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Neil Armstrong – biography

Neil Armstrong

Educator, military pilot and most importantly the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong was the most famous astronaut of all time. Born on November 5th 1930, in Ohio USA, he was a man with one ambition – space travel. However, he sadly died in August 2012, leaving members of NASA’s hearts in pieces.

Early life

Neil loved transportation, it fascinated him, and this led him to his accomplishment of making it to The Moon. However, a lot more came before hand. As a teenager, at the age of fifteen, he learned to fly aircrafts and soon after was given a pilot license when he was ONLY 16; he could fly before he even learned to drive! WOW! At a young age, after finishing college, his skills were put to the test when he was called to fight in the Korean War due to the fact that, by this time, he was in the American Navy flying over 200 test aircrafts in his career. After that, he finally joined the organisation that was to become NASA.


In 1956, Armstrong was married to a lady, Janet Shearon, and they soon had children. First of all, in 1954 his first son (Mark) was born followed by Eric (1957) and Karen in 1959 – however after a while Karen died of complications with a brain tumour. Without warning, the pair divorced and the astronaut re-married to a nice lady called Carol. Another fact, Neil had two siblings, one of them he used for the name of his son Mark.


Trip to the moon

In 1969, on 16th of July, Apollo 11 was launched with Neil in total control. He visited with: Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and the memory of NASA back on Earth. As soon as he arrived, he set foot on the mighty moon and shouted “That’s one small step for man… One giant leap for mankind!” He defied the throttling and rattling of the Columbia and made history. In aid of winning victory of America, he accomplished something that seemed impossible.

At age 82, in August 2012, Neil died. He had a bypass operation in early 2012 when a couple weeks later he died of complications with his surgery. People remember him when they look at the moon seeing as his family released a statement reminding them to give him a wink. Barrack Obama even mentioned (in exact words) “He was one of the greatest American heroes – not just of his time but of all time!” Personally, in my opinion, Neil Armstrong did a thing of great bravery in 1969 and shall be remembered for years on for his determination and talent to soar through alternative galaxies. I will probably remember him when I look at the moon in future!

National pet performance!


Swiftly, my horse and I galloped far from home, just as dawn was breaking; we were training for the national pet contest’s talent round. Due to this, I carefully tried my best to seek out the best thing to perform for this tournament! “Suzie, be careful, you have ruined your best green saddle!” I sighed in hope that our performance wouldn’t fail as badly as I imagined. After a few hours, I became a bit hungry therefore I Swam across a pond nearby and held onto a pipe  to pull me safely to shore, (it was trapped between 2 rocks. “Yummy!” I ate my snack!

Deep in the hollows – part 2

One day, another family, who were looking for a new home in the U.K, were travelling in their own private jet. This family were very rich too, seeing as lots of their relatives were very famous. However, Melony, one of the youngsters of the group, was looking through a window when she saw a peculiar view of the ONE AND ONLY… 

Sofa! “Mother! Oh my! How odd, I have seen a sofa from miles in the air…!” The clever yet confused child wailed. “Calm down!” Her baffled mother sighed. “Ok, then when I looked out of the plane window there was a sofa!…

Deep in the hollows-100WC

100wc sofaIn the heart of the overgrown forest, where suspicious sights may be spotted, a sofa was dumped by a family, who where currently decorating their posh house. However, this leather piece of furniture was, actually, a huge mistake to throw away; it had been full of good luck and home to a mythical cat named Fidget. As soon as the old chair had landed on the dirty, crumbling soil it became cold and eventually turned to mossy stone. “Meeeeeeeeooooooooooow!” the odd beast had also  changed it had become a…

A chuckling kitten! Throughout the woods, strangely, the local beings knew much about the uncomfortable seat!


A day of work!-100WC

Suddenly, my mother came strolling into my bedroom “Sweetie pie I’m sorry however I must rush off to work…” She sighed “Will you take care of Pippa and Josie for me while I’m away!” However, the second time she spoke, it was more cheerily! After 5 minutes of persuasion, I agreed to babysit! As soon as, my mum had left I tip toed down stairs, seeing as my sisters were still asleep, and reached into the cupboard for a snack. “Hmmm, I’ll have a penguin biscuit!” I decided. Sleepily, I threw myself on the sofa “But it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper?” The biscuit tasted odd…



Popular, dangerous

Running, wrestling, leaping

Not a rule for anyone



Friendly, thoughtful

Enchanting, saving, dreaming

Whatever is most desired



Fighters, citizens

Believing, dreaming, fighting

Battlers towards all Spartans



Powerful, cheater

Leading, lightening, fighting

braves the beasts of myths



Greece, which is made up of several islands, is a large part of the world’s past; it is located in South-Eastern Europe. The Ancient Greeks, who have inspired various activities today, were around in 700BC. In this report you will learn about: Greece Today, Olympic Games, Gods and even Athens.

Greece Today

Greece is a country of scorching temperatures; many people can’t resist a holiday there in the summer due to the climate reaching highs of 33o! Whereas, from December to February the weather gets as cool as 13o. As well as this, the popular destination is home to thousands of Christians seeing as it is their major religion. Moreover, this nation, which is near 3 islands called Crete, Corfu and Santorini, enjoy many meals such as Dolmades and Moussaka; Dolmades – Stuffed vine leaves full of soft rice and spices and Moussaka – baked mincemeat with spices, egg and cheese toppings. As well as, feta cheese – a very traditional crumbled or crushed snack. Furthermore, the location pay with the currency of Euros and have Alexis Tsipras as their trustworthy prime minister.

The map of Greece.
The Olympics.

As you may know, every other leap year, the modern Olympic Games are held. However, the Ancient Greeks were a large part of the idea! In around 700BC, there was a religious festival, which many people travelled to Olympia for, in honour of king of the Gods – Zeus. As well as this, in its first year, there was only 1 event; a short sprint from one end of the stadium to the other, causing a truly chaotic crowd. Gradually, the events built up to a wider range of events such as: javelin, boxing, wrestling and discus. WOW! On the other hand, one event in particular, that was the nastiest of all, made competitors weak within a minute. WRESTLING! Luckily, these days there are rules seeing as all that time ago they didn’t. Things from biting to pinching, all allowed.

A picture of a winning Olympian.


Greek Gods and Goddesses were a main part of daily life, many thought they were looking down on them, thus mortals were always on their best behaviour. The lead God was one and only Zeus. Although, he was important though, he visited earth and tricked women! In the clouds, the immortal beings communicated, some as family and some as friends. Moreover, there were many of them, Aphrodite was the God of desire and love, Poseidon, the ocean and Artemis the moon. Gods were very much like humans however they were more powerful.

A picture of Zeus.


Athens is the capital of Greece and has a long past. It is located, below the acropolis (a rocky hill) and is home to some beautiful sights. Sadly, it used to have many slaves due to their bosses not being wealthy enough to pay them. Half of the working population was made up of slaves and almost everyone had a slave working for them. The large city was the owner of the Parthenon, a temple, with a statue of Goddess Athena! In the destination, the government was democracy helping the public to feel more free.

This report was full of useful information about Ancient Greeks. Hopefully, you will have learnt something new. Clearly, the Greeks have been a big part of the past and were left with big responsibilities.




Greece Today: www.oddizzi.com


Olympic Games: www.bbc.co.uk

Gods: www.bbc.co.uk

Athens: www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk






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The surprise party-100WC

“It’s Lotta’s birthday!” Ashley was sneaking around the metrocentre, trying as hard as she could to give out invitations “Oh! Come on,  take an invite!” (Without luck!) Suddenly, everyone sped towards her and yanked their letters out of the determined girl’s hand. “Well! That is one way to send stuff out!” She thought. The silence was deafening when everyone had gone to the venue for the party ; they were all going to the wonderful world of Big Luke’s and afterwards to adventure valley.

Suddenly, in waltzed Lotta, her mind was confused, she gazed down at her phone to read her texts…

The trip to the woods

One very special day, Stacey was on her way to her grandma’s therefore her mum made her a sandwich with strawberry jam smothered inside. As soon as, the kind little child had left her home she skipped cheerfully through the woods. Out of the corner of one eye, she saw a peculiar sight, in Britain, it was a Hyena. However, that wasn’t what she was confused about seeing as the problem she was confused about was that it was miserable! Suddenly, the distraught hyena started to climb over a fallen branch and a grey squirrel was racing the other way…

The dark night!

The gloomy evening skies grew even darker, I felt like I was entering my doom. Swiftly, cars drove past me splashing me with freezing water from the floods that Darkendale were facing. Carelessly, I sped across the road with my school bag over one shoulder and my cotton hat squashed onto my head. Without warning, a large vehicle was coming my way, before I knew it I was unconscious in my bed. I could feel my ankle throbbing and felt like my head was spinning. “Suddenly, someone knocks on the door saying you got hurt, wait the next time!” Mother explained.

The mystery of the missing curse – part 6

Meanwhile, complaints were being made by many other families for noise.

Tina’s diary (Ava’s sister) 

Dear diary,

This is horrendous, is it becoming to much for me? Ava is still at the hospital getting x-Rays and tests done! I am lost! What should I do? I am already getting small spells of bad luck! Like early this morning it was bright outside but it was still pitch black in my room! Sorry! I’ve got to go! Ava needs to be picked up from the hospital now! My mum obviously can’t pick her up because she went to London on a course and my dad had to take her there!

Love from a very worried Tina.         Xxx

When Tina arrived at the hospital Ava came out with a sling on her left arm and a couple of clean, soft bandages wrapped around her right ankle. Suddenly, Tina slipped on a rotten banana peel and bumped her head on the side of the reception desk. A nurse and a wheelchair came rushing towards the 2 sisters speedily and took them to a room to check them out. Ava was fine however one of the crutches she had been walking with had gone missing causing more hassle to find a new pair of the right size. Luckily, the eldest sister was just in shock therefore she could still safely transport her sibling home!

Was their journey going to be successful? Were they going to be troubled by the curse again? Was it just bad luck?

To be continued…



The mystery of the missing curse – part 5

Dear diary,
Perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to discover more into this curse. Now I am lying in bed like a sad puppy, I’m guessing you are full with curiosity as to why! Therefore, I better tell you before it’s too late.  This morning I leaped out of bed and I must have hit my head, My head was pounding as though 1000 screaming children had been arguing over a cuddly toy in my very ears. Spontaneously, a shadowy figure crossed my room and turned off the lights, eagerly I screamed, my heart was in my throat. Apprehensively, I tried to tip toe out of my room to safety. Was there going to be a today? Was I going to live or die? Again, I bumped my head, this time on the corner of my bed side table. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I screamed in terror and fright seeing as my book shelf toppled on top of me! Luckily, my sister heard and she came rushing in to rescue me.

That ruled out my sister from my investigation. It was impossible that she could have swept through my room like that. Although,she might tease me every now and then however she definitely would NEVER try to harm me.

Love Ava Xx

“Sis! Sis! Please Ava please! Please talk to me!” Her sister wailed and weaped for hours on end. Nothing happened. Just hours and hours of tears pouring down Ava’s sister’s face. What was the missing curse taking out its anger on this lovely family for? “Ava, please, if you can hear me just wake up, you know I need you!” The heartbroken sister begged once again.

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A welcome to the city.

The plane had landed safely and a gush of wind blew my hair over my face forcefully. Speedily, I ran to my sister and squeezed her tight. What was that I could feel? it was rain beginning to spit over my shoulder.  I was starting to think I had to rush now before the rain turned to a storm. Boom! Clatter! Bang! the sound of zooming taxies rung in my ears and the rain was pouring heavier and heavier every single second. Parents and their children were scurrying over the road with umbrellas above their heads creating a hectic New York.

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The trip to Howtown

Dear Diary,

                     Today was the most tremendous day of my entire life! It all started when I was skipping jubilantly along the road to the massive school bus and I just managed to catch a glimpse of the last seat! However, it wasn’t that big of a deal seeing as the person sat next to me never spoke a sound, and they were too busy taking photographs of the scenery around them. We were on our way to  Howtown for a residential trip, therefore you couldn’t blame them for wanting to keep memories. As soon as we had arrived at the youth hostel from our long journey, we searched the building for our dormitory. I discovered I was sharing a room with my some of my friends, Katy, Lucy, Anais, Lauren and Elle. We then sped outside to find out who our instructors were for the week. As soon as, we met them (Tom and Tim) we had to go all the way back inside and get changed in to swimming costumes, and clothes that were allowed for water activities. Afterwards we waddled down slowly to Ullswater not a lake because there really only is one lake in the Lake District. Once we arrived, we had to run quickly into the water and back out again! We evn had to wash our faces! I still feel like frosty the snowman! You have no idea how chilly I am even now! Guess what I even had a bowl full of macaroni cheese and went orienteering! I am so excited for tomorrow! Well it… Yawn… Yawn… 


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The magic flower garden part 1

The luscious daisies and forget me nots were growing strongly through the crumbling soil as water was  gently poured onto them. Swiftly, the nectar was being forced out of them by little insects such as ruby ladybirds, and their seeds were beginning to be dispersed by a little grey squirrel that had squished through the garden fence. However, this garden wasn’t ordinary it was very peculiar indeed as deep below the soil there was 4 delightful coins belonging to the old oak tree! The light was SO bright from the garden lamp helping to keep the condition of the plant so magnificent.

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The mystery of the missing curse-part 4

The same day

Dear diary,

I am not so tired now and I only have a few minutes before the party therefore I better tell you more while I can! I have literally just woken up and ran across the corridor to find not a single penny in sight! (Good news) however I also have some bad news I found a book that said  there is known to be a curse within the coins and if you touch or even catch a glimpse you will have the CURSE! Sadly, I might not have a very good time at the party. “Knock, Knock!” My sister banged on the door like a heard of rhino’s was about to barge into my small bedroom. ” The party is about to begin” my sister giggled like a drama queen, as she broke through my bedroom door (she did have 13 years of karate you know!) “Unless, some kind of curse came your way!” She cackled.                                                                                              “Was that you?” I took a breath and sighed! I could almost have felt so lucky that I could have cried with joy! “Perhaps!… Or it could have been that curse I was on about!” My older sibling screamed.  I now couldn’t make out if it really was that dramatic teenager or if it was the curse of the coins! I had to get my detective on!


Ava Xxx

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The mystery of the missing curse- part 3

The map must have lead somewhere very important to my ancestors, however I was too scared to follow them because the images weren’t what you see every day! Suddenly, I leapt out of the hatch of the loft and fell to the ground with a huge THUD! Now though, I’m safely tucked up in my bed and feel cosy like I’m lying on a cloud wrapped up like a baby in a blanket. At least now I’m safe and sound and I hope that none of those coins fell out of the loft with me.

Love Ava.      Xx

2nd January 7am

Dear diary,

Yawn! Oh! Diary I’m so tired because I hardly caught a wink of sleep last night seeing as the coins and pennies are built in my mind. I don’t think I’ll be going on a goose chase today because I need at least a snooze if I want any chance of being awake for my sisters birthday party! I apologise for the length of this entry however if I carry on much longer I’ll wake up to find a moustache drawn on my face! (That is what nobody wants!) bye!

love Ava.       Xx

P.S.- Sorry, I promise I’ll tell you more about the coins when I’m more awake!

Picture from: http://www.wpclipart.com/animals/cats/cartoon_cats/cartoon_cats_4/cat_sleeping_with_little_girl.png.html

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Chocolate cake!

Today we have been learning all about how to add pictures to blog posts! Here is the picture I chose! I looks like a delectable delight and I wish I could have a bite! Mmm, Mmm!

Picture from: http://www.wpclipart.com/food/desserts_snacks/cupcake/chocolate_cupcake.png.html

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The mystery of the missing curse-part 2

1st January-before bed

Dear diary,

Sorry I didn’t specify where and what I was up to however hopefully this should explain EVERYTHING! First of all, I sped nervously up the wobbly ladders of the attic and burst through the door! (I had a hunch that something odd was going to be shown in there!) As soon as I had reached safety, I rushed to the corner to rummage through a box of mysterious items belonging to my family from generations ago. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed as I noticed something peculiar, there was a coin in each and every item. Even though, you may think I’m being soft, these coins were rose gold and on each of them they had engraved in them a different picture! In my mind I was beginning to realise that it was showing a map!

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The mystery of the missing curse!


1st January 2014-2pm

Dear diary,  

                   I need to truly express my feelings and confess that I do have ghosts living in my sisters apartment, AKA my home. I have lived here since I was 3 years old and always believed that my sister wasn’t true when she tried to creep me out, by saying “Hey little kiddo do you know that at midnight on your 10th birthday, you will be haunted by ghosts for your entire life until…!”. However, my mother was always too fast for her to carry on, as I already woke up in the middle of the night from hunger and thirst seeing as I can’t last very long without a sip of water and a delectable snack! Now that’s not the problem I’m facing though, therefore let me get right to the point first of all, last night at midnight it WAS my 10th birthday and I heard freaky noises floating around my bed and saw this morning scratches on my wall. Who could it have been? Could it have been a shadowy figure? Or just my sister trying to scare me? Oh! There it goes again, what’s that deadly sound and that dangerous hole in my ceiling dripping water for. H…H…H…HELP!…

Later on (2:30pm)

Dear Diary,

Phew! It was just a plumbing malfunction from the flat upstairs. Although, I know that though I still don’t know where those mystical scrapes on the wall came from? It is possible that my pet kitten “Sunny” could have done it because she is always prancing around in my invisible spy cloak from the loft of the building (Idon’t know where it came from) however I’m sure she isn’t capable of pulling that big of pranks! Now I think about it does every attic include a mysterious cloak, Not every loft, NO OTHER LOFT! Sorry! I’ R got to go!

From Ava

P.S. – I can only hope I shall be safe! Wish me luck!
To be continued…
photo credit: darkwood67 via photopin cc

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How popular is our project for the school fair?


Our project for the school fair was chosen by our class. First of all, we got our own slips of paper to put our idea for the school fair onto afterwards, we put them into a box and discussed what the best ideas were. We came to a conclusion of, making loom bands and perhaps even having Fifa on in the classroom. However, the question is how popular do we think they’ll be?  Read on to find out my opinion.

Loom bands are a big thing that has taken the world by storm, and are enjoyed by many. People like them because you can create lots of jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and many more. As well as this, you can create charms for your jewellery and maybe even some simple sorts of key rings. They are tremendous and quick to make by using you tube videos. Although, they can be very fun to make and create though, there still are problems included like bands snap easily (by certain brands) and looms sometimes loose a peg or two. At our school fair, we hopefully should sell quite a lot of bands however they have lost a tiny bit of interest since they came out. Fingers crossed! 

FIFA is also quite popular, boys play it a lot on the Xbox and it also creates a lifelike football match played by using controllers. I don’t know too much about it, even though I don’t though I still watch Friday download (on a Saturday) which shows some people playing the game and it was quite highly recommended by the team! Therefore, I have come to a conclusion that, FIFA is an entertainment to boys and perhaps a few girls. Fingers crossed about this too!

In the end, we should get quite a few people to buy our product! Now all we have to do is hope for the best! Good luck everyone! What do you think? Do you think our products are popular?


photo credit: vijay_chennupati via photopin cc

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100 WC at home- Rachel


Upon the horizon, I saw Santa’s sleigh begin to soar swiftly through the sky, and the ringing spontaneously began to repeat in my little chilly ears. Suddenly, I realised a hectic town was right before my eyes, and that the houses were beginning to glow with decorations. People zooming like they had two left feet in their cars. However, a rush of wind blew towards me and left my hat and scarf fluttering through the cloudy sky, too far for me to try and risk my life to climb a tree and reach out apprehensively without falling or even worse…

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100 word challenge-Rachel


Above the trees, The sun struggled to glow through the blowing breeze, and the snowflakes scattered across the shimmering ice,  beneath my frostbitten toes.  Over the horizon,  I saw people scurrying down town to the toy store  battered by the snow storm, people barely  able to catch a glimpse of the shop window because of the icicles dangling from the tree branches above their heads.  However, the  village was still full of jubilant souls as people skated past on their way home to hang up decorations and to lay down cookies and milk for Santa and his little merry reindeers.

photo credit: Clearly Ambiguous via photopin cc

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How to make Shadow Silhouette:

Have you ever wanted to camouflage with your surroundings however you are too scared to be seen? Do you want to knock somebody out from just one sniff of a horrible stench? If so, you MUST follow these awesome instructions and you too can become Shadow!

what you need:

  •  The skin or fur from a snow tiger, that lives in Antartica.
  • A Nerf Rebel message launcher from a space satellite.
  • The black wig from a celebrity and a melted iron mixture (this should take about 15 minutes to set)
  • A giant Bat’s wings from the darkest, gloomiest cave in the UNIVERSE!
  • Mind reading eye contact lenses from the Martian planet ‘Blob’
  • Then you need some mini stink bombs from the smelliest Ogar’s daughters toy collection.

what you have to do:

  1. First, make a sloppy, goey mixture from the celeb’s wig and the bar of iron, and wait for it to set before you move on.
  2. Now, apply this to your head and cover up your hair, however make it look realistic, to make people think your hair really is strong enough to dodge a bomb!
  3. Next, tear the giant wings of the Bat and attach these safely to your back, be careful not to get hit with them before hand.
  4. After that, take the mini stink bombs (without breaking them) and fill up your message launcher, three at a time.
  5. Once this has been completed, travel to the icy Antartica and look for a dead snow Tiger and take its fur for your camouflaged skin!
  6. Finally, trap the Martian eye contact lenses in your eyes and use with care because you will have to realise your sight will have changed.

Final note:

Once, you have become Shadow Silhouette, be aware to stay away from zoo keepers and your enemies.




Extreme School!

Extreme School

This information page will tell you all about the wonderful CBBC show “Extreme School” read on to find out just what not to do to avoid going across the world to a really strict school! As well as, what extreme school is!

Extreme school is a TV programme shown mainly on CBBC about 2 different children each week sent across the world to a strict school to improve their behaviour. First of all, this series involves children visiting schools in Korea, Africa and 2 more please comment on what you think they were!  The two children (in secondary school) aren’t very well behaved at their schools so they get nominated for extreme school, and have to be sent away for a week to a strict school forcing them to see how lucky they are, that they don’t go to that school anyway! Visit CBBC i player to watch this year’s series of 5 epsisodes.

Due to this being such a challenging event, I have some tips on how to avoid even getting told off never mind extreme school! (By the way if you are getting concerned this is really only for truly badly behaved children) Tip 5. Obey your teachers and follow the rules because if you don’t you could get caught up in bad behaviour. Tip 4. If someone is being mean to somebody don’t get involved however, if you are really worried about someone tell your teachers! Tip 3. If your teacher is talking listen to them and then you won’t have a chance of making mistakes, wether you like it or not! Tip 2. Always try your best and do your neatest work because then you may find out you are good at something you never discovered. Before I carry on I would like to remind you not to worry because if you think you are misbehaving these rules will keep you on the right track! Finally, Tip 1. Follow all the rules your teachers give you and then you won’t be risking any consequences. Even though, you might find these hard they are put there to help you and I’m sure your teachers will tell you time and time again for your safety.

Extreme school is utterly unpleasant at the beginning but as you progress through the week you will realise that your teachers at school aren’t quite as… Well… Strict! Keep this in mind and try to avoid consequences to make sure you don’t go experience such a challenge! Think!