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Greek Cinquains




breaking hearts of stone





King of the Thunder




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Queen of the Starry Heavens





arch nemesis of Athensd


Greek Report.

Greek Report

Greece, which is in South Eastern Europe, is a country that has made History. The Ancient Greeks, (who had many Gods and Goddesses) were famous and rich for its ruins. In this report you will find out about: Greece Today, Gods and Goddesses, Children and Women.
Greek Flag

Greece Today

Greece is in South Eastern Europe, made of many small islands. In this country, it’s really hot, in June to August it is 33 degrees, In December to February it is 13-15 degrees. This European Country, is rich for its ruins, its capital is Athens (which is 29,768 square miles.)The population of Greece is 11,183,000! WOW! The currency is Euros and the motto is “Freedom or Death!”



Gods and Goddesses

In the history of Greece, there were 12 Gods and Goddesses that ruled. Although, they are really important, they lived in a huge Cloud Kingdom watching over all of the people in Greece. As well as this, the kings and queens had to fight. There was two very important people named Zeus (the King of Gods) and Hera (the beautiful wife of Zeus, the Queen of Goddesses.) In addition, the Gods and Goddesses didn’t always behave very well. Zeus would be unfaithful to his wife Hera. Zeus would strike thunder bolts at the people that disobeyed him. His wife Hera is the Goddess of marriage, childbirth and the Starry Heavens.



A daughter went away when she was married, which means parents would want a son more than a daughter because a son would look after his parents in old age. Even though, the women were in charge the men could decide whether or not the family kept a new baby but if the baby was ill the family would leave it on the street to die because the family did not want the illness to spread.



In all of the Greek city-states except for Sparta, Women had very little freedom. They could not leave the house without permission from there husband. They couldn’t even visit a temple without permission. However, in the house the Women are the boss.


That’s it now! You will know a lot of the facts on the Ancient Greeks!


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The Mystery Of The Haunted House part two

OMG! I’m so scared I’m looking face to face with a VAMPIRE! I can’t even breath properly because I’m so nervous and scared. Suddenly, the beastly monster takes me into a room and tries to suck my blood but a tall man walks into the house I thought to my self this is my chance to run and I raced out of the back but there I saw a huge dragon! I was quite scared at first but now I realised it was bitten on the paw. I quietly asked “are you alright?” in a very painful voice the dragon replied “no the stupid blood sucking vampire bit my paw.” All of a sudden, I heard a murderous scream of DEATH!……



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Mystery of the Haunted House…

One night I was walking home from my friends house, and I heard suspicious noises coming from a house. This wasn’t a normal house it was a house of scariness. I was not bothered at first until I heard a woman screaming as if she was dying. I looked around the corner and there I saw a VAMPIRE! I was horrified! So I ran as if I was a cheetah. Suddenly, I saw a house in the distance so I ran inside and saw the exact vampire that was chasing me. I found myself in a Haunted House. I had no-where to run!

The Haunted House! – 100 Word Challenge! Part 1

There was once a Haunted House on the hill of HELL! Surrounded by brambles and a broken fence, no-one would ever dare to enter this house of DOOM! One day, there was a young boy name Jimmy. Jimmy was a very brave little boy. He saw the house and he entered without knowing the consequences (That’s if he came out alive) Suddenly, Jimmy felt a shiver down his spine! However he still entered the HELL HOUSE. Before he knew it a swarm of bats flew by his face and they screeched. Jimmy shouted in horror. Jimmy thought why is the light is SO bright . Who knows if he is ALIVE!

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A Letter From Santa


Father Christmas

The Grotto

North Pole



Dear Sammy,

                        Thank you for your letter, I am writing to you to explain that I am a very busy person and I am always replying to everybody’s letters.

Straight after Christmas I finish delivering all of your wonderful presents then I land my beautiful heavy sleigh and push it into my secret garage where I keep all of my reindeers. After that, I will start up my fire to keep myself warm.(And so I don’t turn into an ice cube.) I ask my lovely wife Mrs Clause to make me a cup of tea. And then I will book a holiday to Hawaii (which takes hours to book because the flight people don’t even listen!)Next I pack my bags I take my dog Fluffy, but then I sleep for two whole entire hours and then I travel on the aeroplane.

During, the summer months I get my lucky magical bowling ball, Then I travel to LA and enter a bowling championship league with my friends. And all the time I keep getting strikes. It was the final round I got 9/10 skittles down I was so anxious to see who won. All of a sudden, the announcement shouted from lane 12 the champion is Saint Nicholas! (That’s me!) After that, I ate slept partied and then I repeat until half of the summer season is over.

As Christmas approaches I will travel all the way back to the North Pole, wake up all of the hard working elves and start making presents. Then I read all of the mail and reply to them all. After that, I feed Rudolf and all of his friends. Then I paint my sleigh. And then I set off.

I hope you can reply and see how hard I work.

From Santa

PS Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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The Donkey’s Nativity!


Stars glistened and winds blew, all the donkeys were sleeping peacefully, including me. Shining, the moon rose higher into the star-lit sky. All was silent and calm, until… BANG, BANG! There was a knock on the door that woke up my owner and me. My master opened the door to man called Joseph and a young woman named Mary, who looked pregnant (or just had a big belly). I couldn’t hear what everyone was talking about, however I knew they were looking for a donkey when my owner walked toward me and dragged me outside. Without hesitation, Joseph started piling bags and bags of what he thought was necessary onto my back. Suddenly, Mary started to carefully climb on my back. Rudely, Joseph slapped my rear end telling me to go, so I started plodding along following Joseph. What was only a couple of hours, felt like a couple of days, passed until we were only half way there. We stopped for a break, but all I had to eat were dead plants that grew along the side of the path but dried out. After another 5 hours, I could see the small town of Bethlehem on the horizon…

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Christmas Haikus!


Santa’s Take-off

Santa’s in his sleigh,

Rudolph has his shining nose,

All reindeers take flight.

The Christmas Tree

Baubles shine like stars,

Hanging on the Christmas tree,

Presents wait for me.


Snow falls from the sky,

Snowmen seem to come to life,

Snow clouds float so high.

photo credit: na.harii  via photopin cc

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Snow 100 word challenge-Lucy



Glistening, snow falls from the blindingly white sky and snowflakes, in many different beautiful shapes, gracefully float down to touch the ground. In wonder, little boys and girls gather at their windows and watch as the snow, as white as pearls, fly toward the ground. Everything, everywhere, every sight was beautiful and magical in it’s own special way! Children rush outside, with layers of warm clothes on, and play in the soft, freshly fallen snow making all sorts of creations. Snowmen, snowangels, igloos and snowdogs. As the sky darkens and the bright moon rises, playful children get sent to bed by their parents, but the fun continues in their heads.
photo credit: paul.mcgreevy via photopin cc

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How to create NightShade

Have you ever wanted to fly as graceful as a butterfly? Do you want to run as fast as lightening to get away from any trouble? If so, follow these instructions and you too can become NightShade.

What you will need:

  • A butterfly wing of the giant moth that lives on top of mountain doom
  • The vision of the wisest owl in the world, who lives in the tallest tree in the deepest darkest woods.
  • Darth Vader’s red light saber, which is now buried in a temple guarded by griffins on a desert island.
  • The speed of the two tailed cheetah as it runs to catch it’s prey
  • The shadow of the legendary six headed dragon that lives in the gloomiest cave on the planet of gliffex.

What to do:

  1. First, adventure to the mountain of doom and cut off the wings of the giant moth who lives at the top and attatch them to your back.
  2. Next, capture the wisest owl in the world and put it’s vision inside a jar and drink from it.
  3. After that, take Darth Vader’s red light saber from the temple on a desert island and mold it into a lazer whip.
  4. Once you have done that, find the two tailed cheetah and capture it’s speed as it pounces to catch it’s prey and mix it with some blue boots found in the middle of the Egyption desert.
  5. Finally, steal the shadow of the legendary six headed dragon found in the gloomiest cave on the planet gliffex and eat it with your breakfast.

Final Note

Once you have become NightShade, stay away from fat, hungry frogs, dark and heavy rain clouds and nets.



How to make Thunder Girl

How to make Thunder Girl

Have you ever wanted to control the weather but not get caught. Do you want to be invisible and deafeat the good guys. If so follow these instructions and you to can become Thunder Girl.

What you will need

The skin of a magical whale ( from the world of Gumball )


A skull (From a dragon in Wonder Land)

Magical metal (From the volcano of exploding Mentos)

Hair straighteners (From the forest of wolves)

What you do

First take the skin of the magical whale with this you will be able to make your cape,boots,leggings and top.

Next, take a tube and carefully put the thunder lightining rain and hurricane and then put them in.

After that, place the skull on your chest.

Then, take the magical metal and make it into a circle shape.

Finally, take the hair straightners and straighten your hair.

Final Note:

Once you have become the incredable Thunder Girl


When you are flying stay away from the sun, cheese and people with scissors.




The Blitz

A deadly silence all around,no sounds in the street,

Footsteps like ghosts stamping their feet,

A blue bus passes homes like a ship gliding in the night,

The night passes slowly something doesn’t feel right,

The silent broke instantly, by rumbling in the clouds,

Air raid sirens begin flashing,searching in the night it’s so loud,

Children hugging their mothers in fear,

The sound I the distance begins to grow louder the Germans are near,

Glass shattering as sharp as knives,

Alot of people are risking their lives,

Dust is a blanket as black as a crow there is nowhere to hide,

Huddled together, in a bomb shelter, I really hope we’ll survive,

We will look

All of a sudden, the Big Boulder Bombs stop but smoke is still around the sky,

We will look around everyday, so many innocent people have died,

The ash is not a good taste,

I look at London, this is a horrible place.

By Kate