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Ancient Greece report!

Ancient Greece, who played an important part in what we have today, lived a long time ago. Greek (who still influences us today) was very intelligent! In this report, you will find out about: Athens slaves, sport and food.

Athens slaves!

Of the 25000 to 30000 people in Athens (at its biggest), between a quarter and a third of them were slaves. Some slaves were captured in wars; others were born slaves in addition some people were forced into slavery when they could not afford to pay money they owned! Some slaves were owned by the state, like: slave-archers from Scythia, who was used as “police” by the Athens government! A few slaves had special skills! Such as nurses, teachers or poverty painters. A lucky slave could earn enough money to by himself freedom!


All the people in ancient Greece loved sport as well as that they loved to go in gymnasiums to keep fit! They think keeping fit is vital for their future moreover when they have Olympic Games has an awesome atmosphere when someone wins! Also, men and boys join in every sports day. Astonishingly, men use sport for preparation for war!


All Greeks have a very healthy diet the food in ancient Greece consisted grains, wheat, barley, fruit, vegetables, breads and cake. Baklava: thin pastry layers with nuts and syrup. The Greeks loved their wine which was made from grapes they grew.

As you can see ancient Greece played a big part in our future!

The mystery person!

One dark gloomy winter morning, and when I looked out of my window there was know one  to be seen. It was freezing cold, when I had had my breakfast I went outside and I heard noises coming from the trees. Apprehensively, I went into the woods and seen that it was only my friends messing on therefore I started to play with them they were called Bobby. After a while, we heard a noise similar to the one before but only it wasn’t us so Bobby and I went over to see what it was! There standing in the distance was…   

The fantastic football play!

One day, there was a football match and there had been a new player bought for Middlesbrough and he was going to start playing the match. But the light was so bright from the sun it hurt his eyes and his vision went really blurry and the ball got played to him by the opposition and they were closing him down very fast and he got tackled really hard and then that helped his eyes a bit and he got the ball again and he ran with it down the wing and he crossed the ball and when the ball went into the 16 yard box …

photo from: a href=”http://www.wpclipart.com/recreation/sports/soccer/players/soccer_player_14.png.html”>

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We have been learning how to put pictures into our blog posts. Here is a picture of a football player!

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100 word challenge


Snow is very crispy, crunchy and freezing cold. It can sometimes be frozen also turns into water sometimes it can be made into snow men and snow balls. When it turns into ice you have to be extremely careful because you could injure yourself.

On the other hand, snow is mostly fun because you can hide in it make lots of shapes and just enjoy yourself while playing the snow. If you happen to get so cold you have to come inside be careful not to heat yourself up to quickly because you can get frostbite witch can be very dangerous!

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How to make thunder storm!

Have you ever wanted to become a  thunder storm and destroy things! do you want to change the world forever? If so follow these instructions!

What you will need!

You will need the fork from the devil, the steel from a cage from the zoo, a diamond helmet from the bottom of a volcano, the skin from a shark, and finally a laser eye from bottom of the sea!

First, put the fork from the devil into your hand. Next, make the steel from the cage Into armour. Then, attach the diamond helmet to your head. After that, get the bigest Sharks skin and attach it to you to make a cape. Finally, put the laser over your eye!

Be carefull!

dont go near lava, lightning and acid!

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