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Neil Armstrong ~Diary Entry~

“That’s one small step for man…One giant leap for mankind!” I announced as proud as I could be. Nervously glancing, I watched my fellow astronaut, Buzz, climb out; he watched the moon like a hawk therefore he didn’t fall. Feeling emotional, I remembered my great mission as I placed the USA flag into the moon’s surface. Out of the corner of one eye, I saw the Earth and winning the space race for the USA.

How it came to this is a much bigger story…

16th July 1969 13:32pm

“5,4,3,2…” The numbers rang in my ear as I thought about the mission. Rumbling ferociously, the flames from the bottom of the Columbia like a plant on a growth spurt. Shocked, that I, Neil Armstrong, was one of the first EVER! people to step foot on the moon (that’s if we make it there in time.) Crushed, into my seat I managed to grab my rucksack which included: space food, sick bag, water and a back scratcher. “Good Luck,” boomed a voice in my right ear as mission control wished us luck n our massive mission. Feeling Claustrophobic, I gazed out of the window at the Earth. Beautiful!

Mesmerized, I watched the outstanding view from 3 inches underneath the clouds. Honored, to have seen what U saw I felt really special; no one had ever stepped on the moon till now. After a few minutes, we had already done 1 whole circle of the Earth’s blue and green atmosphere.


Leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, I waved goodbye to me home and hello to the Moon. Feeling stiff, Buzz and I stared gratefully at the Earth, which is getting smaller, as we drifted off into the place many people call the Moon. Unsure, I shouted,”Buzz, how much longer?” He replied,”4 more hours” Looking forward to the adventure ahead, I looked next to me to find Michael Collins writing something down in his journal.

17:21 July 19th

Excited yet nervous, I wrestled with the controls.BOOM! SMASH! I fell into a load of powdered food. Feeling sleepy, I watched the rocket turn round and round the remarkably small planet. Inquisitively, I listened to the engine. Feeling bittersweet, I sleepily watched the starts beautifully sparkle.


Anxiously, Buzz and I watched out at the spacious area. “How much longer Buzz?” I asked, he replied, “2 hours and 6 minutes” Restlessly, Buzz and I looked as we got closer to the moon and further away from Earth. 1000ft 800ft from the moon. If we don’t make it in time before the fuel runs out we’ll all be dead, if we don’t make it in time we’ll drift off into space, if the Columbia blows up before we make it we won’t make history, then we can’t be remembered.

And then it all comes back to when I said,”One small step for man… one giant leap for mankind”and that is how Buzz, Michael and I made it to space.


The Green Monster ~100WC~

Dear Diary,

So today hasn’t been the best day ever my adventure to try and catch the gigantic green monster (which failed badly).

So I was on my way to the deep dark cave in the deep dark depths of wood of North Decoder, trying to catch the ginormous horrible terrain destroyer GREEN MONSTER!!!! I ran through a ditch on my way to the home of the revolting mess (also referred to as the big bad beast). As I ran towards the end of the wood I slipped next to a pipe luckily I didn’t hit my head. Carefully, I swam toward a massive piece of land, where I found a horse therefore I hijacked it and galloped away to another place far away….

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek report.

Greece, which is part of Europe, hosted the first Olympic Games. The Ancient Greeks, which was home too many gods; mainly were slaves to rich people. In this report you will find out about: Greece Today, Gods, Greek women and Athens.


Greece Today.

Greece, which is a popular holiday destination; has over 11 million people living there. Also, this amazing country has lots of islands surrounding it such as Crete, Corfu and Santorini. This country of many historic features , has an extremely rich culture; this glorious terrain has warm months in June, July and August. Furthermore, this holiday destination, is still really hot in English winter time.

Greece is a very popular destination because it is a hot country. Also, it is next to Turkey.


Greeks believed in many Gods such as Zeus, Aphrodite, Hades and Hermes. Moreover, people thought that Gods and Goddesses controlled every aspect in their lives. Another thing, people believed that Gods watched over them. As well as this, people had mosaics of Greek Gods in their homes. Furthermore, people thought that Gods were adult humans. Also, people had special places in their homes where they would pray to the Gods. In addition, Gods would only be nice to humans if people were nice to them.

Greek Women.

Married women stayed at home most of the time. Also, ladies weren’t allowed in democratic events; they were reserved just for men. Females, who didn’t have many opportunities, spent every day spinning threads and weaving cloths. There was a type of lady called a Priestess; women like this held ceremonies in the temple of a half human half god. Additionally, only poor women would go shopping alone; rich women had to have a slave or male companion.


Athens was the largest city in Greece. In addition to this, the city controlled a region called Attica. Moreover, Athens became extremely rich because Attica had many valuable sources of silver, lead and marble.

As you saw, the Ancient Greeks played an incredible part in history.


Greece: www.oddizzi.com


Gods: www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk

Greek women: www.bbc.co.uk

Athens: www.bbc.co.uk

The Mystery of the daughter? 100WC

The darkness was misty i couldn’t see. Swiftly, I ran over to the window to try and look out. Squinting, I ran over to the bed side and thought i might go to bed since it was really late. Tired, I slept on the floor seeing as it was too uncomfortable to sleep there, therefore i slept on the worn out, hard, cold and definitely not bed like floor. Feeling sad, i woke up because there was no way i was going to get to sleep on the stairs. Suddenly, i got up and i didn’t know where i was. “Mom! Dad! Are you guys there?” I asked nervously.

Am i lost i don’t know where i am the silence was deafening……..



The adventure-100WC

Grey clouds misty in my path. The faint sounds of a hyena laughing in the distance. Quickly, the freezing cold wind brushes against my forehead. Unfortunately, this adventure was the most miserable adventure I’ve ever been on. Since it was getting quite dim I thought I might sit down and eat my sandwich therefore I didn’t end up hungry whule I was on my climb. Suddenly, the river started to wave it was quite scary for me. Without warning, a gigantic fox came from behind the bushes which startled me a little however the fox wasn’t coming to any harm for me it just ran away……

The lost bear ~Part 5~

Daisy is going through a hard time in her life which means that she hasn’t been getting any sleep, everyone likes their sleep. Quickly, when she finds a place that no one knows of because Daisy made it and she can go to sleep there and not have any trouble about the person or animal that is chasing her.

Dear Diary, 

I am much more calm now because i have found a place i only know of because i was one me who made this place therefore if anyone knows about this place i will cry like I’ve NEVER EVER! cried before. Sadly, i don’t know where in my den i can sleep because it is all bumps and hills there is no flat. However, i may be able to get my claws into the ground and make it flat because i don’t care what i Lie on as long it’s flat i hate bumpy beds.

I hope I write again that is if I’m alive


When Daisy realised that the person stalking her was near by her heart stop like when you stop on a tredmill some of you keeps going. Daisy kept running away however she was having a heart attack. Happily, she didn’t pass away she was okay. This beautiful animal, found a place to stay while she was on her “adventure” the kind of adventure she was on was a bit dangerous  however it was more of an escape because it wasn’t a fun adventure it was a life risking one which no one likes do they?

The lost bear! ~Part 4~

So of course Daisy thought she was going to die who would blame her? The shy creature, was being followed by the bear murderer well who doesn’t think that’s scary?

Dear Diary,

So today I was being followed by the most horrible bear in the whole world. I think I might end up dying however who can blame me. I was tricked by a bear which made me think that the bear who found me could’ve been the bear murderer, which actually isn’t very good, I think that the animal that was chasing me could well be ~gulps~ A HUMAN! So that made me think a little bit harder than I already was. Did anyone know I was here except from the evil murderer.

I hope I’m safe


So as you know Daisy is going out of her mind thinking of what will happen now no one knows what will happen to Daisy…………



The Mystery!

The dark mist came through the gigantic trees. Loudly, the wind brushes my hair back and forward I feel like I’m on my way to the vampires coffin. Suddenly, a loud noise comes from in the bushes it really scares me. Without Warning, a small yet scary figure emerges from  the mist, which was very frightening, made me run to where I came from. However, I didn’t know where I came from. Was I lost? “Hello? Is anyone here?” I shouted I wondered what I was doing here I couldn’t remember why I was here. Why was I here? Who else is here?

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The lost bear. Part 3

This is how Daisy felt when she found out it wasn’t her real mum.

When she found out that it wasn’t her real mum she was really sad who could that strange bear be? Could It be a child capturer? Or is it someone she used to know? Daisy realized that she was being followed. Without warning, the little bear ran away from the strange woman. Sadly, when the young bear stopped she didn’t know where she was , was she lost again? Unfortunately, Daisy couldn’t find where she came from. Did she know the way home? “Hello! Is anyone here?” Shouted Daisy.

However, no one replied. She thought to herself could she being chased by the……BEAR MURDERER!!

The Snow Dog~100WC Lauren

One day a little dog walked through the dark snowy woods. Unfortunately, the poor puppy was lost. Scarily, it was getting dark therefore the sad little animal was very frightened although it was dark the brightness of the moon shone to way of the path that little Scamp needed to go to. Even though, Scamp didn’t know what was in the woods at night therefore Scamp went to find a shelter when she thought “what was that I could feel?”

Happily Scamp shouted “IT’S SNOWING!” the little puppy was so happy therefore she was safe or so she thought for now…….!

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The Lost Bear-Part 2 100WC

The Rabbit was lying next to the tree wondering if the little bear will ever come back. Suddenly, when the little bear finds out where she is when she hears a noise “Daisy?? is that you??” said a familiar voice “who is it??” Daisy asked. Then, a larger bear came out from behind some long grass. It was Daisy’s mum “Mum, is that you?” Daisy questioned quietly the lady replied “Yes Daisy it is your mum I have come to take you home!” Confused she said “how do you know i was here?” Daisy’s mum replied “I could smell you for a mile away!” Daisy was safe for now.

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The Lost Bear! Part 1- 100WC

Once there was a little bear called Daisy: she was a beautiful little bear. One day,  when she went to the river to try and catch some food she saw a little rabbit sitting next to a tree therefore the little bear went over and asked “what’s wrong?” the little rabbit replied ” the light was so bright I couldn’t see therefore hid behind a tree”. Suddenly, when the bunny looked away the little bear had vanished the rabbit was very scared because Daisy was her friend therefore she doesn’t like it when people mysteriously disappear. The rabbit was scared for now.

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Lauren Christmas Homework Poem-

This poem will be in my homework book as well.

Christmas Poem

In a manger full of hay, 

That’s where baby Jesus lay, 

Although the baby made no crying,

Staying up late is very tiring,

As you know the child grew up,

He got nailed through his hands and feet,

Which made his death hard to defeat,

Making lots of people cry,

Sadly Jesus did die,

We all remember him to this day,

Everyone thinks of him when they pray.



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Safety While opening up an email

When you are opening up an email check 3 things before you open it.

1. Looks who it is from if you don’t recognize the name then don’t open it.

2. Make sure if you can see a little bit of the message it looks appropriate.

3. Make sure that if it is a name you don’t know tell an adult and they can read it.

First of all, if you get an email that you don’t know the person who has sent the email then tell an adult because you don’t know if it could be something either inappropriate or something that has been sent to lots of people who you don’t know have recieved (called a spam) which could give you a virus.

If, when you open the email, it asks you to either A) Click a link B) sent personal info or C) To download or upload a website that could give you a virus.

If you do end up clicking a link which gives you a virus then YOU DO NOT FORWARD IT IF IT COULD GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A VIRUS!

If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment below!


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The nativity story donkey’s point of view-Lauren


In the middle of Nazareth, I was in my stable, when suddenly I opened one eye and I was absolutely mortified when I got yanked out of my stable (nothing different to normal) however it was dark. Cautiously, I looked around and I saw my owner (joseph) dragging me towards his door. Heavily, Joseph put a massive crate of food on my back, which was heavy, and it really hurt ” Where are we going?” I asked.

After a few hours that seemed like a lifetime, I was incredibly hungry because Mary and Joseph had some food, however they wouldn’t give me any. Eventually, we arrived at a house in Bethlehem therefore Mary hopped of me and knocked on the door, someone answered. The young lady was very tall, Mary asked her if she had any room. Sadly, the female said no, which was very sad, therefore we went to another home/stable place Mary knocked again and a man answered Mary asked ” Is there any room for me to give birth” The man replied in a ruff voice ” yes I have a stable out back” Mary went into the stable on my back. Confusingly, I started to wonder about why they kept talking about a baby and why it had to be called Jesus. Before, I stopped thinking, the baby Jesus was born and he was very cute. All of a sudden, three wise men came with Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh.

After a while, I heard King Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus therefore we had to flee to Egypt (which is another). 2 days later, we arrived in Egypt and I was absolutely shattered it was extremely hot and I had no food not even grass. I hope the next time I get rode I have food.
photo credit: Simczuk via photopin cc

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Quickly, the snow started to fall therefore I ran over to the window and watched it fall. Also, when the snow started to fall I saw a guardian angel soar from the sky. Furthermore, the snow, which was very heavy and white, fell gracefully in the sky. Another thing, when I sprinted over to my mam and asked her if I could go pay out in the snow. She said YES!!! Therefore, I ran into the hallway and pulled on my wellies and chucked my coat on. Moreover, when I got outside it was really cold however I didn’t care.

photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc

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How to create Lightening Lushness.

Have you ever wanted to whiplash someone with lightening? Do you want to fly high above the clouds? If so follow these instructions and  you too could become Lightening Lushness.

What you need:

  • Lightening bolt from a folk of lightening.

  • Wings from an angel.

  • An eye patch from a pirate.

  • Pink hair from a Hair Salon in the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Lipstick from a shop in Transylvania. 

What to do:

First, get wings from an angel in Heaven and attach to your body.

Next, get a lightening bolt from a lightening folk ad make a weapon.

Then, get an eye patch and put it around  your head.

After That, get a load of fake pink hair and stick it to your head.

Finally, get lipstick from a special shop in Transylvania and put it on your lips.

Final Warning:

Stay away from the sun in the United States Of America, Mega Tall Buildings In Japan and tiny trees in China.


Blitz Poem

A mortifying silence makes me fear,

That the grey skies aren’t clear,

Sounds of nothing go past,

In my brain I wonder if I get away fast,

The silence stopped therefore I looked to the clouds,

A siren gets closer which is very loud,

I sit in the safe room listening to smashing glass,

Thunder is like a gigantic drum bash,

Massive black German planes in the sky,

Making lots of people including children cry,

This gave me nightmare,

I don’t think the London Blitz is fair,

Suddenly explosions start to die,

How did I stay alive,

On my face sweat makes a giant flood,

I feel like a vampire because of the blood.