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Greek Cinquains





lots of people dieing





everyone has their say.





the gods of all gods.





they are hand made.


The Greeks

Greece (which has a population of 11183000) has many famous paintings. The Ancient Greeks (who invented many things) believed in gods. In this report you will find out about Greece today, Theatre, clothes and food.

Greece today

Greece (which is a grate holiday spot) is a country in southern Europe. The capital city is Athens there is also a city called Sparta which was very different. The leader of this country is called Alexis Trispras. Some Mosaic (which is a panting made out of pottery) is still in Greece today. The life expectancy for a man is78 years and for a woman is 83 years.


Almost every Greek city had a theatre because it was a religion to have one. The Greeks loved singing and dancing however all the actors were men not women. Also the theatre could hold more than1118300 witch is a lot of people for one theatre! All the tethers were in the shape of a semi-circle this meant it had a loud eco. As well as this all the plays were spoken or sung.



The Greeks wore light clothes (because it was hot). Women or female slaves made all the clothes even for men. Men wore bits of cloth pined together called togas. A tunic was what was the women wore like the men they pinned there’s together. Metal or ribbon headbands were very popular.



Ancient Greeks ate lots of different things like in the summer they ate fresh fruit and in the winter derided fruit. Also they ate meat (not often because they thought to be cruel). Most of the time they ate bread.

As you can see the Ancient Greeks played a big part in our history (although they lived 2700 years ago).

Vampires part two

Now Nicole was totally over wellmd what could of done this a slight drizzle patted on the window as she ate the last of her tea. No one could tell her she was wrong because now ther was a lot of rain so much in fact that people stated to belive that vampires did do this. Soon everyone from Nicole’s school stated to join her club even the ones who said she was insane because she believed in vampiers. Now all of the meetings wear held in the park because a house was too small for every one. However ther wear some people who thought this was still a lot of rubbish and will never belive in vampiers. But Nicole was about to go on an advenchar to show they do edsist.



Vampires part one

One dark  morning when the sun failed to wake up and shine through Nicole’s window. Nicole had a strange belief of Vampires. When the sun did not shine high up in the sky she went to her club that her and her friends made up. As fast as lightening Nicole road her bike over to her friends. They wear glad to see her soon they talked about how to was so dark. Do you think the Vampires did this? Nicole suggested. Must be the weather suggested another. Soon Nicole’s mum called for her. At home she wonderd what could of done this…

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How to make Justice Jaide.

Have you ever wanted to grow horns and steal gifts. Do you want to swim in lava. If so follow these instructions and you to could become Justice Jade.


  • Thread from the fire of a volcano
  • Horns from a fire breathing cow
  • Poison
  • The wand from a Wizard protected by swords
  • A metal gate guarded by lazes


First use the thread to make your cape.

Next get the horns and put them on your head.

After that drink the poison carefully.

Once this has been done  magic up your staff (something that you hold).

Finally bend the gate into your shirt.


Once you have become Justice Jade be careful of bibles, holy water and churches.