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Greek report

Greek report

The ancient Greek’s, who were very powerful, lived over 2,700 years ago. Greece, which has over 11,183,00 people, has very famous places. In this report you will find out about:

  • Greece today
  • Sparta
  • Athens
  • Gods and goddesses

Greece today

In Greece, who go back in time, the capital city is Athens. This nation has a leader, who is a prime minister, named Alexis Tsipros. In this European country they are 2 hours ahead of the UK. This holiday . destination has major cities like Athens, Thessalonike and Patros.

This is a map of Greece today.

Sparta wanted to be the strongest city in Greece. They didn’t make boy’s go to school but instead made them go to war training at the age of 11. Even women trained too. However they didn’t go to war at all they only became fit as fit mothers meant fit children.



Athens once wanted to take over Greece But after they had nearly finished, Sparta told them to stop or Sparta would attack, so Athens did as told and stopped. Athens was the largest and most powerful city in Greece;It was a city with lots of beautiful public buildings’ shops and public baths.

Gods and Goddesses

There were 13 Gods in ancient Greece one of them was the God of all Gods’ Zeus a powerful immortal man. Zeus was married to a goddess named Hera. Although this was not allowed Zeus had children with mortal women and Hera did not approve of this. If you ever made Zeus angry you would be killed or sent on an adventure that Zeus would be hoping you would get killed on!

In conclusion to this, in Greece Athens and Sparta are there to this day and Gods and Goddesses are still worshiped and believed in.

100wc-Jacob the curse of the black widow the ending of evil

I never wanted to go to school ever again as the evil was secretly seeping in but by the time I found the antidote it was too late my skin Was turning black and I felt like I was electrocuted but It wasn’t that it was me turning into a spider but not any spider it was a black widow I was going to be the child of this other Black widow, my legs and arms were turning black and getting longer ,but, in a flash of lightning my nerdy friend came in with the antidote in his hand before the black widow could stop him he squirted the antidote into my mouth…

to be continued in a flash of lightning.

100wc- Jacob The ending of the black widows curse!

As my friend squirted the antidote into my mouth he kind of had a bad shot and hit the other spider who was not a spider but my old head teacher miss hemmings and with one more flash of lightning I was back in my pyjammas in the middle of the bathroom with my ex head teacher and my best friend when I got back to school my friend started to become an author and started writing books about me against the spider and my ex head teacher became a head teacher at my new school it just blew up in my head.What was happening!

the end, never to be continued again not even in a flash of lightning.

The Hyenas attack!

Monday 2nd February 2015

Dear Diary,

Today I had a lot of fun, at dinner my mam made me a sandwich, my grey teddy bear was saved by my grandma and this morning I noticed some thing weird in our garden it looked like a hyena! This was no regular hyena it was miserable and looked hungry for more hunters and hey guess what my dad is a hunter AND HE HUNTS FOR HYENAS!

day 2

I’m scared, my father has been killed alongside  my mother, my house is burned down and I’m lonely I don’t know what to do…

to be continued just after your brother can say the word climb…

king street hover car crash! 100WC part 1

on a street in future London there was a hover car crash but nobody knew how it had happened all they knew was that the most famous man on future earth was in that hover car that crashed straight into A STUPID LUNATIC MAN WHO DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE! this car crash led too an enormous ceremony for this famous man who had a child named Zak. Zak was not happy and wanted revenge on the man, though Zak was nowhere near finished researching this man but as soon as he did finish his research it was to late…

to be continued…

100 wc- Jacob the curse of the black widow part 3

I couldn’t think of getting my base ball bat or to run when I felt something, what was that I could feel it felt like that same black widow that had already bitten me I ran to the bathroom and turned the light on I took my shirt off to find a giant black widow sticking to my back I didn’t know what to do this time could I run back to my room and hit it with my bat? no I thought to myself i’ll fight the evil with the reviving medicine my friend told me about cause that works!

to be continued 26th of January.

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100 wc- Jacob the curse of the black widow part 2.

My friend was shocked to know,he was never like me he was a bit nerdy so he knew everything I needed to know. He told me that it was a black widow that bit me (The black widow is the most poisonous spider on earth) I was shocked to know that if I was bitten once more by that spider at midnight I would be cursed and I would be turned evil. That night I stayed up I didn’t want to turn against my family and friends (though I really want to hurt my brother because he’s annoying,really annoying!)…

to be continued on 23rd of January.

100wc- Jacob the curse of the black widow part 4

I seriously could not find any of the papers my friend gave me but all I could remember was I would be turned evil by twelve pm today. I didn’t know where the antidote had gone I thought about what to do (I was thinking of hurting my brother as I have super strength now)I would never ever touch one so it had to stay there as I didn’t want my mother to know about the scar and liquid and if old never get a doctor into this mess! I didn’t go to school that day Because nobody wants to get hurt.

to be continued 28th of January.

100 wc- jacob the curse of the black widow.

I was in my class room what was that I could feel? It was on my back it felt horrible it started to feel like a spider had bitten me I couldn’t do anything about it because my teacher was so strict. When I got out of school I ran to home as quick as I could. As soon as I got in I ran to the mirror in the bathroom and took my shirt off to look at my back there was a giant scar with some kind  of black liquid but nobody found out until my friends did…

this story will be continued on 21st of january.

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Pugs are literally my favourite kind of dog! I  wish my mam would get me one but the answer is still no. Pug have basically taken over the world with pug love!

this photo is from http://www.wpclipart.com/animals/dogs/P/Pug/Pug.png.html

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Donkey’s point of view


Donkey nativity story

At last, I was woken up by Joseph who was shoving bags on to my back and finally picked up Mary and put her on to my back. After a while, we were off onto the path and accidently I stepped in some POO!!! I could nearly BELCH!!

After a long hard day we started too see Bethlehem and started to find an inn but the only answer we ever got was either no! or get out now! But finally somebody said to us” yes I have a stable come in now!!” We got into the stable which was pretty boring as nobody could say anything! all the sheep could say was baahhh!!!which wasn’t very good. Then a little boy popped out of Mary with a crown on I thought it was just a toy but it wasn’t it was a baby king of the world. After a while, 3 men came in carrying gifts they gave the gifts to the boy and started worshiping him.

Without warning, a man ran in carrying a sword the 3 men ran off while feeling scared Mary ran off with Jesus as well the man was king Herod he was only there to kill Jesus!Joseph picked up a bit of wood and started fighting with Herod even though I was feeling scared I kicked him out of the stable and he went running after the 3 men. after about 2 minutes Mary came back in with Jesus crying we did still have a good nights sleep but for some reason the next day we went to Egypt but I will never in my life forget how I saved the king of the world from that evil king Herod. But after my life in Egypt I had to return to Nazirith to start loading things on to my back and deliver but my life was never the same!

photo credit: Simczuk via photopin cc

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How to make Scorcher

How to make Scorcher

Have you ever wanted to drink acid and eat toxic waste without dying?

Do you want a giant hammer that shoots fire?

If so, follow these instructions and you too could become scorcher?

What you need:

A giant hammer from a giant troll’s cave and the fire of a dragon.

A cape of a wizard.

Robot skin.

X-ray vision from an x-ray machine.

The speed of a jet engine.

What you need to do:

First,go to an giant troll’s cave and steal his giant hammer and also steal the fire of a dragon.

Secondly, borrow the x-ray vision from an x-ray machine at a hospital.

After that, take a robot from star wars and remove its skin.

Next, steal a cape from  the wizard that lives at the top of the world.

Finally, steal the engine of a jet and  use its speed for your rocket boots.

Final note:

When you have become Scorcher remember to stay away from cages atom bombs and also water.


Blitz Poem

Blitz Poem

A deadly silence all around,only footsteps could be heard,A red bus passes by like a ship gliding through the night.Traffic lights flashing the law was still obeyed,All was calm and quiet but something was not right.

Suddenly rumbling starts,planes fly over and bombs start to drop,Children screaming like alternative bomb alarms,search lights start to hunt the skys,The bodys of London start to shiver.

Bombs as big as boulders fall from the sky,bricks fall from great big houses,Rotting bodies all lieing down flat on the streets,glass breaking with bombs dropping.

Dust as thick as a blanket fills the air,smoke could still be smelt,buildings are all collapsed,But beware Hitler may not be finished.