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Greek Cinquains


Brave, strong,

Ruling, settling, watching,

Calming seas and oceans



Powerful, fearless

Leading, protecting, testing,

The God of all Gods,



Fighters, winners,

Battling, loosing, leading, 

Practicing fighting all the time,


The Ancient Greeks

Greece, which is a well-known country, is in south eastern Europe; it is quite big place. The ancient Greeks, who believed they were ruled by Gods, lived a long time ago. (700 BC). In this report you will find out about: Greece today, Greek Gods, Athens and Sparta.

Greece today

Greece is a large country in south eastern Europe. The population, because the country is so big, is 11,183,000. As well as this, the currency is Euro; this is a popular currency. In addition to this, food in this holiday destination is great, some popular meals are: Dolmades, Tzatziki and Moussake. Also, the highest mountain in Greece is Mount Olympus. (It is 9,754ft high). The largest island is Crete, which is in the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, the weather in this European nation is usually warm – the warmest reaches around 33 degrees.

Greek Gods

Greeks believed Olympian Gods and Goddesses ruled over them, also they believed they were immortal (they lived forever). Moreover, the people of history thought the Gods and Goddesses lived on Mount Olympus; the largest mountain in Greece. In addition to this, the Greeks believed there were 12 Gods and the God of all Gods was Zeus, who had many wives and children and was extremely powerful. Furthermore, the ancient people thought each God and Goddess had a different job and responsibility. Many festivals were also held in honour of the Gods and Goddesses, even though they didn’t always behave well!


Athens is the capital of Greece and was the most popular city in Ancient Greece. It was a beautiful place, which attracted visitors from all over Greece. Additionally, it was built at the bottom of a hill called the Acropolis; this hill appears in many Ancient Greek stories. Also, slaves were very popular in Athens, consequently they made up about one quarter of the working population. As well as this, women had very little freedom, whereas men were known as the freemen. Plus, all men aged 20-50 could join the military and women could not leave their house without their husbands permission. Furthermore, boys were allowed to go to school, however girls had to be taught at home by their mother.


Sparta was the second most popular city in Ancient Greece and people who lived there loved to fight. The city had 2 kings instead of 1 ruler. Also, slaves worked on Spartan farms, they grew food for Spartan soldiers and their families. Furthermore, Spartan women had much more freedom than women in other parts of Greece. As well as this, as a baby, if you were sick, unwell or unwanted you were put on the street for someone else to take you in and look after you.

As you can see, the Ancient Greeks played an important role in our history and had many responsibilities and roles to play.


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100WC – Ghost Street

The wind was whistling outside my bedroom window, I couldn’t get to sleep because of it. I could hear the street lights wobbling. They were going to fall. Feeling scared, I slowly got out of bed, walked to my window and peeped through the curtains. Suddenly, a bright flash of light came zooming towards me and hit the window with a loud thud. There was something out there, but what was it? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a petrifying sight, the thick white ghost like blanket crept further towards me. I stepped back and tumbled. What was it? What did it want from me? But most importantly what was it going to do to me?

The Forbidden Forest Part 1

Hi my name is Harriet Parker, I live in a small cottage (with my mum, dad and little brother, Charlie,) that is surrounded by loads of fields practically in the middle of nowhere! Even though I am fourteen, I can’t go shopping, hang out with my friends or do anything a normal teenager would. Why, you ask. This is because my stupid, tiny house is about 100,000 miles away from any other building! Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit there, but it does seem like (and for some reason we are) completely shut out by the rest of the world. It just isn’t fair! The small cottage my mum, dad, Charlie and I call home, sits near an unwanted and abandoned dark forest that Charlie and I have been forbidden to ever enter. I’m not sure about my brother, but I am and always will be very curios about it and why it is forbidden. I am a brave child and love adventures, in fact my parents think I’m obsessed with them, because of my ‘obsession‘ I continuously ask them questions about the forest, but each time it’s the same; “I’m busy right now darling”. ARRRRRGGGGG! I know they know the answers, but it drives me crazy when they won’t tell me, which FYI is all of the time!

The other day I had had enough of not knowing anything about the forbidden forest, so I decided to do something about it. It was early afternoon when I had told my mum and dad I was taking Charlie out on the fields to play with me (even though I had something else planned.) Seeing as I never want to play with Charlie, at first my parents were suspicious, but after I told them I had changed my mind about my brother, they allowed us to go. SCORE! At this point Charlie didn’t know what was going on, I hadn’t told him about my plan yet and he didn’t know why I wanted to play with him for like the FIRST time EVER. Once we were outside and out of sight I told him my plan – he loved it. It turns out Charlie WAS curios about the forbidden forest. Anyway, we had to tiptoe past our house as quickly as we could so that we would not be seen, and believe it or not we managed to do it like top secret spies. Finally, we were stood at the old, rusty and twisted gate to enter the forest, my brother and I were both looking for the latch frantically. We were dying to see just what had been hidden from us all these years! Suddenly an enormous black shadow stopped us from being able to see what we were doing. I froze! What was it? What did it want from us? Petrified I slowly turned my head to the side to see my brother still searching for the latch. I couldn’t believe he was moving. Through my teeth I whispered to the boy, “Charlie, stop. Charlie, STOP!” But he just wouldn’t stop, I was starting to regret bringing us out here. All of a sudden the dark shadow picked up my brother, turned around and fled into the forest! “Charlie no! Come back! Charlie!” I cried while tears ran down my cheeks. I had to save my brother, so I jumped over the gate without thinking and ran as fast as I could deeper and deeper into the forbidden forest…

Photo credit: http://www.wpclipart.com/American_History/Native_Americans/various/indians_on_horseback_in_woods.png.html


We have been learning how to put pictures into blog posts. Here is a picture of a blowfish.

Photo from http://www.wpclipart.com/animals/aquatic/fish/other_fish/cartoon_blowfish.png.html

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A letter from Santa


Santa Clause

The Grotto

The North Pole

12 – 12 – 14

Dear Sammy,

                           Thank you for your letter, I am writing to you to explain exactly what I do on those months that aren’t December.

Once, I have delivered all the children’s presents, and I have to say that is not easy, I, in a hurry, fly bumpily back home to the freezing yet comfortable North Pole. as I come flying down from the sky like an enormous meteor, all my hardworking elves greet me with loud cheers while they jump up and down with joy and happiness. Although, I love that they appreciate what I do, all I want to do is go and rest by the hot steamy, fire. Consequently, that is exactly what I do, but unfortunately, I don’t get much peace and quite though seeing as Mrs. Clause sits next to me and jabbers on about how ‘I eat too many cookies and mince pies.’ I stay at home and rest like this until March! When March comes around I know its time for me to get off my bottom and decide where I’m going to go for my summer holiday.

Each year I go somewhere different for my summer holiday, this year I have decided on New York! I chose early this time round. This year I went to Egypt and it was great! Before I could set off I had to disguise myself (I wore an afro wig and some very jazzy clothes.) Eventually, I was ready to go so I set off. Everything  was so different from things here in the North Pole and the people I met were so friendly. Plus, nobody recognised me as Santa at all! I must admit the food there was a bit strange, I couldn’t pronounce the names of most of it. It was nothing like I’d ever eaten before, there were no fries, burger or any KETCHUP! I need ketchup! But overall it was great!

When I finally return home the same thing happens to me every year, I can’t get through my front door because of all the Christmas letters that lie in a great big heap on the floor. To this, I have to climb through my chimney (I should get used to it at least! I always think to myself.) I make sure I read every single one of the letters writing down what I will need the elves to make as I go. Once, I have finally read all the letters, I set my elves off hard at work making the toys I will need. The elves then stop making things for themselves and quickly start making toys for children of the world. Meanwhile, I prepare myself and my reindeer for the big day. Amazingly, I don’t find doing all this very stressful, although it is hard. When the big day arrives I zoom out into the sky on my sleigh hearing the full of Christmas Spirit elves cheer as I go.

In conclusion, I hope I have explained what you wanted to know good enough. Goodbye until next year.


Santa Clause  xxx

photo credit: cmiper via photopin cc

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Snow – 100 word challenge – Emily

Snowy trees

I was sat in my bedroom writing in my diary, when, out of the corner of my eye I saw beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky. In a hurry, I sprung from my chair and dashed over to my widow, I couldn’t take my eyes of the snow covering the ground like a thick, warm blanket. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind, ‘Why was I standing there, when I could be out playing in the snow.’ Quickly, I sprinted downstairs, threw on my wellies, coat, hat, scarf and gloves and raced outside for fun in the snow.
photo credit: Ed Suominen via photopin cc

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