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Greek cinquains.


Fierce, courageous,

menacing, fighting, killing

heart of stone



popular,great temple,

biting, pouring,boxing

hard and deathly



courage, proud


his lightning bolt



delicious, divine,

rumbling, eating,nibbling

delicious foods and drinks



Greek Cinquains!


Ruler, tamer,

controling, swimming, ruling

tamer of wild seas.



Strict, cruel,

educating, growing, working,

The capital city of Greece,



Powerful, brave,

caring, fighting, ruling,

God of all Gods,


cinquain poems


kind, protective

loving,sharing, helping

protecting sailors of the night



beutiful greek

caring enchanting standing

immortal watching over Athens



bold strong

leading fighting ruling

leathal as he battles



sweat blood

running jumping heart raising

racing for a prize


Greek cinquains


Musical, brave

fighting, serenading, running

playing beautiful music for people



powerful, strong 

fighting, ruling, astonishing

takes care of everyone



dangerous, fun

exiting, winning, losing

an amazing event for everyone



busy, special, 

forfilling, pushing, working 

everyone wants to come 


The Mystery of our house-poem

Only at the time midnight a stranger romes  the dark ( no light!)

No one knowes the reason why, every time he wanders people start to sigh

our house struck him it was meant to be haunted, when people walked past they started to feel bloated!,

when this figure began to walk, it was all silent no one would talk,

every morning when the clock strikes 1.00, this stranger dissaperes and always scares of the farmers flock!

So that is the story of the haunted house, when part two comes out, you will be scared and start to SHOUT!!!!

Hannah’s Haiku Poem

The Christmas Haiku

Biscuits and Santa

I will make biscuits,

For when Santa comes for me,

Isn’t Santa COOL!

Christmas Morning

See the tree sparkle,

As I come out of my bed,

Who knows what I’ll get?

Christmas Trees

I love Christmas trees,

Because the star shines brightly,

Sparkling lights are bright.

Advent Calenders

As I open them,

I love the treats inside it,

Can’t wait till Christmas.

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Christmas Haikus!


Santa’s Take-off

Santa’s in his sleigh,

Rudolph has his shining nose,

All reindeers take flight.

The Christmas Tree

Baubles shine like stars,

Hanging on the Christmas tree,

Presents wait for me.


Snow falls from the sky,

Snowmen seem to come to life,

Snow clouds float so high.

photo credit: na.harii  via photopin cc

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The Blitz

 The Blitz Poem-Georgia

A split second of silence filled the London street,

Footsteps like monsters feel like their creeping,

Whispers grew louder as they get near,

Maybe it’s fear or just cheer…..

Without warning, something emerges in the dark,

Children and parents hearts thump harder,

Silhouettes emerged from a outline of enemy planes,

A lot had defiantly invade…

Bombs as big as boulders fall from the sky,

As scary planes fly really high,

Sirens go off to warn family’s,

Nothing was done happily..

London was raided,

As soldiers where bladed,

Ger,and in their planes flew,

Bright red fire engines zoom by as the fire grows around you..

The Blitz

All around the street is silent,

Nothing in this place is violent,

The sparkling stars light the night,

But something does not feel right.

Rumbling planes fill the sky,

And children start to cry,

Then people start to scurry,

All I could hear was Mums saying ” HURRY!”

Then went the alarms,

Police said we must stay calm,

Bombs as big as boulders fall,

Security stand fearless up tall.

Finally everything was clear,

But the people were still filled with fear,

All the houses were put to shame,

And lots of us were deeply in pain!!!!!!!!!   By Lola.

The Blitz

A deadly silence surronds us all,

As we walk around like ghosts footsteps,

Never making a noise incase the Germans hear us,

All is silent but something doesn’t  feel right.

Immediately the silence is broken as the sirens go off,

everyone runs to get to safety,

All the footsteps are like giants,

Will they get to safety in time?

Suddenly, you can hear the blades of the aeroplanes,

Bombs whizzing down with a loud whistle,

Bombs blowing up houses with a BANG,

All you can see was a sillhouette of the planes.

The smoke was as thick as a blanket,

Everyone has devestation,

We all cry at the destruction,

As inocennent loved ones have lost there soul.

The Blitz

A deadly silence all around,no sounds in the street,

Footsteps like ghosts stamping their feet,

A blue bus passes homes like a ship gliding in the night,

The night passes slowly something doesn’t feel right,

The silent broke instantly, by rumbling in the clouds,

Air raid sirens begin flashing,searching in the night it’s so loud,

Children hugging their mothers in fear,

The sound I the distance begins to grow louder the Germans are near,

Glass shattering as sharp as knives,

Alot of people are risking their lives,

Dust is a blanket as black as a crow there is nowhere to hide,

Huddled together, in a bomb shelter, I really hope we’ll survive,

We will look

All of a sudden, the Big Boulder Bombs stop but smoke is still around the sky,

We will look around everyday, so many innocent people have died,

The ash is not a good taste,

I look at London, this is a horrible place.

By Kate

The Blitz Poem

The Blitz Poem

A deadly silence is flowing along the street,

All you can here is footsteps like ghosts stamping there fast feet,

there is nothing in the air to hear,

but everyone knows the Germans are near.

Pit all used to be calm,

but all you can hear is th loud alarm,

you can hear the aeroplanes in the sky,

also the children in the houses beginning to cry.

All of a sudden, there a crash,

then lungs fill up with ash,

now children had a nightmare,

and parents don’t think the Blitz is fare.

It it is all calm again,

but people were still in pain,

now there was silence,

and there was no violence.

The Blitz Poem

The Blitz Poem 

There was a deadly silence,in the street,

people are rushing like ghosts stamping there feet,

red busses passing by like a gliding ship in the night,

and people are in fright,

we are really scared something is not right.

suddenly, the first bomb dropped it came whistling down from the clear sky,

as the children get frightened and they start to cry,

the sky is full of thick black smoke,not very clear,

but people are still full with fear.

sharp, sparkling, see through glass flying through the air,

hitler stop dropping bombs it’s just not fair,

at least we are still alive,

how did we survive.

Blood dropping of my face,

londen now looks like a horrible place,

that was a nightmare,

hitler and his crew just do not care.

Blitz Poem

A mortifying silence makes me fear,

That the grey skies aren’t clear,

Sounds of nothing go past,

In my brain I wonder if I get away fast,

The silence stopped therefore I looked to the clouds,

A siren gets closer which is very loud,

I sit in the safe room listening to smashing glass,

Thunder is like a gigantic drum bash,

Massive black German planes in the sky,

Making lots of people including children cry,

This gave me nightmare,

I don’t think the London Blitz is fair,

Suddenly explosions start to die,

How did I stay alive,

On my face sweat makes a giant flood,

I feel like a vampire because of the blood.

The Blits Poem

The Blitz Poem

The deadly silence in London, no sound in any street,

Little footsteps like ghosts racing past,

A red bus went past gliding in the night,

Children have nightmares that night but are not real yet…

Silently the first bomb falls BOOM,

Rumbling ground like an earthquake,

Children screaming like alternative bomb alarms,

Shattered smashed glass like daggers.

Crumbling buildings crackling fire

Will London survive this night?

Rotting bodies all down the street,

Many will die on the bombing night,

Buildings collapsing, fire spreading,

Cars are upside down black with fire,

Dust so thick it could make a blanket,

Hitler is not done with London tonight.

The Blitz!

The Blitz!

Buses passed by like Hitler wasn’t coming,

Traffic lights changing the law is still obeyed,

Victory is wanted for Britain and her people,

A deadly silence fills the air like death is passing over.

Suddenly whistling started at the crack of dawn,

Then bang went the church I went to every Sunday night,

Factories were obliterated glass all over,

The school was destroyed like a teddy exploding.

1000 bombs hit the floors that smoke fills the air,

100 people die,50 children cry the war is her,

Everyone runs to the shelters collecting supplies,

Parents hope the children safe in the country side.

Now it’s over now it’s done the plans are gone,

The people go out side to see no more houses,

See no more schools they hope there children live,

people help neighbours people help family’s to rebuild there lives.

The Blitz!

A frightening silence floods the streets of the London night,

Footsteps, like a deadly ghost’s, can easily give you a fright,

A red bus passes like a plane flying through the sky,

An anxious mother gently rocks her baby to sleep as it gently cries.

All of a sudden the silence breaks with a rumble in the clouds,

Air raid sirens howl like wolves, they are very loud,

Families run to their bomb shelters feeling lots of worry,

As they are filled with fright they think the army better hurry.

A bomb as big as a boulder tears up the ground,

An explosion, that makes you tremble in fear, makes a blood curdling sound,

Children scream as glass begins to break,

Petrified people know their lives are at steak.

A thick blanket of dust makes the streets very unclear,

And even though the bombing is over, everyone is still filled with fear,

The streets are filled with destruction and rubble,

Nearly all the buildings are filled with ash and are beginning to crumble.

The Blitz Poem

The Blitz by Hannah

A scared silence in the street,

As we wonder when it will come,

Mums are getting prepared,

Just In case the Blitz comes.

A very loud noisy siren which is getting louder and louder,

Children are running to their mum,

Because the bombs are getting scarier,

Who knows what will happen now,

Because the sirens are getting louder,

Long German planes in the night sky,

Making huge amounts of people die,

I am glad that I am alive,

But will I survive.

Eventually, the bombs have stopped,

As the sky starts to come alive,

There are a lot of people in pain,

Let’s hope theBlitz has died!!!