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Greek cinquains.


Strong, focused

Energizing, helping, caring

Enemies dead in one strike.



Powerful, determined

Ruling, killing, leading

God of all Gods



Important, deadly

killing, competing, ruling

Know rules at all


Spettle town ghost!!!!!!

It was a dark, foggy night and all I could see was a thick layer of grey fog. Me and my friend (John) were out for the night but something didn’t seem right. It had turned very dark when it was really early and people were screaming all over the place. What was happening? Suddenly, I heard the voice of my friend screaming “HELP, HELP SOMEONE HAS GOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!” so I turned round to see the most blood curdling ghost which had a hold of my friend by the neck. I went in to kick him but when I did my foot went straight through it. After that, I tried pulling John out but it was no use…

The lost miracle!! Part 1

Once long ago there lived a little girl, who was called Joanna, and she was 8 years old. Joanna had a little brother called Joey and he was 6 years old. One day in the summer holidays they went off on their yearly summer holiday. That year they went to Hawaii which was there favourite place to go. On the plane Joey was so excited he was jumping all around (he must have exhausted) but when the plane took off he fell asleep. Joanna was really pleased of that because Joey is really annoying when they go somewhere in the car, bus, train, plain or the helicopter. However when they got off the plane they got a bus to the hotel. once they got to the hotel and put their luggage in the room they put their swimming costumes on and went to the beach whish was just across the road. They always enjoyed going to the beach at home so they would love in Hawaii. As soon as they got there they got their towels on the sand for their mam and dad to relax on they went to go and bury each other up. First they tried to dig each others feet up. Joanna buried Joeys feet first then she buried hers. The sand was up to their knees. Once Joanna had buried her feet she could feel something funny so she yanked her feet out and asked herself “What was that I could feel!?”