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Greek Cinquains


Rooler, Leader,

Controling, Leading, Helping,

Spawning Lightfull Lighting Spaeks,




Caring, Loving, Helpfull,

Braking Hearts Of Stone,



Powerfull, Strong,

Sitting, Leading, Protecting,

Caring For All His People,



Fight, Kill,

Fiting, Defending, Dieing,

Killing All Worriors Of War,


The naughty Hyena

There was once a strange man that went climbing at least two times a week, However, nothing had ever happend, he wanted to see wildlife up on the mountains to get a snap for his diary but that never happend. He packed some crisps ans a sandwich and put them in a rucksack and left the house. After he started climbing and he was up high he stopped for some lunch and then came a Hyena starring  at the lunch, closer and closer it came as the light blue sky wand foggy and Grey. Suddenly, the Hyena grabbed his sandwich and went, well the man did get a snap so it wasn’t that miserable.

The Heist

In the corner or one eye, round the hedge, there was a strange figure rustling in the bushes like it had just come out of the old (abandon) house with a creeper all around it. As well as this, in the sallowest it looked like he had a sack on his back but if it was a burglary, what was his get away plan? my question was answered! he was heading up to a van with his teammate in but that van was heading down with a high chaise police car on its tail flying past. there was only 3 problems though, the police didn’t see the thief as it was focusing on the van, the thief didn’t have a get away plan NOW! and when I looked back the thief was gone…    

The Nativity story – A Donkey’s point of view


I was awoken from my deep sleep with a tug on the thick rope thinking it was the middle of the day. NO, it was still night and I was wondering why joseph was carrying supplies and why Mary went on my back, WOW she was heavy, more heavy than before!

Suddenly, we set off and walked fore miles and miles and miles until we arrived. It was so busy and by the end all of the inn’s were full. But the last man said that he was full too but kindly offered Mary to stay in the barn in the back of the inn. eventually, the baby Jesus was born in a old barn and gods angles spread the word to 3 Shepard’s   and 3 wise men came to worship the baby and brought gifts but one wise man explained to Mary that king Herod wanted to kill the baby so as soon as the word was said Mary and joseph fled immediately. I was shocked to hear that king Herod wanted to kill a new born baby.

Mary and joseph left amiably until it was safe to come back to Nazareth!

photo credit: amsd2dth via photopin cc

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How to create Blaster boy

Have you ever wanted to punch someone for 60 miles? do you want to hover above the cloudes? if so follow these instructions and you to could become Blaster boy.

You will need,

  • The finest steal from the most deepist and darkest cave ever,
  • the rarest wales skin from the coral reeath,
  • the hotest fire from the biggest volcanoe inside a hidden temple,
  • the boost of a air force 250 jet,
  • and the strongest magner knowen to man kind,

What to do,

First, attach the finast metal to you own skin (might be a bit cold),

Next, make your fire gun tank out of the whale skin and use the sharpest needle for it,

Then, put the contaner of the hottest fire from the volcanoe into your fire tank,

After that, inject the 250 jet into your ordanery bools and whatch them transform,

Finally, insert the strongest magnett into your boot and try them on (like them),

Final warning,

Once you have become Blaster boy stay away from pickaxes, mutiant squids, atonnic cobras and prickily trees!