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Greek report

Greece (which is in Europe) is a country that is very famous. Ancient Greeks. Who lived a very long time ago, were a very big part of our history. In this report you will find out about: Greece today, there foods and their Gods and there clothes.

Greece today.

Greece is a very small country. In June till August the heat goes up around 33 degrees. In addition to this, the highest mountain in Greece is mount Olympus. The capital in Greece is Athens and the leader of Greece is Alexis ispiras. Today in Greece the famous foods are moussaka which is made from baked minced meat with spices and egg and cheese toppings. Also there is a dip which is made from cucumber and garlic and yogurt what is called tzataiki.

Gods (where did dead Greeks go.)

In Ancient Greece if you were good Gods, Goddesses and heroes went to a place called Elysian Fields; Elysian Fields are like a good heaven. However if you were bad you went to a place went to a place called Tartarus which is a terrifying, monstrous, horrid pit under the ground. To reach this underworld mysterious cave you have to cross three rivers. Although they are not just normal water rivers they are full with diseases and painful punishments, for example, there is Lethe, Styx and Acheron. If you drank from Lethe you will forget everything in your past lives.

The rich Greeks wore brightly coloured clothes. Women were often slaves in the house because they would make the clothes and dry the clothes and wash the clothes. Metal and ribbon headbands were really popular in Athens for women. Men wore long tunics they are called togas. Rich people in ancient Greece wore bright cheerful clothes and poor wore dark and boring ripped clothes.


In ancient Greece they mostly ate loads of vegetables and fruit.in Greece meat was purchased meat in cook shops. Lots of people thought killing animals was wrong.In conclusion As you can see the ancient Greece is a part of our history I hope you have found what you have wanted to find out about and what you wanted!

100WC the forgotten zombies

One dark, cold, gloomy winter morning it was another day where neve had to go to school she was a very tall girl called neve she woke up and she said to her self “its Monday I’ve got to get up” In addition to this I got up and went over to her window sill and looked out hoping that my friend Emily: who really liked basket ball, always waits at my door because I am always late and she was there but she was looking around them…. she turned around and her skin had holes in it and her face was so scary and full of blood. “oh no! “are the zombies talking over the world !!!!!!

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Our new pictures

Today we are learning how to put new pictures on our posts and giving them a nice picture that matches the post of what we have been talking about this week in science we have been learning about flowers.in addition to this post I have put a bumble bee and some flowers.

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The Blitz Poem

The Blitz Poem 

There was a deadly silence,in the street,

people are rushing like ghosts stamping there feet,

red busses passing by like a gliding ship in the night,

and people are in fright,

we are really scared something is not right.

suddenly, the first bomb dropped it came whistling down from the clear sky,

as the children get frightened and they start to cry,

the sky is full of thick black smoke,not very clear,

but people are still full with fear.

sharp, sparkling, see through glass flying through the air,

hitler stop dropping bombs it’s just not fair,

at least we are still alive,

how did we survive.

Blood dropping of my face,

londen now looks like a horrible place,

that was a nightmare,

hitler and his crew just do not care.