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The Minecraft world of building!


One morning, Steve awoke and thought to himself “I want to build something. But what? Maybe a library. hmm no that would need loads of books! I know how about a zoo? yeah a zoo!” Steve looked at his inventory and picked out diamond, no way could animals escape from diamond! , So Steve built an outline of diamond 12 blocks along and 20 blocks back. Then the walls and then the roof and next the carpet and then, and then. “Wait a minute, I am forgetting something you can’t have a zoo without ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!” Said Steve. So Steve spawned loads of animals “yes” he thought his zoo was a success. However, as night fell Steve looked around himself and there you have it Steve was done for! All the villains were crowding him. Would he survive? As hours went by, Steve was still battling. Oh thankgodnes it was daytime and Steve felt very proud and as he did Steve walked up the stairs into his wooden hut and pressed LT on his bed but oh no it said “ you can’t sleep until night” they should really let you have naps through the day! Bing bong oh that’s the minecraft bell and whoa off Steve went with all the other minecraft worlds back into its game box!
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The Minecraft Adventure

Day 1

Suddenly, I shot into a mound of dirt. After a while, I hit a chunk of dirt and it popped popped out and I hit some sort of tree so I got some wood for things. Under a tree, I made a workbench so I made a weapon (like a sword of sharpened stick) and I was starving. Later that day, I killed some pigs half-heartedly and it was turning dark.

Night 1

On the first night, I built a cruddy base and tried to survive. Suddernly out of the corner of one eye was a undead pile of bones (like a skeleton) shot at me (luckily he missed me) so I hit him with my trusty sword and got his remains.

Minecraft !

This information page will tell you everything you will need to know about Minecraft, even the best Minecraft Youtuber Stampylongnose (Mr stampy cat).

First of all, here are some tips of how to survive your first night: 5. When you first spawn you need to get wood from a tree, food from animals and break grass (not blocks) and maybe get seed. 4. if you come across a sheep KILL IT even if you love animals. You can skip the night and avoid the googlies by making a bed! 3. Find a mountain because 1. there might be a chance of finding coal 2. If you dig in to it you can have a non- permanent home or if you want to maybe die building a house 2. Try and make all wooden tools, like a pickaxe, get some cobblestone for a furnace and stone tools a hoe- to plant seed for bread or CAKE an axe- to chop down trees faster a shovel- to clear dirt, gravel and sand faster and most importantly a sword- to protect your self. And finaly 1. Try to light up the area, get as much armor as possible, and MOST IMPORTANT STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLIES !

Now, Mr stampy cat is the best youtuber in the world he has soooo much fun with all his friends like Sqaishey quack (who he dose sky den with here is the link to part number one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM_biPF2mjM ) Finball, ballistic squid, Amy lee 33, Rosie, lion maker, choo choo, and last but not least his cake giver L for Leeeeeex. Lee ( Also know as Lee Bear) is always in stampys videos every morning he goes on his balcony and say ” Hellooo this is stampy and wecome to a minecraft lets play viedo another viedo in stampys lovely world and today i am going to be joint by LEE BEAR!” Then lee gives him his cake then he adds someone to his love garden then chooses a dog and 50% of the time he killes his dogs but by acedent and always replaces it. Plus his world is the best anyone could create he has lots of mini games and shops.

This is the end of this imformation page but if you need help either leave a comment or watch stampys viedo’s and he will give you advice.