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Greek report

Greece (which is in Europe) is a country that is very famous. Ancient Greeks. Who lived a very long time ago, were a very big part of our history. In this report you will find out about: Greece today, there foods and their Gods and there clothes.

Greece today.

Greece is a very small country. In June till August the heat goes up around 33 degrees. In addition to this, the highest mountain in Greece is mount Olympus. The capital in Greece is Athens and the leader of Greece is Alexis ispiras. Today in Greece the famous foods are moussaka which is made from baked minced meat with spices and egg and cheese toppings. Also there is a dip which is made from cucumber and garlic and yogurt what is called tzataiki.

Gods (where did dead Greeks go.)

In Ancient Greece if you were good Gods, Goddesses and heroes went to a place called Elysian Fields; Elysian Fields are like a good heaven. However if you were bad you went to a place went to a place called Tartarus which is a terrifying, monstrous, horrid pit under the ground. To reach this underworld mysterious cave you have to cross three rivers. Although they are not just normal water rivers they are full with diseases and painful punishments, for example, there is Lethe, Styx and Acheron. If you drank from Lethe you will forget everything in your past lives.

The rich Greeks wore brightly coloured clothes. Women were often slaves in the house because they would make the clothes and dry the clothes and wash the clothes. Metal and ribbon headbands were really popular in Athens for women. Men wore long tunics they are called togas. Rich people in ancient Greece wore bright cheerful clothes and poor wore dark and boring ripped clothes.


In ancient Greece they mostly ate loads of vegetables and fruit.in Greece meat was purchased meat in cook shops. Lots of people thought killing animals was wrong.In conclusion As you can see the ancient Greece is a part of our history I hope you have found what you have wanted to find out about and what you wanted!

The invasion of the Zombies 100WC

It was one spooky dark night, a little girl was cycling apprehensively down the street.” Come back before midnight Kat!” Commanded her mum. “Ok mum I promise!” Shouted Kat anxiously thinking she wouldn’t come back at all because of the rumours her friends had been telling her..

Her mother was getting worried and furious because Kat hadn’t came home yet! Meanwhile as Kat got off her bike in Sansville she heard a groan from the dark depths of the night. A rotted skinned hand came upon her shoulder, “AGHHHH!” Screamed Kat as she turned around and saw the dead crawling and dragging their self to her she got her bike and cycled home. Her mother sent her to bed without no dinner. Was that real or just her thinking?

The mystery of the missing curse!


1st January 2014-2pm

Dear diary,  

                   I need to truly express my feelings and confess that I do have ghosts living in my sisters apartment, AKA my home. I have lived here since I was 3 years old and always believed that my sister wasn’t true when she tried to creep me out, by saying “Hey little kiddo do you know that at midnight on your 10th birthday, you will be haunted by ghosts for your entire life until…!”. However, my mother was always too fast for her to carry on, as I already woke up in the middle of the night from hunger and thirst seeing as I can’t last very long without a sip of water and a delectable snack! Now that’s not the problem I’m facing though, therefore let me get right to the point first of all, last night at midnight it WAS my 10th birthday and I heard freaky noises floating around my bed and saw this morning scratches on my wall. Who could it have been? Could it have been a shadowy figure? Or just my sister trying to scare me? Oh! There it goes again, what’s that deadly sound and that dangerous hole in my ceiling dripping water for. H…H…H…HELP!…

Later on (2:30pm)

Dear Diary,

Phew! It was just a plumbing malfunction from the flat upstairs. Although, I know that though I still don’t know where those mystical scrapes on the wall came from? It is possible that my pet kitten “Sunny” could have done it because she is always prancing around in my invisible spy cloak from the loft of the building (Idon’t know where it came from) however I’m sure she isn’t capable of pulling that big of pranks! Now I think about it does every attic include a mysterious cloak, Not every loft, NO OTHER LOFT! Sorry! I’ R got to go!

From Ava

P.S. – I can only hope I shall be safe! Wish me luck!
To be continued…
photo credit: darkwood67 via photopin cc

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Nativity from the sight of the donkey!


In the middle night I woke up to the stable door smashing open. I opened my eyes and concentrated on the silhouette in the distance I looked at the head and it looked like Joseph… It turns out it was joseph and he told me that we were going for a long walk because something special would happen in Bethlehem. He told me I needed to get my hopes up that I wouldn’t die of starvation or dehydration.so we set off for the longest journey of my life.

Eventually, we arrived at Bethlehem. I was so exhausted I needed a drink but the worst was yet to come. As soon as we got there we started looking for a room at the INN after we talked to all of them the same reply came to ears again and again. NO ROOM AT THE INN. Eventually one of the kind men said we have a spare stable round the back and we went in. Three hours after we arrived at the stable Mary gave birth to a baby boy and named it Jesus.

Eventually, we arrived back at Nazareth and I was allowed to go back to my lovely warm stable.

photo credit: LJWDevon via photopin cc

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How to make thunder storm!

Have you ever wanted to become a  thunder storm and destroy things! do you want to change the world forever? If so follow these instructions!

What you will need!

You will need the fork from the devil, the steel from a cage from the zoo, a diamond helmet from the bottom of a volcano, the skin from a shark, and finally a laser eye from bottom of the sea!

First, put the fork from the devil into your hand. Next, make the steel from the cage Into armour. Then, attach the diamond helmet to your head. After that, get the bigest Sharks skin and attach it to you to make a cape. Finally, put the laser over your eye!

Be carefull!

dont go near lava, lightning and acid!

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How to create Blaster boy

Have you ever wanted to punch someone for 60 miles? do you want to hover above the cloudes? if so follow these instructions and you to could become Blaster boy.

You will need,

  • The finest steal from the most deepist and darkest cave ever,
  • the rarest wales skin from the coral reeath,
  • the hotest fire from the biggest volcanoe inside a hidden temple,
  • the boost of a air force 250 jet,
  • and the strongest magner knowen to man kind,

What to do,

First, attach the finast metal to you own skin (might be a bit cold),

Next, make your fire gun tank out of the whale skin and use the sharpest needle for it,

Then, put the contaner of the hottest fire from the volcanoe into your fire tank,

After that, inject the 250 jet into your ordanery bools and whatch them transform,

Finally, insert the strongest magnett into your boot and try them on (like them),

Final warning,

Once you have become Blaster boy stay away from pickaxes, mutiant squids, atonnic cobras and prickily trees!