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100WC Week 23.

One day there was a man called Joseph. He was very old. On one Saturday he moved house but he threw his couch in a disgusting pond. Suddenly, Josephs moving truck came so he got in and moved house. After a while, a little girl found the glorious couch and ran home to get her father. Her father brought a ladder and picked it up and took the couch to a forest. They took the couch to the place where their Grandma died in the forest. Also, they asked a man to carve Grandma in a stone and dusted the couch.

Greek cinquain.


Strong, powerful

Helping,caring, amazing

Helps battle any enemies



bold, powerful

encourging, bossing, caring

bosses all of the gods



dangerous, exciting

running, jumping, tempting

always open to everyone



huge, busy

amazing, exciting, working

one of the best places


Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece.
Greece, which has an enormous population, is in South Eastern Europe. The Ancient Greeks, who are very important in our history, did lots of interesting things. In this report you will find out about: Greece today, the Olympic Games, ships and gods.

Greece today.
Today in Greece is very different from in the olden days in Greece. The highest mountain in Greece, which is huge, is Mount Olympus. This nation has a warm, sunny climate with temperatures that peak are about 33C in the summer. The motto in Greece is normally freedom or death. Greece is a country in South Eastern Europe and has a vast number of islands.

The Olympic Games.
If you don’t know the Olympic Games are totally different know. All of the competitors at the Olympic Games were naked, except for perhaps a coating of oil. The Olympic Games began over 2,700 years ago in Olympia. All of the Olympic Games were part of a religious festival. The Games were held in honour of Zeus, king of all gods.

Ships in Greece are very different to know a days. For anchors for all ships, Greek sailors used heavy stones with a hole in for a rope. Greek warships, which are usually large, had oars as well as sails. Small trading ships usually stayed close to shore, so the sailors did not get lost.

Know a days some people only believe in one god but in Greece people believed in lots of gods. The god that protected the gate to the underworld was a three headed dog, Cerberus. The gods did not always behave like they were supposed to. Their king, Zeus, was always being unfaithful to his wife Hera. The gods looked down to see what people were doing. A family of Gods and Goddesses lived in a cloud palace above mount Olympus. Zeus used to through thunder bolts at people that disobeyed him.

As you can see the Ancient Greeks are not as lucky as we are. Also, the Gods and Goddesses were not always nice to each other.

The darkest day ever-100WC

One morning I woke up and opened the curtains to look out of the window. As I opened the curtains it was still as dark as a dungeon. Suddenly my mum shouted of me to get dressed because I was going to my friends house (Josie.) As I walked over to my friends house it started to thunder and then a lightning bulb struck one of the biggest trees! I quickly ran until I got to my friends house and without knocking I walked in. Josie’s dad came and welcomed me into his house. But as I was walking into the sitting room Josie’s dad turned into a ghost…

Mystery of the broken cupboard- Part 1.

January 1st.

Dear diary,

Today I am moving house with my brother and mam. When we were all sorted I went to have a look around and I found a mysterious cupboard. I opened the cupboard and I found a magical key. I took the key out and there was another key hole. Suddenly, My mam shouted of me in the kitchen for some tea. As soon as I finished my tea I went back to the cupboard, took the key out and put the key in the key hole…



As I was drifting off I heard the stable door open. joseph came in with lots of bags and put them on my back! They were so heavy! After that, we went out into the cold, and walked all the way to Bethlehem. I was tired, hungry and cold!

As we got there I fell over because I was so tired. But, joseph said “we have to find a place to stay.” We found a stable to stay in. in the morning, I saw a baby in a manger and thought who is this. Mary said “This is Jesus!” A couple of hours later some kings came and brought some gold, frankincense and myrrh. Mary said “oh thank you.” The kings stayed for the night but they slept on my back! In the morning, Mary, joseph and the kings had their bags packed.

We walked to a shop and bought some water. Then Mary said “We have to travel to Egypt!” When we got there we unpacked our bags and went to sleep.

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A letter from Santa


      Father Christmas

The Grotto

The North Pole


Dear Sammy,

                        Thank you for the letter, I am writing to you to explain that straight after Christmas I have something to eat, go for a run, then get in the bath, then have something else to eat. After all of that, I get my pyjamas on, go to bed and do it all the next day.

During the summer months, I put sun cream on and sunbathe for an hour or two. But, sometimes I go to my friends house and have a party! Other times, I just sit in my pyjamas and watch television. After that, I just go to bed.

As Christmas approaches, I quickly get dressed and start making toys with my elves. We make the toys really special for the children! But, first I read the letters to see what people want for when the festive season comes.

In conclusion, I hope that you understand what I do know and that I don’t work all year. I hope that I have made it clear but if I haven’t write back to me next year.

Yours sincerely Santa Claus.

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Scary Christmas!

Scary Santa

It was a windy night and all was quiet. Then, a shadow blew past and it screamed ” BOO. ” The shadow went past again and stopped. A little boy walked past and saw the shadow! Suddenly, the shadow took the boy away and went to a shed.  In the morning, parents heard all the screaming from the little boy and locked their doors and windows. When the screaming stopped, people went in and all that was left was his bones and blood. A couple of hours later some men came to have a look. Then they found out it was a prank.

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How to make Starburst Sophie?

Have you ever wanted a belly button that shoots fireballs? Do you want boots as quiet as a mouse? If so follow these instructions and you to could become Starburst Sophie.

What you need?                                                                                   .

The tail from the most dangerous snake on earth.

The highest star from the night sky.

The fluff from the fluffiest top from the king and queens castle.

The fur from the most fierce and brown bear.

The poison from a poison bottle.

What you do?

First, take the fur from the brown bear and use it as your hair

Next, take the fluff from the top and place it on the bottom of your shoes.

After, take the bottle of poison and drink it.

Then, fly into the sky and take the highest star.

Finally, take the tail from the snake and use it as your sword.

You need a subheading here Siobhan

Finally, once you are Starburst Sophie stay away from the sun, bibles and happy people.