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100 WC- the ghost of Ebony.


Dear Diary,

Last time I wrote in this diary Ebony was killed by the head teacher today was as weird as that day one year has past and Ebony well…

Yestaurday  morning me and my friends met up and went to class everything was normal all day till that night I saw Ebony but she’s dead. Today I tolled the others and they all had seen Ebony to I then shouted OMG the others went to class and I saw Ebony so I ran to the others and shouted it out in class … The silence was deafening… then I was taken to the head teachers office (the new head teacher) and everyone called me crazy.

The mystery of slender hill university-100wc.


Dear Diary,

                Today was so weird I got changed in to my uniform since my university was a privet school and walked to my friends we were a secret group called the pink & blacks me and my friends walked down the hallway but my best friend Ebony was not there I was worrying I had not seen here since Friday and today I Monday I am really worried. Later that day I was pulled out of class and I was taken to the head teachers office then there was a police man. I asked “Why am I here?” the police man answered by saying your friend Ebony was found dead Saturday…

The curse of the missing Dr pepper -part 1

One day three children woke up after a sleepover there names were Jessica, Gabriel & Jamie they were going to a meeting of the Dr pepper army this was a very important meeting Gabriel was the leader of coca cola cherry and Jessica was the leader of coca cola all of the over leaders where coming except one the sprit army the worst army everyone hated them they always   fought with the over army’s  today was a normal day but something was missing…



Earlier this week we have learning about angles in triangles. We worked out the missing angles  using 180 degrees and we learned that a parallelogram has two angles the same at the bottom. We had to work out what they were on Mathletics and used Mathletics to learn more on angles.


The Blitz!

The Blitz!

Buses passed by like Hitler wasn’t coming,

Traffic lights changing the law is still obeyed,

Victory is wanted for Britain and her people,

A deadly silence fills the air like death is passing over.

Suddenly whistling started at the crack of dawn,

Then bang went the church I went to every Sunday night,

Factories were obliterated glass all over,

The school was destroyed like a teddy exploding.

1000 bombs hit the floors that smoke fills the air,

100 people die,50 children cry the war is her,

Everyone runs to the shelters collecting supplies,

Parents hope the children safe in the country side.

Now it’s over now it’s done the plans are gone,

The people go out side to see no more houses,

See no more schools they hope there children live,

people help neighbours people help family’s to rebuild there lives.