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Today we have been learning about copyright and how to get our own blog post pictures.

photo from: http://www.wpclipart.com/recreation/sports/soccer/players/soccer_player_10.png.html

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Snow Part 2 By Jamie 100WC

I started to wail and whimper because my house just got destroyed. my mum was really really mad so I went over to her and said “it’s not too bad, we can get Danny to rebuild it, he can rebuild anything and also its free!” (Danny is my brother) she just looked at me and said “let me think about that, no” suddenly, out of the corner of one eye was… a rift as well as a sink hole. Unfortunately, my sister fell in the Sinkhole so I grabbed her hand and pulled her up to safety. What happens next?

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Snow-100 WC-Jamie


I was in my wooden log cabin, chilling with my hot chocolate getting ready for bed, while suddenly, out of the corner one eye was… a 5 hour snow blizzard and my mam was like “run to the wind shelter outside, quick, co9me on!” for a second I thought I was going to die. after a while, my sister poked her head out of the shelter and there wasn’t a very good sight. we saw that half of the log cabin was gone and the rest of the town was also gone. will I survive this horrible, terrifying weather, I wonder?

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A Letter From Santa By Jamie


Dear Sammy,

I am writing to you because I want answer some of your questions and tell you about what I do in my spare time.

First of all, straight after Christmas I look for some cheap plane tickets and fly off to the place where I end up. before very long, I come home and have a party (The Script- Superheroes is always playing) with: The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost and my best friend, The Tooth Fairy.

During the summer months, I planted my wondrous flowers so bees came and made a bee hive on my cherry tree. I start to buy my things for Christmas and I get lots of letters to read.

As Christmas approaches, I have all the presents and I get so many letters so I have to reply to them all and its so annoying.

In conclusion, I look forward to see what you want and ill see you next Christmas

Yours Sincerely

Santa Claus

P.S. you’re on the nice list

photo credit: cmiper via photopin cc

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how to make The Ultimate Rodger

Have you ever wanted to explode your worst enemy’s?

do you want to set things on fire with a flamethrower?

if so, follow these instructions and you to can become The Ultimate Rodger!

You will need:

  •  Fire from the centre of hell
  • The head darleks vision visor
  • The alpha wolf skin
  • High quality metal from a dwarfs mine

The steps to take:

  1. Firstly, dig a hole to hell and grab the fire from the centre and keep it in a tanzanite jar.
  2. Secondly, find the head darlek, defeat it and take it’s vision visor and place it on your eyes.
  3. Next, slice a bit of the alpha wolf skin and make it into gauntlets.

Finally, find a dwarfs mineshaft and collect the high quality metal from 5km from where you started.

once you have become The Ultimate Rodger, make sure to stay away from:

humans, dwarves and wolfs.




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The Minecraft Adventure

Day 1

Suddenly, I shot into a mound of dirt. After a while, I hit a chunk of dirt and it popped popped out and I hit some sort of tree so I got some wood for things. Under a tree, I made a workbench so I made a weapon (like a sword of sharpened stick) and I was starving. Later that day, I killed some pigs half-heartedly and it was turning dark.

Night 1

On the first night, I built a cruddy base and tried to survive. Suddernly out of the corner of one eye was a undead pile of bones (like a skeleton) shot at me (luckily he missed me) so I hit him with my trusty sword and got his remains.