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Neil Armstrong-Diary Entry-

“That’s one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind”I announced.Happy to see the moon,i stepped out of the rocket(The Eagle)and i felt like i had already achieved my goal.With overcoming my achievement,my big space boot was the only thing on the moon.Proud to represent the USA,i got the United States Of America flag and planted it on the Moon’s surface.Even though I felt proud to be the only person to put the flag down,I felt as if something terrible might happen.However, it didn’t and it had meant that the end of the space race was complete and the victory for the USA.

How it came to this, Let me explain…

16th July 1969-13:32pm

“5,4,3,2!”boomed through my ears.I quickly reminded myself what was in my bag it included;space helmet,space drink(with a space straw),clock and my gas operators therefore i wouldn’t be able to smell the strange odors. BOOM!the speed went to 60MPH,the windows were shaking and the seats were rattling.”All the best!”pronounced Mission control,who were on the other side of the radio.Our Mission,the moon, was waiting to be found;winning for USA was the only thing we could think of.

Leaving Earth, our terrain was unbelievable because i stared mesmerized at the silhouette of the rocket on the Moon.It was FABULICIOUS!The atmosphere was mind-bubbling,mouth-watering and was like seeing a nice hot chocolate fudge cake,which hadn’t been eaten.Feeling Dizzy, the Eagle,also known as the rocket,went around the Earth 1 and a 1/2 times(which made me feel nautious)

16th July 1969-16:16 pm 

Finally,we set off towards the moon.”Were back in the game!” my partner announced.Buzz Aldrin.a very good friend,was incredibly fantastic for his scientific knowledge.Anyway enough about him, I sat comfortably in my seat interested in many other things including:sight-seeing stars and the scorching sun.”Were nearly there my friend,” as he would sarcastically say.

July 19th 1969-17:21

Thankfully,the life-time experience had nearly come to end.Happiness and joy filled the rocket as we felt like we were winning magnificently.Smiling,happily,we entered the moon’s orbit so that we could safely land correctly.

The Mysterious Few Days- Part 3- 100WC

However, No! I wasn’t going to cry, I was going to fight this terrible beast so that he would pay! Therefore, i was a beast who had chopped off a full monster and there was a full stream of blood coming out everywhere.
Feeling Ravenous, I apprehensively roamed throught the woods looking for some good food. Eventually i found a bin which was full of some rotten food.Thankfully, there was some sweets left over and i found myself putting my hand down it and looked at the left over sweets.I opened them up and scoffed them up into my mouth like a person, who had just came out of prison.I miraculously felt a tinkle in my belly,and slowly i felt myself disintergrating into little peices.

But it said”sweet” on the wrapper as i took my last breath…

Greek Cinquains



Caring, Loving, Sharing,

Loves to hang out,





The ruler of all of the Gods,





Has powerful men in Athens,





Worked for the rich,


The Mysterious Few Days – Part 2- 100WC

I was scared,I was petrified!

I didn’t know what to do because there was a fountain of sweat falling down onto my face.Luckily, I had my special torch with me therefore I shone my bright light onto his eyes, which was really good because he decided to go away.

Suddenly, the silence was deafening and the whole world stopped for about 10 seconds until… RAAA!! the evil beast leapt out and scratched my weak arm. I cried in pain because his sharp claws were as sharp as razors, which had just been sharpened.

Should I keep on crying or should I fight back and defeat this horrible monster?…..

The Ancient Greek Report

Ancient Greek Report

Greece, which is in a country in South Europe, is one of the hottest islands. The Ancient Greeks, who have a rich cultural history, took part in many different battles. In this report you will find out about: The fearless Gods and Goddesses, Sparta and Athens.

Greece Today

Athens, which is the Capital City of Greece, has a population of 11, 183,000. Whereas, the U.K may have a population of over 65 Million. This holiday destination has a rich cultural history; many Ancient Greeks have been preserved. This country is 2 hours after England therefore when it is 12am Greece still has 2 more hours left of the day. Due to this, this nation has Independence Day on the 25th of March while on the other hand England has their one on the 4th of July. Furthermore, Greece has a major religion, which is mainly Christianity. Different to the U.K, this amazing place has a thing where if you are 78 and you are a man you will be able to live till that long and if you are 83 and are a woman you will be able to live till that long.

As you can see that, Athens is very close to Turkey.

Gods and Goddesses

Olympian Gods and Goddesses, who were the 12 Gods of Mount Olympus, were responsible for different things. Such as, Artemis who is in charge of the moon and Hades who is in charge of the Under-world and finally Zeus who controls nearly everything. Moreover, these mighty warriors, who were a family however argued instead of looking after each other. Priestesses, women who held ceremonies in the temple of a half-human half-God, also built temples to be their homes seeing as the temples showed how wealthy and powerful they were. The Citizens, which were the freemen of Athens, prayed for all of the Gods. For Example, they would pray for Zeus, who was the ruler and they loved his symbol, which was the thunderbolt.

The Greek Gods are now turned into statues, which are in many museums.


Spartan Slaves, who were people who worked for the Rich Greeks, were forced into slavery seeing as they couldn’t afford to pay for benefits however these secret slaves also were good at nursing, teaching and made fabulous piece of pottery, which were also called Mosaics. Children in Sparta ran around naked moreover boys practised fighting and athletics thus even the girls had to do athletics. In 480 bc, Sparta’s famous battle was in Thermopylae, which lasted 3 days. There are many stories about this battle, which says that they broke their shields and were forced to use their bare hands and feet. Did you know only a coward would drop his shield and run away?


Rich Citizens, who were the powerful men of Athens, had to pay extra however on the other hand the city taxes paid some of the cost. Did you know that a rich man had to serve as a captain of a warship in 1 year just because they were going to get paid £250,000 to £300,000? Additionally, every man that was aged 20-50 would be called up for military service even if you didn’t want to.

All of the 12 Gods lived on the top of Mount Olympus.

As you can see being a Greek could have been very hard especially if you were a boy and didn’t want to do certain things whereas if you were a girl you would have a lot of freedom. Do you think that you would be a Good Greek? Or Do you think that the Ancient Greeks shouldn’t have been created.


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The Mysterious Few days – Part 1

If you think that this story is humorous and not so deadly then you have come to the wrong story. This story is all about a guy called Alfie, who’s life was in terrible danger.

It was a warm sunny day and Alfie was preparing his long walk out in the woods (as usual).When he got to the woods, he felt very hungry therefore he reached into his bag and got out his ham sandwich. After that home-made delight, Alfie went through the grey and miserable woods not forgetting that he had to be back home by 3:20 and already it was 2:50. He was just about to climb up the hill when a petrifying shriek of a hyena filled the air…

The Scary Streets!!!-100WC

As I ran across the road, I could hear a policeman yelling “STOP” as a car was zooming past the streets at 60mph.Quickly, the policeman’s car drove straight after the car going as fast as 60mph!! Minding my own business, I just walked my way home until I saw this lamp post flashing like a broken light bulb. I was very sure that this very lamppost was working and was shining like the sun. Apprehensively, I ran as fast as I could because I was so scared on how the lamppost wasn’t working very well. Eventually, I reached my mam’s shop and gave her a massive cuddle.


Snow Story- 100WC

It was one blustery day and I had to go to work because one of the colleagues had went on holiday. As I am walking to work, the rain is falling onto my face like a waterfall landing onto my face. Finally, I had reached my work place and believe me I was so happy that I wasn’t late because the shop starts at 12:00am and I got there at 11:55 am.”PHEWW!!”

Suddenly, there was a big noise that seemed like a giant falling from the sky mysteriously when I was just about to open up the shop. I quickly ran outside,What was that I could feel?….

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The Panda Story

It was one sunny day and the light was so bright. There lived two baby pandas, who loved eating BAMBOO, especially when it was hot. The 2 baby pandas also enjoyed playing in the trees because they could climb to the top of a big tree and see the bright sun,that shines like a light bulb,! When, the cute little baby pandas finished playing in the trees the gorgeous baby animals went back to their home, which was near the  long, tall trees. Once, they arrived in their warm and cosy home the two pandas went to bed and thought about the things that they could do when they were older like ,climbing up into the tall trees and seeing the wonderful view when they were all older.

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Butterfly Picture

We have  been learning how to put pictures on blog posts. Here is a picture of a lovely red Butterfly!

Photo from:


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Hannah’s Haiku Poem

The Christmas Haiku

Biscuits and Santa

I will make biscuits,

For when Santa comes for me,

Isn’t Santa COOL!

Christmas Morning

See the tree sparkle,

As I come out of my bed,

Who knows what I’ll get?

Christmas Trees

I love Christmas trees,

Because the star shines brightly,

Sparkling lights are bright.

Advent Calenders

As I open them,

I love the treats inside it,

Can’t wait till Christmas.

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A letter from Santa by Hannah


Father Christmas,

39 Santa’s Grotto,

The North Pole,



Dear Sammy,

                             Thank you for my letter, I am writing to you to explain to you What I do straight after the Happy Holidays?What I do during the summer time? And What I do when Christmas comes?Right here I go then.

Well, straight after Christmas, I always need to help Mrs Claus to get ready for her Newyears eve party.Next, I would have to get ready to go back out and get food shopping for next year (because you know how much food I need) Usually, I would go through all of my thank you letters and then have to reply to them all. However, before all, of that, I have to put away my travelling gear( before my beautiful wife)finds it because she finds all of my important stuff lying all around.Also, I have to give my dogs food because when they look at me in dismay I have to immediately give them food.

When all of the cold snow goes away, I normally want to decide where I want to go for summer therefore instead of me going to France seeing as I went there last year and I didn’t like it that much so that made me decide to go to the lovely and scorching place( which is Spain) As soon as I arrived,I instantly felt this blazing heat going onto me it was like I was getting warmed up by a giant heater ( which was on FULL BLAST) While, I was there I got to try different types of Spanish food and secretly got to take lessons on how to speak Spanish. I always don’t realise the point on going on holiday knowing that someone in this hot country knows that I am FATHER CHRISTMAS!

Finally, your last question has arrived on What I do when Christmas comes. Well I would just do the usual things like receiving over 1000 Christmas lists from people nearly every day, Refreshing the long sleigh AGAIN!!,Getting the Reindeers ready and fit and of course trying not to forget FLY PAINT ( which is very important) for the reindeer’s hooves that cost nearly over a thousand pounds.(Mrs Claus isn’t going to be happy) Finally, I have to load all of the Christmas Presents onto the Sleigh( Every year I think I lose over 10 tonnes) I hope that I could be a little bit skinny by 2018!

In Conclusion, I hope you can see how busy I am and how every year I just have over a million things to do! THANK YOU for asking me these questions. It took me a while to remember all of these things that I do.

                                                                                                                             Yours Faithfully,

                                                                                                                                                            Santa Claus ( Your favourite friend at Christmas)

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Hannah- Snow-100wc


Out of the corner of one eye, I could see the snow falling onto the ground. Immediately, I ran to my man and asked “ohhh mum, PLEASE can I go and play outside? ITS SNOWING” ” OK, however make sure that you are wrapped up warm! “replied my  mum. Therefore,I ran to my wellies (with my wellie socks on) and warm clothing; such as my nice scarf, fluffy gloves, a warm coat and  a purple hat. Quickly, I ran to outside and jumped right into the big pile of snow. I called on my friends too because sometimes I don’t like to play by myself because it is really not nice when you are on your own.When we were all finished playing with the lovely, soft ( however cold) snow my mum made us a nice cup of hot chocolate and we all sat around the hot fire.

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Hannah-How to Create White Wing Woman

How to create White Wing Woman

Have you ever wanted to be famous and be incredibly rich? Do you want to silently fly through the sky? If so follow these instructions on how to make Whit Wing Woman!

What you need:

  • A mask from a ninja turtle which is in the jungle.
  • A long rope from a anaconda which is not alive.
  • A long and shiny belt from ASDA’s Secret Lab!!
  • A jumpsuit that is hidden underneath the sea!
  • 2 angel wing which are somewhere in the sky!

What to do:

First, get a mask from a famous ninja turtle and attach it to your face.

Next, slowly capture use an anaconda as a long rope and use it to kill anyone.

After that, get a belt from ASDA’s secret lab and attach it ton your belly.

Once you have done all of that, swim down to the Antarctic sea to get the stretchy swim suit and put it on your body.

Finally, get some wings of an angel  from the sky and stick it to your back.
Final Point:

Stay away from rabbits that look scary, cat food which smells really bad and left over tomatoes!

The Blitz Poem

The Blitz by Hannah

A scared silence in the street,

As we wonder when it will come,

Mums are getting prepared,

Just In case the Blitz comes.

A very loud noisy siren which is getting louder and louder,

Children are running to their mum,

Because the bombs are getting scarier,

Who knows what will happen now,

Because the sirens are getting louder,

Long German planes in the night sky,

Making huge amounts of people die,

I am glad that I am alive,

But will I survive.

Eventually, the bombs have stopped,

As the sky starts to come alive,

There are a lot of people in pain,

Let’s hope theBlitz has died!!!

A Persuasive Letter to Intersnack

 Tanfield Lea Community Primary School

Tanfield Lea






Dear Intersnack,

We are writing to you to tell you that we have been learning about adverts and advertising products. Furthermore, we would like to find out more by visiting you or you could come and visit us. Do you want to help a local school that is the best school in the world? Do you want to teach us about making money or making our own business? Then let us explain.

We are Tanfield Lea Community Primary School, Class year 5 and 6, and we are aged 9-11. Also, we have been learning about designing/making products. We hope to then figure out the prices and then come to a good enough profit.  Basically,  we want to know how to make a good enterprise like yourself .Don’t you think our local school and your amazing business should work together.

We feel that a generous and hardworking company like yourself   could really help our learning .First of all, according to your advert for your graduating scheme, 3,000,000 hula hoops are made every day, and in 21 years you have made 22 billion hula hoops. That’s AWESOME!!Also, we are aware that you have made over 2.4 million packets of McCoy’s  in just one day. WOW!! And there my favourite crisps aswell.We also heard that you are “committed to the community” and we thought that this would come in handy  because we are technically in your “community” therefore we would love it if you could come and help us because we need some help with a winning Enterprise for our Christmas fair.

Would you be available to help our community and visit us? To help us learn more about the enterprise? If not, we could maybe come to you. Firstly, would you be able to come to our amazing school( which is in your community) and show us how you make a good profit. Also, could you possibly explain how you produce so many crisps in one year? IT’S CRAZY!! As well as this, have you earned a lot of money because you have worked exceptionally hard?

We are keen to see your response.

Yours faithfully,

Hannah Benjamin (Year 5 and 6)