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Dear Diary, I was walking down the park and I found a sofa in the middle of no where. Where could it have come from? Out of the corner f one eye, I saw a dark shadowy figure taking a computer and placing it on the sofa. And piles and piles of useful things were all on the sofa. All of the stuff was loaded into a big van and it drove into the forbidden woods! What the??? I crept in behind it and the person stole the van when the driver got out. Was it a theif? Considering it had all that stuff…

Greek cinquain.


helpful, strong

caring, helping, loving

helping hurt and sick



powerful, leader

leading, bossing, helping

rules over Mount Olympus



dreamy, carefull

Loving, caring, enchanting

making people fall in love

endhanting, loving, lover


kind, lovely

marrying, caring , helping

goddess of marriage and love



lovely, cares

enchanting, loving, caring

loving people whoever they are



Greek report!

Greek Report!

Greece, which had many gods, lived a long time ago. The Ancient Greeks, who went on many adventures, were ruled by Zeus. In this report you will find out about: Greece today, Greek women, Sparta and Greek gods!

Greece today:

Did you know Greece, which is a European country, has a total area of 131.957 square kilometres? Also, this country’s population is 10.9 million. In this huge area, it is surrounded by enormous mountains. The highest mountain is called Mount Olympus. Furthermore, Athens is the capital, which is the main part of the area, of this huge country. However, Greece today is much different from the Ancient Greeks…

The Ancient Greeks:

The ancients were so different from our times. They wore lots of armour and had good conditions for weapons! When the ancient Greeks lived, there were loads of adventures and lots of myths wrote about them. People believed that, scary monsters such as:  Two eyes unicorns, three headed dog, flying horse and much more.

Greek gods:

All Greek gods had the responsibility for different things for example: Athena had the power to create and help others. Zeus was the ruler of all the gods in existence. Doubtful though, he got mad very easily! It was known that all gods and goddesses came from Gaia (The earth and sky). Some of these Olympians, built temples so that the people in Greece would worship and support them. On the other hand, some gods were evil and murderous!


Sparta, which is a city in Greece, was surrounded by mountains in case of invasion. As well as this, Spartans fought day and night so that they would be strong. All of these fighters had harsh conditions. As well as this, girls would not be important. They were only useful in the house. Only men were allowed to fight and go to school.

Greek women:

Women had little freedom. They couldn’t leave the house without her husband’s permission. If a lady lived on her own she was the boss! If her baby was sick she would get rid of it( how harsh)!


As you can see, the ancient Greeks played a big part in our history and they were responsible.

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The Mystery of our house-poem

Only at the time midnight a stranger romes  the dark ( no light!)

No one knowes the reason why, every time he wanders people start to sigh

our house struck him it was meant to be haunted, when people walked past they started to feel bloated!,

when this figure began to walk, it was all silent no one would talk,

every morning when the clock strikes 1.00, this stranger dissaperes and always scares of the farmers flock!

So that is the story of the haunted house, when part two comes out, you will be scared and start to SHOUT!!!!

Journey in the woods

I was walking through the grey miserable woods and I reached for my little brown bag for some water. However there was no water only a sandwich! The smell must of attracted a  hyena because I got chased and chased until i reached a high rock. So I started to climb and when I reached the top it was just the beggining of the dark whole everyone was going on about. If you enter you will not come out alive. Suddenly a herd of hyenas reached the top of the rock I had no choice but to jump in and I got lost in the whole and made myself live in this terror forever!

The mystery of our house part 1

Suddenly, the clock changed from 11.59 to 12.00! 12.00  might seem harmless to you but at this particular time a shadowy figure romes the streets cursing houses. Luckily, the only house this shadow had never cursed was ours. There was something about our house that struck to people makes them feel dangerous walking past it. This is the reason our house was always on the news always noticed it’s like we were famous! Something caught to this figure one night and this shadow is never caught with horror!

The forbidden room part-1

Once there lived a little girl ,who lived with her mam, and she was named Lily. Lily lived in a nice house with her Mam. However, in their house there was a room that her mum said was forbidden! No one knew what was behind that brown door! One night when Lily and her mum were asleep Lily went downstairs in front of the door! “Was is that I feel” she thought. Is It nerves? She carefully placed her hand on the door knob and opened the door. She closed her eyes in horror and but wait… It was just a dark messy room. But she saw a white figure in the corner was it a … NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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The magic key part-1

Every night when  the light was SO bright a little girl awakens from her sleep. One Saturday the little girl  called Kylie woke up and went into the attic. She was faffing around with old toys and drawings. Out of the corner of one eye she saw a bright light over by the Pink bear . She picked up a key out of the box! She just fell back on to the wall and she fell down to a door. She carefully placed the key in the lock and turned it. She entered London but London in 1940. Smoke filled the  air and houses were knocked down… what will she do?

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Frozen is an award winning, entertaining film. If you want to go beneath the ice of frozen read this report and  you will find out about:

Songs, characters and Frozen ,deep secrets,!


Frozen is mainly a musical so there are 11 songs and loads of background music. Including: intro song, frozen heart, do you wanna build a snowman, first time in forever, Let it go, reindeers,  in summer, first time in forever reprise, fixer upper, ending song and let it go reprise. The hit song let it go has won 8 awards! The voice of Elsa( Idina Menzel) has been awarded for the success of Let it go. Also the voice of Anna ( Kristen Bell) was also awarded for first time in forever!


In Frozen there were over 300 characters including: trolls, villagers, ELSA, Anna, Hans, Kristoff,sven, Olaf, Queen Martha and King Henry and Marshmallow! Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell were the voices of Anna and Elsa the main characters! Also the  hilarious snowman Olaf is really entertaining and funny he spoke : “Who’s the funky looking donkey over there..?” SVEN “ahha and who’s the reindeer?” Sven! , Its so cute its like a little baby unicorn!

Deep secrets!

Anna and Elsa’s favourite food is chocolate. The king and queen were killed on a boat! The phrase” Now we just have to survive this blizzard, That’s no blizzard that’s my sister” is not really in the movie!

by Lola!

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A Haunted Christmas

Scary Santa

I was walking down the corridor on Christmas eve to get a glass of warm milk. But, when I opened the fridge nothing was there! All of a sudden I heard a big ” CLASH!” I went up the stairs and my room was a mess! Is that Santa? I thought to myself. However when he turned around it was a skeleton with my milk! I shrieked and ran but when I went downstairs mum wasn’t there. Oh my gosh! I pegged it outside and I saw a slay oh thank goodness! There  was : Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Dixon, Donna and Blitzen and also wait where was Rudolph? Ghosts flew out of the reindeers and carried me up on top of a roof just as I was about to fall my eyes opened. Oh that’s a relief it was just a nightmare but My room was still a mess and my bed was lifted by a zombie…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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Snowy trees

The glistening snow flies swiftly in the sky just waiting to fall to the plain ground. But then the storm rages on and the ground is no longer plain! A sheet of white covers the floor and this white blanket spreads and lands on many things. People look out their windows and tell their children it is time to play. Snowball fight begin and many people sledge. Snowflakes fall from the sky and land on the icy floor!  Out of the corner of my eye, I see snow everywhere in sight! The most wonderful time of the year! I love Snow!

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Santa’s year!


Santa Clause

The Grotto

The North Pole



Dear Sammy,

Thank you for your letter, I am writing to you to explain what I do throughout the year. which will hopefully answer your question.

Straight after Christmas I spend all of January in Mexico ( which is really hot! ) Every day I have a swim, sunbathe by the sea and ol’ Jonathon comes and gives me a Pepsi when I’m thirsty he is a good mate. When I feel I have a tan I get a snack. After a lovely day I go and relax in my deluxe hotel and go to sleep. It really is my favourite monthDuring the summer I head to America! I always get invited to the bowling competition and guess what Sammy, I win every time (YIPEE!) Also, I go to the children’s hospital and bring them gifts they really do deserve them. On a night I sing on the karaoke I know you might think it is a bit strange Santa on the karaoke but it’s true and fun!

As Christmas approaches letters get delivered and of Corse I have to read them all in my time ( humbug ). Then I take the letters to the elves so they know what to make! Now, I do lots of paperwork going through peoples folders either stamping the naughty or nice. Next, I polish my boots, hang my red suit up and fill the slay all ready for Christmas eve! In conclusion, Sammy as you can see I do quite a lot throughout the year. I hope I answered your question and have a lovely Christmas.

Yours Faithfully,

Santa Claus
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The Minecraft world of building!


One morning, Steve awoke and thought to himself “I want to build something. But what? Maybe a library. hmm no that would need loads of books! I know how about a zoo? yeah a zoo!” Steve looked at his inventory and picked out diamond, no way could animals escape from diamond! , So Steve built an outline of diamond 12 blocks along and 20 blocks back. Then the walls and then the roof and next the carpet and then, and then. “Wait a minute, I am forgetting something you can’t have a zoo without ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!” Said Steve. So Steve spawned loads of animals “yes” he thought his zoo was a success. However, as night fell Steve looked around himself and there you have it Steve was done for! All the villains were crowding him. Would he survive? As hours went by, Steve was still battling. Oh thankgodnes it was daytime and Steve felt very proud and as he did Steve walked up the stairs into his wooden hut and pressed LT on his bed but oh no it said “ you can’t sleep until night” they should really let you have naps through the day! Bing bong oh that’s the minecraft bell and whoa off Steve went with all the other minecraft worlds back into its game box!
photo credit: Dunechaser via photopin cc

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The Blitz

All around the street is silent,

Nothing in this place is violent,

The sparkling stars light the night,

But something does not feel right.

Rumbling planes fill the sky,

And children start to cry,

Then people start to scurry,

All I could hear was Mums saying ” HURRY!”

Then went the alarms,

Police said we must stay calm,

Bombs as big as boulders fall,

Security stand fearless up tall.

Finally everything was clear,

But the people were still filled with fear,

All the houses were put to shame,

And lots of us were deeply in pain!!!!!!!!!   By Lola.