felt this blazing heat going onto me it was like I was getting warmed up by a giant heater ( which was on FULL BLAST) While, I was there I got to try different types of Spanish food and secretly got to take lessons on how to speak Spanish. I always don’t realise the point on going on holiday knowing that someone in this hot country knows that I am FATHER CHRISTMAS!

Finally, your last question has arrived on What I do when Christmas comes. Well I would just do the usual things like receiving over 1000 Christmas lists from people nearly every day, Refreshing the long sleigh AGAIN!!,Getting the Reindeers ready and fit and of course trying not to forget FLY PAINT ( which is very important) for the reindeer’s hooves that cost nearly over a thousand pounds.(Mrs Claus isn’t going to be happy) Finally, I have to load all of the Christmas Presents onto the Sleigh( Every year I think I lose over 10 tonnes) I hope that I could be a little bit skinny by 2018!

In Conclusion, I hope you can see how busy I am and how every year I just have over a million things to do! THANK YOU for asking me these questions. It took me a while to remember all of these things that I do.

                                                                                                                             Yours Faithfully,

                                                                                                                                                            Santa Claus ( Your favourite friend at Christmas)

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Snow-100 WC-Jamie


I was in my wooden log cabin, chilling with my hot chocolate getting ready for bed, while suddenly, out of the corner one eye was… a 5 hour snow blizzard and my mam was like “run to the wind shelter outside, quick, co9me on!” for a second I thought I was going to die. after a while, my sister poked her head out of the shelter and there wasn’t a very good sight. we saw that half of the log cabin was gone and the rest of the town was also gone. will I survive this horrible, terrifying weather, I wonder?

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A letter from santa


Father Christmas

The grotto

The north pole


Dear Sammy,

Thank you for your letter which was fantastic. I’m writing to you to tell you what I do during the year.

Straight after Christmas, I have a long well earned and deserved break after delivering presents for children non-stop. Then I feed the reindeers as they did do most of the work flying round the world all night. After that, warm myself up otherwise I’ll turn in to a ice block. Then I feed myself and the other animals before climbing in to my cosy warm bed.

During the summer months, I go on holiday to a range of different places. Last year, I went to France and it was not really for me. The first couple days were going great but a couple days later and made a HUGE mistake. I left the reindeers out in public. So I had to go as some people figured me out after the incident. Also, I went to Scotland. However, it was always raining and it was also gloomy and dark. Plus, the day it wasn’t raining I decided to the lake which was freezing. Slowly but surely, I walked to the caravan and warmed myself up. But when I went shopping a little girl spotted me and I had to go somewhere else (again). This time, I went to las Vegas. Although this time it wasn’t so bad. I went for a swim every morning to keep me hydrated. Also I always dresses classy so I looked like I was rich as it was an expensive hotel. I also spent some time in the casino. But that didn’t go so well. I lost all my money until I was penniless. It got worse because during my usual morning swim a boy spotted me and I went home straight away.

As Christmas approaches, I get back and force myself through the door as I push the mound of letters from children around the world. next I try to read all the letters before another batch come. However I usually fall asleep halfway through reading the letters. Then wake p and there’s a bigger pile and sometimes I get fed up. After that, I go to bed ready to make some toys and when I do they fall apart.

In conclusion, I hope this gives you a clue on what I do on the rest of the 363. I enjoyed writing you this letter

yours truly,

Father Christmas
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A Letter From Santa By Jamie


Dear Sammy,

I am writing to you because I want answer some of your questions and tell you about what I do in my spare time.

First of all, straight after Christmas I look for some cheap plane tickets and fly off to the place where I end up. before very long, I come home and have a party (The Script- Superheroes is always playing) with: The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost and my best friend, The Tooth Fairy.

During the summer months, I planted my wondrous flowers so bees came and made a bee hive on my cherry tree. I start to buy my things for Christmas and I get lots of letters to read.

As Christmas approaches, I have all the presents and I get so many letters so I have to reply to them all and its so annoying.

In conclusion, I look forward to see what you want and ill see you next Christmas

Yours Sincerely

Santa Claus

P.S. you’re on the nice list

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Preparing for the Christmas Fair

Today we started to prepare our class product for the Christmas Fair. Can you remember the 4 Ps that we will need to consider if our enterprise is going to do well? If you have any other ideas about how we can do well, add them here.

Remembering Others At Christmas – Feed the World

Amberleigh’s post, about thinking about others at Christmas, reminded me about the superb work we completed last year to raise money for Mary’s Meals. You may have seen the Band Aid 30 (Or 2014) version of the song, but we had the idea of doing it again last year! So here it is. A trip down memory lane for some of us. Or a reminder that Christmas isn’t just about presents for others.

Feed The World – Year 5 – Tanfield Lea Community Primary School – http://5tanfieldleaweebly.com from MPatterson on Vimeo.

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What is Christmas about?

Chistmas is not just about presents it is about spending time with others and Jesus. People think Christmas is just about presents but it is not it is about thinking of Jesus’s birth. Jesus did not have a nice life. Everyone knows that Jesus was pinned to a cross. But we don’t think of that at this time of the year. We are all happy at Christmas(a part from Scrooge).Not everyone has a great Christmas,some children in Africa don’t ever have one Christmas or they die after there Chriatmas. So this Christmas be more jenerous then normal. Possibly even donate some of your Christmas money to Ebola crisis people will be really thankful for the bit of money. What do you do for Christmas? Be kind and have a merry Christmas!

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