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Neil Armstrong diary-Alicia

“One small step for man…and one giant leap for mankind!” I exclaimed as I walked upon the rocky terrain of the Moon. This was a jaw dropping experience for me it was truly unbelievable. Glancing at the oblivion ahead it was absolutely amazing that I Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the Moon. Calmly I stabbed the American flag in to the Moon’s surface to signal the victory of the space race! How this happened is a much longer story.

July 16th 1969

“5..4…3..2..!”  The mission control team radioed in my ear.Nervously, I sat tightly back on the extremely comfy space chair. Lift off! I heard the thousands of cheers from the millions of  people below. Suddenly, rumbling started and then…the flames of fury came out and we were lifting of. We knew we had all of our equipment ready including: Space suit, camera, dried food (yuck) and even my flask of warm tea. As our chairs started dying down (from the rattling) we stared out of the window while we were feeling nauseous and the sight was…truly beautiful!

Unfortunately, we had to orbit around the Earth just to make sure everything was in ship shape! All i could see was the coal black sky,which was outstanding, and the tiny world below us. After a few seconds, I could see the silhouette of the trees and the sapphire blue waters.“Amazing ” I  told buzz “truly amazing!” Aldrin replied.

Eventually, we finished  orbiting the Earth and headed to our destination…the Moon! the adventure ahead of us was going to be so exiting. We were as joyful as a seal getting a bucket of fish. In addition, we were very anxious for the journey ahead. As the huge moon came into sight we were getting very exited.

July 19th 1969

Amazingly, we were going in to the Moons orbit it was so mesmerizing. We were  gob smacked because it looked so magical yet we were worried yet because may not make it. the large moon was astonishing.

Neil Armstrong ~Diary Entry~

“That’s one small step for man…One giant leap for mankind!” I announced as proud as I could be. Nervously glancing, I watched my fellow astronaut, Buzz, climb out; he watched the moon like a hawk therefore he didn’t fall. Feeling emotional, I remembered my great mission as I placed the USA flag into the moon’s surface. Out of the corner of one eye, I saw the Earth and winning the space race for the USA.

How it came to this is a much bigger story…

16th July 1969 13:32pm

“5,4,3,2…” The numbers rang in my ear as I thought about the mission. Rumbling ferociously, the flames from the bottom of the Columbia like a plant on a growth spurt. Shocked, that I, Neil Armstrong, was one of the first EVER! people to step foot on the moon (that’s if we make it there in time.) Crushed, into my seat I managed to grab my rucksack which included: space food, sick bag, water and a back scratcher. “Good Luck,” boomed a voice in my right ear as mission control wished us luck n our massive mission. Feeling Claustrophobic, I gazed out of the window at the Earth. Beautiful!

Mesmerized, I watched the outstanding view from 3 inches underneath the clouds. Honored, to have seen what U saw I felt really special; no one had ever stepped on the moon till now. After a few minutes, we had already done 1 whole circle of the Earth’s blue and green atmosphere.


Leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, I waved goodbye to me home and hello to the Moon. Feeling stiff, Buzz and I stared gratefully at the Earth, which is getting smaller, as we drifted off into the place many people call the Moon. Unsure, I shouted,”Buzz, how much longer?” He replied,”4 more hours” Looking forward to the adventure ahead, I looked next to me to find Michael Collins writing something down in his journal.

17:21 July 19th

Excited yet nervous, I wrestled with the controls.BOOM! SMASH! I fell into a load of powdered food. Feeling sleepy, I watched the rocket turn round and round the remarkably small planet. Inquisitively, I listened to the engine. Feeling bittersweet, I sleepily watched the starts beautifully sparkle.


Anxiously, Buzz and I watched out at the spacious area. “How much longer Buzz?” I asked, he replied, “2 hours and 6 minutes” Restlessly, Buzz and I looked as we got closer to the moon and further away from Earth. 1000ft 800ft from the moon. If we don’t make it in time before the fuel runs out we’ll all be dead, if we don’t make it in time we’ll drift off into space, if the Columbia blows up before we make it we won’t make history, then we can’t be remembered.

And then it all comes back to when I said,”One small step for man… one giant leap for mankind”and that is how Buzz, Michael and I made it to space.


The mystery of the missing curse – part 6

Meanwhile, complaints were being made by many other families for noise.

Tina’s diary (Ava’s sister) 

Dear diary,

This is horrendous, is it becoming to much for me? Ava is still at the hospital getting x-Rays and tests done! I am lost! What should I do? I am already getting small spells of bad luck! Like early this morning it was bright outside but it was still pitch black in my room! Sorry! I’ve got to go! Ava needs to be picked up from the hospital now! My mum obviously can’t pick her up because she went to London on a course and my dad had to take her there!

Love from a very worried Tina.         Xxx

When Tina arrived at the hospital Ava came out with a sling on her left arm and a couple of clean, soft bandages wrapped around her right ankle. Suddenly, Tina slipped on a rotten banana peel and bumped her head on the side of the reception desk. A nurse and a wheelchair came rushing towards the 2 sisters speedily and took them to a room to check them out. Ava was fine however one of the crutches she had been walking with had gone missing causing more hassle to find a new pair of the right size. Luckily, the eldest sister was just in shock therefore she could still safely transport her sibling home!

Was their journey going to be successful? Were they going to be troubled by the curse again? Was it just bad luck?

To be continued…



The mystery of the missing curse – part 5

Dear diary,
Perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to discover more into this curse. Now I am lying in bed like a sad puppy, I’m guessing you are full with curiosity as to why! Therefore, I better tell you before it’s too late.  This morning I leaped out of bed and I must have hit my head, My head was pounding as though 1000 screaming children had been arguing over a cuddly toy in my very ears. Spontaneously, a shadowy figure crossed my room and turned off the lights, eagerly I screamed, my heart was in my throat. Apprehensively, I tried to tip toe out of my room to safety. Was there going to be a today? Was I going to live or die? Again, I bumped my head, this time on the corner of my bed side table. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I screamed in terror and fright seeing as my book shelf toppled on top of me! Luckily, my sister heard and she came rushing in to rescue me.

That ruled out my sister from my investigation. It was impossible that she could have swept through my room like that. Although,she might tease me every now and then however she definitely would NEVER try to harm me.

Love Ava Xx

“Sis! Sis! Please Ava please! Please talk to me!” Her sister wailed and weaped for hours on end. Nothing happened. Just hours and hours of tears pouring down Ava’s sister’s face. What was the missing curse taking out its anger on this lovely family for? “Ava, please, if you can hear me just wake up, you know I need you!” The heartbroken sister begged once again.

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The trip to Howtown

Dear Diary,

                     Today was the most tremendous day of my entire life! It all started when I was skipping jubilantly along the road to the massive school bus and I just managed to catch a glimpse of the last seat! However, it wasn’t that big of a deal seeing as the person sat next to me never spoke a sound, and they were too busy taking photographs of the scenery around them. We were on our way to  Howtown for a residential trip, therefore you couldn’t blame them for wanting to keep memories. As soon as we had arrived at the youth hostel from our long journey, we searched the building for our dormitory. I discovered I was sharing a room with my some of my friends, Katy, Lucy, Anais, Lauren and Elle. We then sped outside to find out who our instructors were for the week. As soon as, we met them (Tom and Tim) we had to go all the way back inside and get changed in to swimming costumes, and clothes that were allowed for water activities. Afterwards we waddled down slowly to Ullswater not a lake because there really only is one lake in the Lake District. Once we arrived, we had to run quickly into the water and back out again! We evn had to wash our faces! I still feel like frosty the snowman! You have no idea how chilly I am even now! Guess what I even had a bowl full of macaroni cheese and went orienteering! I am so excited for tomorrow! Well it… Yawn… Yawn… 


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The mystery of the missing curse-part 4

The same day

Dear diary,

I am not so tired now and I only have a few minutes before the party therefore I better tell you more while I can! I have literally just woken up and ran across the corridor to find not a single penny in sight! (Good news) however I also have some bad news I found a book that said  there is known to be a curse within the coins and if you touch or even catch a glimpse you will have the CURSE! Sadly, I might not have a very good time at the party. “Knock, Knock!” My sister banged on the door like a heard of rhino’s was about to barge into my small bedroom. ” The party is about to begin” my sister giggled like a drama queen, as she broke through my bedroom door (she did have 13 years of karate you know!) “Unless, some kind of curse came your way!” She cackled.                                                                                              “Was that you?” I took a breath and sighed! I could almost have felt so lucky that I could have cried with joy! “Perhaps!… Or it could have been that curse I was on about!” My older sibling screamed.  I now couldn’t make out if it really was that dramatic teenager or if it was the curse of the coins! I had to get my detective on!


Ava Xxx

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The mystery of the missing curse- part 3

The map must have lead somewhere very important to my ancestors, however I was too scared to follow them because the images weren’t what you see every day! Suddenly, I leapt out of the hatch of the loft and fell to the ground with a huge THUD! Now though, I’m safely tucked up in my bed and feel cosy like I’m lying on a cloud wrapped up like a baby in a blanket. At least now I’m safe and sound and I hope that none of those coins fell out of the loft with me.

Love Ava.      Xx

2nd January 7am

Dear diary,

Yawn! Oh! Diary I’m so tired because I hardly caught a wink of sleep last night seeing as the coins and pennies are built in my mind. I don’t think I’ll be going on a goose chase today because I need at least a snooze if I want any chance of being awake for my sisters birthday party! I apologise for the length of this entry however if I carry on much longer I’ll wake up to find a moustache drawn on my face! (That is what nobody wants!) bye!

love Ava.       Xx

P.S.- Sorry, I promise I’ll tell you more about the coins when I’m more awake!

Picture from: http://www.wpclipart.com/animals/cats/cartoon_cats/cartoon_cats_4/cat_sleeping_with_little_girl.png.html

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The mystery of the missing curse-part 2

1st January-before bed

Dear diary,

Sorry I didn’t specify where and what I was up to however hopefully this should explain EVERYTHING! First of all, I sped nervously up the wobbly ladders of the attic and burst through the door! (I had a hunch that something odd was going to be shown in there!) As soon as I had reached safety, I rushed to the corner to rummage through a box of mysterious items belonging to my family from generations ago. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed as I noticed something peculiar, there was a coin in each and every item. Even though, you may think I’m being soft, these coins were rose gold and on each of them they had engraved in them a different picture! In my mind I was beginning to realise that it was showing a map!

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The mystery of the missing curse!


1st January 2014-2pm

Dear diary,  

                   I need to truly express my feelings and confess that I do have ghosts living in my sisters apartment, AKA my home. I have lived here since I was 3 years old and always believed that my sister wasn’t true when she tried to creep me out, by saying “Hey little kiddo do you know that at midnight on your 10th birthday, you will be haunted by ghosts for your entire life until…!”. However, my mother was always too fast for her to carry on, as I already woke up in the middle of the night from hunger and thirst seeing as I can’t last very long without a sip of water and a delectable snack! Now that’s not the problem I’m facing though, therefore let me get right to the point first of all, last night at midnight it WAS my 10th birthday and I heard freaky noises floating around my bed and saw this morning scratches on my wall. Who could it have been? Could it have been a shadowy figure? Or just my sister trying to scare me? Oh! There it goes again, what’s that deadly sound and that dangerous hole in my ceiling dripping water for. H…H…H…HELP!…

Later on (2:30pm)

Dear Diary,

Phew! It was just a plumbing malfunction from the flat upstairs. Although, I know that though I still don’t know where those mystical scrapes on the wall came from? It is possible that my pet kitten “Sunny” could have done it because she is always prancing around in my invisible spy cloak from the loft of the building (Idon’t know where it came from) however I’m sure she isn’t capable of pulling that big of pranks! Now I think about it does every attic include a mysterious cloak, Not every loft, NO OTHER LOFT! Sorry! I’ R got to go!

From Ava

P.S. – I can only hope I shall be safe! Wish me luck!
To be continued…
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The forgotten hallway – part 2


1835 7th December

Dear diary,

This morning mother told me some more about her little sister and her friend who mysteriously died. She told me sacredly that her little sister was called Elizabeth and she used to see things or she would go in a trance whenever she was alone. However, the strangest thing she said is that her little sister always used to sing songs in a different language when the sun was down and the candles were lit. later that night, I wandered the halls to see if the noise was there but as soon a I stepped out of my dormitory. I walked halfway down the corridor and a hand  clutched my arm and them my leg and dragged me away. I screamed as loud as I could but no one could hear me. I got dragged in to the darkness….


Help me!

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