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how to make The Ultimate Rodger

Have you ever wanted to explode your worst enemy’s?

do you want to set things on fire with a flamethrower?

if so, follow these instructions and you to can become The Ultimate Rodger!

You will need:

  •  Fire from the centre of hell
  • The head darleks vision visor
  • The alpha wolf skin
  • High quality metal from a dwarfs mine

The steps to take:

  1. Firstly, dig a hole to hell and grab the fire from the centre and keep it in a tanzanite jar.
  2. Secondly, find the head darlek, defeat it and take it’s vision visor and place it on your eyes.
  3. Next, slice a bit of the alpha wolf skin and make it into gauntlets.

Finally, find a dwarfs mineshaft and collect the high quality metal from 5km from where you started.

once you have become The Ultimate Rodger, make sure to stay away from:

humans, dwarves and wolfs.




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How to make Torcher

  • How to make Torcher
  • Have you ever wanted to be able to touch a car and turn into  It? If so follow these simple instructions
  • What you need:
  • robot skin
  • a helmet off r2-d2
  • jets wings
  • A little xray goggle thing
  • Gods skull so you have super strength
  • What to do:
  • first, put your R2-D2 helmet on.
  • Next, stick your robot skin on.
  • Then, attach your jet wings.
  • After that, place you x-ray goggle on your eye.
  • After, eat gods skull.
  • Final note:
  • After becoming torcher stay away from toxic,  Jesus and gas!

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How to make the silence

Have you ever wanted to freeze people when they touch your hair ? Do you want to be able to touch anything including fire and not get burnt ? If so read these amazing instruction and you too can become the silence.

What you need:

  • The ice from the deepest well on the hidden island
  • The feather from the angles wing in the baloon house in the sky
  • A piece of a dangerous white headed shark’s skin in the Atlantic ocean
  • A neclar poisen bottle inside a ticking tim BOMB !
  • The most biggest and specials star found on  the moon in the deepest darkess cave with mosters

What to do :

  1.  First, you need to smeer the piece of freezing ice over you hair and your hair should turn blue and cold.
  2. Next, put the feather on top of you left arm in the middle and angle wings should apear.
  3. After, wrap the sharks skin round your right leg.
  4. Once that has been done, take the neclar bottle and put it in to your whip.
  5. Finally, shrink the star and put it on the side of your pants

Final note:

Warning you can NOT fly in the rain and do NOT put your whip in the lava or you will EXPLODE !


How to create NightShade

Have you ever wanted to fly as graceful as a butterfly? Do you want to run as fast as lightening to get away from any trouble? If so, follow these instructions and you too can become NightShade.

What you will need:

  • A butterfly wing of the giant moth that lives on top of mountain doom
  • The vision of the wisest owl in the world, who lives in the tallest tree in the deepest darkest woods.
  • Darth Vader’s red light saber, which is now buried in a temple guarded by griffins on a desert island.
  • The speed of the two tailed cheetah as it runs to catch it’s prey
  • The shadow of the legendary six headed dragon that lives in the gloomiest cave on the planet of gliffex.

What to do:

  1. First, adventure to the mountain of doom and cut off the wings of the giant moth who lives at the top and attatch them to your back.
  2. Next, capture the wisest owl in the world and put it’s vision inside a jar and drink from it.
  3. After that, take Darth Vader’s red light saber from the temple on a desert island and mold it into a lazer whip.
  4. Once you have done that, find the two tailed cheetah and capture it’s speed as it pounces to catch it’s prey and mix it with some blue boots found in the middle of the Egyption desert.
  5. Finally, steal the shadow of the legendary six headed dragon found in the gloomiest cave on the planet gliffex and eat it with your breakfast.

Final Note

Once you have become NightShade, stay away from fat, hungry frogs, dark and heavy rain clouds and nets.



How to make Shadow Silhouette:

Have you ever wanted to camouflage with your surroundings however you are too scared to be seen? Do you want to knock somebody out from just one sniff of a horrible stench? If so, you MUST follow these awesome instructions and you too can become Shadow!

what you need:

  •  The skin or fur from a snow tiger, that lives in Antartica.
  • A Nerf Rebel message launcher from a space satellite.
  • The black wig from a celebrity and a melted iron mixture (this should take about 15 minutes to set)
  • A giant Bat’s wings from the darkest, gloomiest cave in the UNIVERSE!
  • Mind reading eye contact lenses from the Martian planet ‘Blob’
  • Then you need some mini stink bombs from the smelliest Ogar’s daughters toy collection.

what you have to do:

  1. First, make a sloppy, goey mixture from the celeb’s wig and the bar of iron, and wait for it to set before you move on.
  2. Now, apply this to your head and cover up your hair, however make it look realistic, to make people think your hair really is strong enough to dodge a bomb!
  3. Next, tear the giant wings of the Bat and attach these safely to your back, be careful not to get hit with them before hand.
  4. After that, take the mini stink bombs (without breaking them) and fill up your message launcher, three at a time.
  5. Once this has been completed, travel to the icy Antartica and look for a dead snow Tiger and take its fur for your camouflaged skin!
  6. Finally, trap the Martian eye contact lenses in your eyes and use with care because you will have to realise your sight will have changed.

Final note:

Once, you have become Shadow Silhouette, be aware to stay away from zoo keepers and your enemies.




How to create Lightning Woman !!!!!

How to create Lightning Woman

Have you ever wanted to shoot lightning from the sky? Do you want to glow in the dark?

What you need:The cape of Batman, Light whip made out of lightning, fire from a active volcano, magic boots from the golden chest under the deepest ocean, mask made out of the finest silk and a blue and yellow costume

what you do:

  1. First, you get your costume and put it on.
  2. Next,get your cape and glue it to your costume.
  3.  After that, collect your fire and whip and put your whip in the fire for 1 hour.
  4. Finally put on your boots and mask.

Finally note

Once you have became Lightning Woman stay away from water, octopuses and electricity.

How to create Electrifying Laser

Have you ever wanted to electrocute your worst enemies? Do you want to be invisible? If so then follow these instructions and you too can become Electrifying Laser!

What you need:

  • Lighting from the greyest cloud you can find in Scotland.
  • A sturdy stick from the deepest, darkest woods in Transylvania.
  • The fur from the fluffiest polar bear from the coldest parts of Antarctica.
  • An invisibility machine from a factory in America.

What you do:

First, capture lightning from the greyest cloud in Scotland that you can find.

Next, find a sturdy stick from the deepest, darkest woods in Transylvania.

Once you have done that, attach the stick and the lightning bolt together to make your electrifying weapon.

After that, take the fur from the fluffiest polar bear and make your cape.

Finally, take the invisibility machine from a factory in America and adjust this to yourself so you can become invisible!

Final Note:

Once you have become Electrifying Laser, stay away from water, fires, and MOST IMPORTANTLY stay away from little girls!


How to create Toxic evil

How to create Toxic evil

Have you ever wanted to explode and survive?Do you want to drink toxic wast and grow to 10000 feet tall, if so follow these instructions and you too could become Toxic evil!!!

What you need:a glass of nuclear wast, the finest iron from a dwarf mine, the visor of a robot, the world champion wresting belt and a reinforced cape.

What you do

1.First take a glass of nuclear wast and slowly drink it.

2.Next take the finest iron (melt it first) and cover yourself in it.

3.Thirdly take the visor of a robot and put it over your eyes.

4.After that get the world champion wrestling belt and put it on your waist.

5.Finally put your reinforced cape round your neck.

Final note

Once you have become Toxic evil stay away from acid, magic wands and lava.

How to make Thunder Girl

How to make Thunder Girl

Have you ever wanted to control the weather but not get caught. Do you want to be invisible and deafeat the good guys. If so follow these instructions and you to can become Thunder Girl.

What you will need

The skin of a magical whale ( from the world of Gumball )


A skull (From a dragon in Wonder Land)

Magical metal (From the volcano of exploding Mentos)

Hair straighteners (From the forest of wolves)

What you do

First take the skin of the magical whale with this you will be able to make your cape,boots,leggings and top.

Next, take a tube and carefully put the thunder lightining rain and hurricane and then put them in.

After that, place the skull on your chest.

Then, take the magical metal and make it into a circle shape.

Finally, take the hair straightners and straighten your hair.

Final Note:

Once you have become the incredable Thunder Girl


When you are flying stay away from the sun, cheese and people with scissors.




How to make Starburst Sophie?

Have you ever wanted a belly button that shoots fireballs? Do you want boots as quiet as a mouse? If so follow these instructions and you to could become Starburst Sophie.

What you need?                                                                                   .

The tail from the most dangerous snake on earth.

The highest star from the night sky.

The fluff from the fluffiest top from the king and queens castle.

The fur from the most fierce and brown bear.

The poison from a poison bottle.

What you do?

First, take the fur from the brown bear and use it as your hair

Next, take the fluff from the top and place it on the bottom of your shoes.

After, take the bottle of poison and drink it.

Then, fly into the sky and take the highest star.

Finally, take the tail from the snake and use it as your sword.

You need a subheading here Siobhan

Finally, once you are Starburst Sophie stay away from the sun, bibles and happy people.

How to create Blaster boy

Have you ever wanted to punch someone for 60 miles? do you want to hover above the cloudes? if so follow these instructions and you to could become Blaster boy.

You will need,

  • The finest steal from the most deepist and darkest cave ever,
  • the rarest wales skin from the coral reeath,
  • the hotest fire from the biggest volcanoe inside a hidden temple,
  • the boost of a air force 250 jet,
  • and the strongest magner knowen to man kind,

What to do,

First, attach the finast metal to you own skin (might be a bit cold),

Next, make your fire gun tank out of the whale skin and use the sharpest needle for it,

Then, put the contaner of the hottest fire from the volcanoe into your fire tank,

After that, inject the 250 jet into your ordanery bools and whatch them transform,

Finally, insert the strongest magnett into your boot and try them on (like them),

Final warning,

Once you have become Blaster boy stay away from pickaxes, mutiant squids, atonnic cobras and prickily trees!




Hannah-How to Create White Wing Woman

How to create White Wing Woman

Have you ever wanted to be famous and be incredibly rich? Do you want to silently fly through the sky? If so follow these instructions on how to make Whit Wing Woman!

What you need:

  • A mask from a ninja turtle which is in the jungle.
  • A long rope from a anaconda which is not alive.
  • A long and shiny belt from ASDA’s Secret Lab!!
  • A jumpsuit that is hidden underneath the sea!
  • 2 angel wing which are somewhere in the sky!

What to do:

First, get a mask from a famous ninja turtle and attach it to your face.

Next, slowly capture use an anaconda as a long rope and use it to kill anyone.

After that, get a belt from ASDA’s secret lab and attach it ton your belly.

Once you have done all of that, swim down to the Antarctic sea to get the stretchy swim suit and put it on your body.

Finally, get some wings of an angel  from the sky and stick it to your back.
Final Point:

Stay away from rabbits that look scary, cat food which smells really bad and left over tomatoes!


How to create Lightening Lushness.

Have you ever wanted to whiplash someone with lightening? Do you want to fly high above the clouds? If so follow these instructions and  you too could become Lightening Lushness.

What you need:

  • Lightening bolt from a folk of lightening.

  • Wings from an angel.

  • An eye patch from a pirate.

  • Pink hair from a Hair Salon in the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Lipstick from a shop in Transylvania. 

What to do:

First, get wings from an angel in Heaven and attach to your body.

Next, get a lightening bolt from a lightening folk ad make a weapon.

Then, get an eye patch and put it around  your head.

After That, get a load of fake pink hair and stick it to your head.

Finally, get lipstick from a special shop in Transylvania and put it on your lips.

Final Warning:

Stay away from the sun in the United States Of America, Mega Tall Buildings In Japan and tiny trees in China.


How to make Hawkboy!

How to make Hawk boy!

Have you ever wanted to escape at a moments notice? Do you want to soar above the clouds? If  so, follow these instructions and you to can become Hawk boy!

What you need:

  • Feathers of a phoenix.
  • the beak of a giant squid.
  • the grip of a vice.
  • the vision from an x-Ray machine.
  • speed of a jet

What you do:

  • First, take the feathers of the phoenix and stick them to your body.
  • Next, capture a giant squid and attach its beak to your face.
  • After that, take the grip of a vice and us this for your claws.
  • Once, this has been done enter a hospital and borrow the vision from an X-Ray machine.
  • Finally, trap the speed of a jet engine as it breaks the sound barrier and drink it carefully.

Final note:

Once you have became Hawk boy stay away from cages, scissors and people with hedge clippers.