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Neil Armstrong biography

Neil Armstrong was famous for being the first ever man to set foot on the moon. He was born on August 5th 1930. However, he unfortunately passed away 20 days after his 82nd birthday due to heart complications from heart surgery.

Early Life

After leaving university Neil went to join the Army and Navy. But after spending a couple of years in his career he was called up to join the Korean war by flying over 200 different air crafts. Sadly,in 1952 he left the military to go back to collage. Despite going back to collage, he met his first wife Janet sheeran .He also became a professor of science and space and Harvard academy where he taught how rockets were made and how they blast off.


After Armstrong and Sheeran got married, they had their first son Eric in 1957 28th January . Two years later, Neil was elected for the national space race ; which his wife was devastated about as their son was only two. But before anything was planned, they had another child called Karen. Sadly at the age of three Karen suddenly died due to a brain tumor. Unfortunately, Janet later died that year. However he remarried and went on to have another child called mark who went on to become an astronomer and astronaut like his father.

Moon Trip

On July 16th , Neil Armstrong , Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins ventured out in to space bursting through the bright blue atmosphere made of various gasses. But on 19th July, Neil stepped foot ion the moon for the very first time making history through out time. However, after 3 or 43 hours of exploring they waddled back in to the Eagle that had ejected from the other space ship that had got them on to the glorious, jaw-dropping moon . After spending a couple days traveling back home they burst back through the earths atmosphere and made a gigantic splash in the cold Atlantic ocean and waited until help arrived to help them out of the glorious Eagle that got them home.

As you heard in the opening paragraph, Neil unfortunately died happily in his home on the 25th August 2012  just 20 days after his 82nd birthday . All his family told the world that many people had payed tribute in order of his death and made a moral  in order to know that they loved him. Barack Obama stated that ” he wasn’t just a hero of h is time and ours, he was a hero of all time and will be forever”



cinquain poems


kind, protective

loving,sharing, helping

protecting sailors of the night



beutiful greek

caring enchanting standing

immortal watching over Athens



bold strong

leading fighting ruling

leathal as he battles



sweat blood

running jumping heart raising

racing for a prize


Ancient Greece

Greece, which now has 11,183,000 people, is made up of many different islands. The ancient Greeks, who had twelve gods, had small houses made of dried mud and brick. In this report you will find out about Greece today, home life, gods and Athens.

Greece today
Greece today, which is 29,768 square mile, is in south east Europe. This holiday paradise is made of various islands that are also close to turkey. In this country, the life expectancy is 78 for a man and 83 for a woman; sometimes it’s the other way around. This beautiful destination, which has many delicious foods, has lots of different foods. The Greeks also believed that Zeus obtained the lightning bolt.

Home life
In Ancient Greece, homes were made out of dried mud and brick. They were very small unless you were rich. The roves were made of clay or straw and the windows were holes in the wall with wood on them to stop the sun from burning the house. At home the women weren’t allowed to leave the house without the permission of a man. Poorer women had more freedom because they were not as wealthy ass rich women. Rich women stayed at home to do the cleaning.

Gods and goddesses
Greeks thought that gods and goddesses came from Gaia and Uranus or earth and water. They also believed that gods were like any other adult in the world. These historic people thought that the twelve most important gods lived on mount Olympus because no one could see the summit. The colossal mountain is in northern Greece. Many Greeks tried to reach the top but gods got angry and sent them back to the village where they had come from. Zeus was the god of all gods and ruled Olympus as well as Poseidon and hades. They were all brothers and fought for the Golden Fleece but Zeus got the Golden Fleece before his two brothers and became ruler.

this is  the temple of artemis it is where Zeus statue lays

Athens was the largest city in Greece. Of the 200,000 to 300,000 people in ancient Greece one third of them were slaves; or some of them were born as slaves. Also every man aged 20-50 could be called up for military service.

As you can see ancient Greece was an interesting time and still is and there is a lot of interesting facts about them.

The mysterious door

Slowly I opend my groggy eyes and looked outside. It was a miserable grey morning as usual in England. I went downstairs in to the kitchen and made myself sandwich. But when I got in to the living room my brother was laughing at me like a hyena. I ignored his cackling and ate my  breakfast. All of a sudden I saw a door trapped behind the wall paper in the doorway. I ripped it off and opened the door . All I could see was stairs. With my heart in my hands I climbed the mysterious staircase what will be at the top? …


The crash

“Ugh” moaned Willow. It was 3.00 in the morning and the family were going on a ferry and it was booked to dock at Newcastle at 4.30. Quickly the family of 4 m got packed and got there suitcases in the boot of the car. It had been snowing the past few weeks and  it had got icy so the driver had to be driving carefully. They set of and they were still sleepy. All of a sudden…BOOM CRASH the car skidded and flipped over. ARE WE DEAD said Willow. I don’t think so replied her mother and father. The  family tried to escape but they could not as they were badly hurt. willows father called and ambulance but her little brother wasn’t responding…


The forgotten hallway-part 6

25th December 1835

It was Christmas day and I wasn’t like other people. I was gloomy and wandered the halls like a ghost. Slowly I wandered my way downstairs and in to the lounge to see a big bundle of presents. However one caught my eye. It was black with a red ribbon saying open me. Carefully I unwrapped the paper from the box and inside the small black box reading ” I’m watching you”. Loudly I screamed in hope one of the maids would come and rescue me from my terror. But none of them came. Vigorously, I tore the letter up in to millions of shreds and tried not to think about it. Quietly I sat on the arm chair blank mined until I felt something pull my hair. Sacredly, I turned to see there was nothing there just the end of the room. Freaked out, I slowly walked up to my room. Until I heard a loud clatter from my mothers room. Curiosity rushed thought me and I went to investigate. Slyly I sneaked in to the room thinking it was nothing. Or so I thought. Swiftly, I looked around her bedroom until the door slammed shut. All of a sudden I could hear a voice saying “you will never leave”. In shock, I dropped on the door and knocked myself out …

The forgotten hallway

As my eyes opened all I could see  was sheer blackness and I felt nauseous. But when I tried to run I hit a steel wall an fell on the floor. Day after day I tried to escape the little steel room  until the 21st I found a tunnel behind the cabinet so I crawled out and when I got out I ran I ran until I fell. I was out of breath but I didn’t care. I tried to get up but I was to weak. Sacredly, I trembled as a pair of arms wrapped around me.  It was my aunts ghost …

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A letter from santa


Father Christmas

The grotto

The north pole


Dear Sammy,

Thank you for your letter which was fantastic. I’m writing to you to tell you what I do during the year.

Straight after Christmas, I have a long well earned and deserved break after delivering presents for children non-stop. Then I feed the reindeers as they did do most of the work flying round the world all night. After that, warm myself up otherwise I’ll turn in to a ice block. Then I feed myself and the other animals before climbing in to my cosy warm bed.

During the summer months, I go on holiday to a range of different places. Last year, I went to France and it was not really for me. The first couple days were going great but a couple days later and made a HUGE mistake. I left the reindeers out in public. So I had to go as some people figured me out after the incident. Also, I went to Scotland. However, it was always raining and it was also gloomy and dark. Plus, the day it wasn’t raining I decided to the lake which was freezing. Slowly but surely, I walked to the caravan and warmed myself up. But when I went shopping a little girl spotted me and I had to go somewhere else (again). This time, I went to las Vegas. Although this time it wasn’t so bad. I went for a swim every morning to keep me hydrated. Also I always dresses classy so I looked like I was rich as it was an expensive hotel. I also spent some time in the casino. But that didn’t go so well. I lost all my money until I was penniless. It got worse because during my usual morning swim a boy spotted me and I went home straight away.

As Christmas approaches, I get back and force myself through the door as I push the mound of letters from children around the world. next I try to read all the letters before another batch come. However I usually fall asleep halfway through reading the letters. Then wake p and there’s a bigger pile and sometimes I get fed up. After that, I go to bed ready to make some toys and when I do they fall apart.

In conclusion, I hope this gives you a clue on what I do on the rest of the 363. I enjoyed writing you this letter

yours truly,

Father Christmas
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The forgotten hallway – part 2


1835 7th December

Dear diary,

This morning mother told me some more about her little sister and her friend who mysteriously died. She told me sacredly that her little sister was called Elizabeth and she used to see things or she would go in a trance whenever she was alone. However, the strangest thing she said is that her little sister always used to sing songs in a different language when the sun was down and the candles were lit. later that night, I wandered the halls to see if the noise was there but as soon a I stepped out of my dormitory. I walked halfway down the corridor and a hand  clutched my arm and them my leg and dragged me away. I screamed as loud as I could but no one could hear me. I got dragged in to the darkness….


Help me!

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The forgotten hallway


1835 6th December

Dear diary,

Today was the twilight ball and I wore my mothers dress she wore when she had her first ball. However, when I walked upstairs I kept on hearing strange noises behind me like little girls laughing but then it stopped as soon as I walked back downstairs. Legend has it that a couple of twelve year olds died mysteriously in the house when they were going their first ball too. My mother always told me that she had a younger sister who died a the age of twelve. She said that she was going downstairs and she left her younger sister with her friend and halfway down the stairs she heard girls scream and when she went back upstairs to check if everything was alright the two girls were laying lifeless on the floor with blood on there silky long gowns. She never told me anything else as she always got teary any way I’ve got to go until the next time…

photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

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Rebecca snow 100wc


Silently, the snow falls making a thick long blanket of white crystal snow. Structures building up making mounds of snow as they crumble to the floor. Ellegantly, the cold winters breeze blows against my window almost shattering them to tiny fragments nearly as small as snow fragments. Slowly, my feet sink to the floor as the snow shatters beneath my cold damp feet. All of a sudden, a sillouette appered in the distance.  The tiny pieces of snow fell thickly and heavily. My mind raced to the shadow and it was a nice warm house (my house). When I finally reached my house I warmed myself up then watched the eye catching snow elegantly fall on the mounds of snow.

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