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Greek Cinquain


Leader, Royal

Helping, Loving, Caring

Helps the pregnant women,



Scary, Sharp

Bloody, killing, stabbing

a killing people machine



Fierce, strong

Leading, telling, fighting

Fights off the bad



Fighters, battlers

killing, training, wrestling

Ready for war always


Greek report!

Greece, which was a small country in South Europe, has a population of 10.9 Million!!The Ancient Greeks, who have lived since 700 BC, have a temperature of 33 degrees warm in June to August. In this report you will find out about: Greece Today, Schools in Greece, Houses in Greece and their types of food.

Greece Today

This Holiday Destination is a small country somewhere round near south Europe, which is 131.957 square km big, that has the population of 10.9 million! This European country has a mountain called Mount Olympus is about 9,754 FT tall, which is known as where the Gods live. Greece today has a lot of food: who eat very healthy.

Schools in Greece

In Ancient times, Greece had schools. All the boys learned to be fierce and aggressive fighters. Apparently in Ancient Greece they only had ONE TEACHER! In contrast to the pens and paper we use, the Ancient Greeks used a wooden pen named a stylus and a wooden board covered in layers of wax. However the schools were quite small also the boys stopped at the age 14 and began at the age of 7. Sadly, girls didn’t really go to school because they stayed at home and learned how to clean, cook, serve and teach the children and feed them.

Food in Greece

All Ancient Greece ate extremely healthy (sometimes) they ate foods like: Bread, Beans, Olives, and fish only in the summer. All their food has at least one of theses in: Grains, Wheat, Barley, Fruit, Vegetables, Bread and Cake.

Houses in Greece

Apparently, men and women lived in different parts of the house: the women had the back and the upstairs and the men live in the rest of the space. Although our houses now are made out of brick or wood, the Ancient Greeks had houses made out of clay or stone. In addition, they also have their roves covered in tiles or reads.


As you can tell, the Ancient Greeks had a colossal effect in our history and are responsible for a lot of things that still exist today!

The mystery of the sacred Pokemon part 1 (100WC)

Teddy was a new Pokemon trainer and was 11 years old. Although Teddy was a bit petrified of what will happen on her journey or what would happen to her Pokemon but at the same time she was excited and so happy that she will be getting her starter Pokemon she was thinking of which one to get. There was Fenninken, Chespin and Frogadier. Suddenly as she was at the door of the professor lab a massive crowd of new trainers started sprinting in front of her to get their own Pokemon. A couple hours later she finally got to pick her Pokemon! But only one was left! The last pokemon was…..

The puppy and the tomb part 2


Caroline was ready to go, Storm was about 3 years old and was ready to go. Although Storm was so excited to get going, Caroline told him to stay with her Mum and Dad for a couple hours. Caroline was going to her friends for 4 hours. “Bye Storm, be a good dog for mummy and daddy! Right?” As she got her scarf and hat on. Storm nodded as If he actually understood.” Oh don’t be silly Caroline of course he will! He’s the best dog alive!” As she straightened her hair carefully. “Ok well bye Mum and Dad love you!” What is going on? Storm questioned himself. What about the exploring and adventure? Yelped Storm. He was so upset but at the same time he was so excited for her to come back. But why didn’t they go? Why couldn’t of she took him to her friends? He had so many questions!

The snow wolf part 4 (100WC)

Louis stared at Frosty with a scared look. Suddenly, Frosty licked his cold hand and nudged him for a stroke! Eventually, a gunshot flashed into the Rock where her father was. By the time Frosty got to her father it was to late. Her father had gone. But she had no time to cry. At that second a Hyena was approching her to kill. She darted out the way of the attack. She got hungry so she was given a tuna sandwich that was half eaten. Louis looked outside and it was miserable and grey as the fog had came. Frosty started shivering , at that second he had to climb up into the attic to get a blanket that he had as a baby and wrapped it around her carefully. Was this a start to a new friendship?

The Snow Wolf Part 3 (100WC)

Meanwhile, there was a little boy named Louis, he loved wolves and all about them but his father was scared of them so killed them for safety, but Louis always hated his father of by the way he talked to him. Later On, his father was looking for Frosty and her father, Frosty was breathing heavily but her father was all worn out and felt weak and tired. Louis looked out the window and saw Frosty behind a massive rock with her worn out father. Although she never trusted humans she yelped to Louis for help. Nervously, Louis opened the door with a creak, Frosty was greeted with a kind-looking boy. Would they be friends  forever or foes forever? Who knows?!


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The invasion of the Zombies 100WC

It was one spooky dark night, a little girl was cycling apprehensively down the street.” Come back before midnight Kat!” Commanded her mum. “Ok mum I promise!” Shouted Kat anxiously thinking she wouldn’t come back at all because of the rumours her friends had been telling her..

Her mother was getting worried and furious because Kat hadn’t came home yet! Meanwhile as Kat got off her bike in Sansville she heard a groan from the dark depths of the night. A rotted skinned hand came upon her shoulder, “AGHHHH!” Screamed Kat as she turned around and saw the dead crawling and dragging their self to her she got her bike and cycled home. Her mother sent her to bed without no dinner. Was that real or just her thinking?

The Puppy and The tomb.

Once on a stormy night a little girl named Caroline, she loved adventures and drama! Every night she’d imagine that one day she would investigate Cleopatra’s tomb! She read loads of Cleopatra story’s and pretended to be on a sacred mission to find the sacred Cleopatra tomb! 10 years later Caroline was 20 and was able to go and find the tomb! She was so excited to finally accomplish her dream! This was a big risk because she could get herself killed or trapped or even worst LOST! But all of a sudden a voice called for her! “Caroline come downstairs look what we got you!” Caroline raced down the stairs and saw a lush brown little puppy! “Thank you Mum!” Caroline raced over to the puppy and picked him up gently. “What do you want to call him?” asked her Mum. “Lets call him Storm.”

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The Snow Wolf Part 2 (100WC)

Frosty was petrified of the hunters that she concentrated on the hunters so much that she so much on them that she wasn’t watching where she was going and got her paw stuck in the trap that they put down when she was just born! Her paw was bleeding of the trap more then ever and she yelped for her father and he raced over but suddenly her father fell slowly to the ground exhausted and tired. Frosty started to panic so much that her paw eventually slipped out and she sprinted but she looked at her father crying with a loud yelp as the hunters approached him! “RUN DADDY!” Shouted Frosty he shot up and ran beside her towards the moon.

To be Continued.

Picture by :http://www.wpclipart.com/animals/W/wolf/gray_wolf.png.html

The Snow Wolf Part 1 (100WC)

Once upon a time on a snowy Christmas a little wolf was born. She was named Frosty, her parents looked after her but one sad day near Frostys 3rd birthday something happened, hunters where approaching the den, the daddy wolf was protecting but, a massive gun shot came from behind a tree where the mother wolf and Frosty was hiding. However something was emerging from behind the trees. It was Frosty covered in her mothers blood running far as she could away from the hunters with here father behind her attacking the hunters. What was that she could feel? Blood was dripping down her paw.

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The Blitz

 The Blitz Poem-Georgia

A split second of silence filled the London street,

Footsteps like monsters feel like their creeping,

Whispers grew louder as they get near,

Maybe it’s fear or just cheer…..

Without warning, something emerges in the dark,

Children and parents hearts thump harder,

Silhouettes emerged from a outline of enemy planes,

A lot had defiantly invade…

Bombs as big as boulders fall from the sky,

As scary planes fly really high,

Sirens go off to warn family’s,

Nothing was done happily..

London was raided,

As soldiers where bladed,

Ger,and in their planes flew,

Bright red fire engines zoom by as the fire grows around you..