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Greek Cinquains


Powerful, strong

Leading,engrouging, ruling

Throwing Thunder bolts



Rich, fighters

Fighting, dying, bleeding 

Always fighting enemies Athens



Dangerous, popular

Running, jumping, winning



Twin, God

Caring, inventing, winning

The God of light


The Ancient Greeks

Greek report

Greece (which lived many years ago) had many beliefs. The Ancient Greeks, who had multiply Gods, believed in every one of the different Gods and Goddesses. In this report you will find out about Greece today, the very first Olympics, schools and very famous Ancient Greeks.

Greece today

Greece today has a rich cultural with many ancient ruins. The highest mountain today still, is the great Mount Olympus. Athens, which has a lot of history, has a population of 3 million. In Greece, they don’t believe in the Gods and Goddesses any more. Greece has many Ancient ruins it may sound like they look horrible but they look beautiful.


The very first recorded Olympic Games were held in 776BC. The games were held in a village called Olympia. Also, the games were a part of a religious festival; another thing is that they were held every four years (like today). In addition to this, all the games were in honour of Zeus the king of Gods, for his entertainment. People from all over Greece came to watch the events and to take part in them.


Ancient Greek schools were small they had one teacher and ten or twenty. Greek boys started when they were four and stayed till they were fourteen. Mostly, girls never went to school they stayed at home with their mother. In Sparta, learning reading and writing was unimportant instead they learned how to be good fighters for war when they were older. Another thing is in their classroom they had a wax board that only the teacher could write on.

Famous Greeks

Alexander the Great:

He was called great seeing as he conquered more lands then anyone before and he was the overall ruler of Greece.


Archimedes designed a machine that could make water flow uphill; His design has been used for almost 2,000 years. To take water to the crops it was especially sued for the farmers. Also, he could tell fool’s gold apart from real gold.

As you can see Ancient Greeks played an important part in history. They invented a lot of things that we still us now!

100WC Ghosts Part 2

As I approched my house I heard a laugh like a witch  then I got terrified. Slowly I unlocked my door and pushed it ever so lightly. Immediately, I switched all the lights on only to see my parents eating there chicken sandwich witch they said was for tea. Quickly I climed the stairs to see a grey,thick mist coming from my room. At this point I was so nervous I could of screamed. Quietly, I pushed the door open just to see the little girl and boy from the road. Suddenly, all fell silent the silence was deafening they stared at me with the grey eyes.

What would happen next?

100WC-Ghosts Part 1

One freezing cold night me and my friends were walking along the mysterious street and chatting, but suddenly I was talking to myself my friends had disappeared. After I realized I started running as fast as I could. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little girl and boy running across the road when a car was coming but it went straight through them! That’s when I started running to home I  was so frightened was I seeing things? Eventually, I reached home but all the lights were out however my mam and dads cars were there…

How to create super robotic angel:

Have you ever wanted to fly through the clouds with robotic legs? Do you want to shoot arrows from a really far distance? If so follow these instructions and you to can become super robotic angel.

What you will need:

Parts from a red focus in mars

The utility belt from batman when he’s fighting

Arrow shooter from the hunger games when there playing

Wings from a giant bird in the Jamaica ocean

Super strong strength from super women

What you do:

First, mould the car piece’s onto yourself

Next, get utility belt and stick it on your pants

After, get the arrow shooter and hold it tightly

Once, get the giant bird wings and glue them on tightly

Finally, drink the super strength very carefully.


Stay away from thunder clouds, wax and showers (the metal will go rusty)