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Brooklyn and the Witches Curse

My name is Brooklyn. I am 13 years old and I live at a castle hidden within a forest called Black Forest. I don’t know how but it just is, I suppose.I used to live with my Mother but sadly she passed away when I was 7 years of age. I live alone now. Actually, I do have maids to clean the house and cook for me. Also, my Dad. He just misses my Mother so is a bit upset.  Anyway, I am telling you a story that I will never forget. For my entire life! Here is the beginning.

It was the best day ever (kind of) me and my Dad were messing around, like back in the old days when Mother was out shopping. She hated it when we did mess around. But today, was good. He was in a good mood. We started playing and cracking jokes but at 12:17 pm on this wonderful day… something awful happened. The sky turned dark grey and a tornado just appeared out of nowhere! It was weirdly INCREDIBLE. Anyway, I got really frightened, my Dad pushed me behind him for protection. Suddenly, a witch appeared from inside of the tornado. She produced a large wand from her cloak and waved it around saying these words. Technically, GOBBLEDEGOOK! I think it was something like this:

“Zing wah Huyicon makh thize people dizzabeare!”

But then, even though no-one understood the language a huge whilrwind came and took away my Dad, the maids and mostly everything. But when she and all victims had gone, everything had remained and eerie shade of black.


Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 13

Dear Diary,

This is it, ‘Mother’ has told me the truth, but I just can’t believe it. I’ve never fitted in to be a girl who lives with wealth and fame. It isn’t me… or is it? I just can’t do it… write it in my diary, I think I better explain soon. I think she had better She should be sorry. Very sorry that I found out.

From Daisy

“I know, I know, I can’t say this. It is very hard.” ‘Mother’ explained.
“Just tell me!” I yelled. I sat down in the uncomfortable cage, waiting for an answer.

“I am… I mean we are not your real parents. My name is… Isabella. I was the youngest of my Mother’s daughters. She had 5 of us. I ran away when I was 18 and met your not-so-real Father when I was 26. That was it,” she confessed. I was fuming. When was she going to tell me about the whole me situation? About why I was here at this particular moment.

“I stole you from a cottage deep within the woods. I couldn’t bear it. You were crying and you wouldn’t stop, I tried to calm you but then your Mother came down and I wasn’t thinking-” she burst into hysterical tears. I felt a bit sorry for her. But mostly, I was angry.

“What else is there to this ‘story’?” I said.

“I picked you up and ran back to our cosy Hall. Heather Hall. It was my Grandmother’s. It has been in our family for generations. I wanted you to carry it out for another. I raised you as if you were actually my own. You smiled at your Father at 7 weeks old. Your first word was ‘Hello’ But then, it started to get awkward. You made friends with them 2 girls. Your attitude changed. I haven’t told you this story until now. That is all there is to it,” continued Isabella. I was literally as boiling as a lava bucket. I was SO ANNOYED at Isabella. I couldn’t believe it.


Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 12

“Help me Bubbles!!” I cried out. Darkwood had me by the leg. His grip was like steel, not letting go. I started wriggling to get out of his grasp. Laughing, he pulled me out of the portal, and away from Bubbles. Swiftly, Darkwood led me to his ugly, grey mansion (of terror). My Mother was still trapped in a cage. “Oh Mother. I tried to escape. But I failed. Only Bubbles left.” I cried. Mother sadly just looked at me and sighed. “I’ve always thought you of your real parents… oh no!” Mother stopped and looked guilty. “Mother… what real parents. You and Father are my real parents.” Slowly, my eyes filled with tears, and they slid down my face. “What happened, Mother? Can’t you tell me the truth this time? I have always thought you as my real parents… but you’re not…?” I whispered. I hid my face beneath my long hair and cried. “What HAPPENED, Mother. Or should I even call you that?” I mumbled, furiously. With a big sigh, ‘Mother’ opened her mouth and prepared to tell me… the truth

The mysterious sweet-100WC

Sunday 12Th February 1856

Dear diary, today was the worst day of my entire life for some reason my best friend Izzabelle has defriended however I have no idea why was it the way I dressed today? Was it pure jealousy? what ever it was I hope she becomes my friend again. bye Love Eliza XX

As I put down my diary I quietly sobbed into my thin knees and then suddenly a knock came from the downstairs door. therefore I ran down the what seemed to be a long haul.Before I knew it  I was down stairs and I was itching to eat a sweet thus I grabbed a sweet and ate it however this wasn’t a sweet it was something else but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper….

Curse of the ghost part 4


The woman from fell chased me into rooms and out of rooms. I was only 5 steps ahead of the beast. I had some string in bag for some reason and ran around the corner and tied it to the wall. The lady fell as she ran, while I had the chance I locked my self in a locker. I could not hear anything the silence was deafening what shall I do. I slowly opened the locker I looked around and the executioner was behind me. He grabbed me by my arm I didn’t know we’re I was going but I had a clue since he brung his axe!

The Mystery of the daughter? 100WC

The darkness was misty i couldn’t see. Swiftly, I ran over to the window to try and look out. Squinting, I ran over to the bed side and thought i might go to bed since it was really late. Tired, I slept on the floor seeing as it was too uncomfortable to sleep there, therefore i slept on the worn out, hard, cold and definitely not bed like floor. Feeling sad, i woke up because there was no way i was going to get to sleep on the stairs. Suddenly, i got up and i didn’t know where i was. “Mom! Dad! Are you guys there?” I asked nervously.

Am i lost i don’t know where i am the silence was deafening……..



The curse of the ghost part 3


Out of my other eye I seen a stick. Was the stick long enough to get the keys and get out of there? I reached for the stick and grabbed it then, I collected the keys from the ridiculously curved hook. There was loads of keys on the ring. Which one was it? After 10 long minutes, of try different keys I finally found the right one. I forced it in the slot and the door creaked open. I heard the evil witch like woman talking to a man with an axe saying that she wants a little girl executed. That girl was me . AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! The evil woman walked in and saw the jail sell open ( she could not see me because I was running at the speed of light). Will she catch me…

The puppy and the tomb part 2


Caroline was ready to go, Storm was about 3 years old and was ready to go. Although Storm was so excited to get going, Caroline told him to stay with her Mum and Dad for a couple hours. Caroline was going to her friends for 4 hours. “Bye Storm, be a good dog for mummy and daddy! Right?” As she got her scarf and hat on. Storm nodded as If he actually understood.” Oh don’t be silly Caroline of course he will! He’s the best dog alive!” As she straightened her hair carefully. “Ok well bye Mum and Dad love you!” What is going on? Storm questioned himself. What about the exploring and adventure? Yelped Storm. He was so upset but at the same time he was so excited for her to come back. But why didn’t they go? Why couldn’t of she took him to her friends? He had so many questions!

The Mystery Of The Haunted House part two

OMG! I’m so scared I’m looking face to face with a VAMPIRE! I can’t even breath properly because I’m so nervous and scared. Suddenly, the beastly monster takes me into a room and tries to suck my blood but a tall man walks into the house I thought to my self this is my chance to run and I raced out of the back but there I saw a huge dragon! I was quite scared at first but now I realised it was bitten on the paw. I quietly asked “are you alright?” in a very painful voice the dragon replied “no the stupid blood sucking vampire bit my paw.” All of a sudden, I heard a murderous scream of DEATH!……



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The lost bear ~Part 5~

Daisy is going through a hard time in her life which means that she hasn’t been getting any sleep, everyone likes their sleep. Quickly, when she finds a place that no one knows of because Daisy made it and she can go to sleep there and not have any trouble about the person or animal that is chasing her.

Dear Diary, 

I am much more calm now because i have found a place i only know of because i was one me who made this place therefore if anyone knows about this place i will cry like I’ve NEVER EVER! cried before. Sadly, i don’t know where in my den i can sleep because it is all bumps and hills there is no flat. However, i may be able to get my claws into the ground and make it flat because i don’t care what i Lie on as long it’s flat i hate bumpy beds.

I hope I write again that is if I’m alive


When Daisy realised that the person stalking her was near by her heart stop like when you stop on a tredmill some of you keeps going. Daisy kept running away however she was having a heart attack. Happily, she didn’t pass away she was okay. This beautiful animal, found a place to stay while she was on her “adventure” the kind of adventure she was on was a bit dangerous  however it was more of an escape because it wasn’t a fun adventure it was a life risking one which no one likes do they?

Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 11

“Bubbles?! What are we going to do? Darkwood’s coming!” I cried out. Bubbles looked absolutely petrified. Also, she looked as if she was going to cry! Suddenly, Darkwood stopped singing. He opened the door…

“Bubbles! We have to think, what can we do?” I whispered, really quietly. Bubbles ran to the other end of the room. I sprinted across the room, following the little nymph and then she suddenly stopped. Her mouth opened wide and she started to screw up her face again and let out a HUGE puff of smoke from her tiny little finger-tips. She made a little portal in the wall so we could escape. Unfortunately, Darkwood had seen us…

“Get back here, you! You’re meant to be a prisoner, little Daisy. get back here this INSTANT!” Darkwood starts to shout at us. he grabs me by the leg and starts to pull me out of the portal the fairy nymph had made for us to escape. I started screaming but he clamps his free hand over my mouth to muffle my sounds. The fairy nymph had obviously had enough of this. She turned invisible and bit Darkwood on the finger. He suddenly let go of me and started yelling at the thin air. We both scrambled through the portal escaping from Darkwood, with only hope escaping with us. Will Darkwood ever leave me alone?

The lost bear! ~Part 4~

So of course Daisy thought she was going to die who would blame her? The shy creature, was being followed by the bear murderer well who doesn’t think that’s scary?

Dear Diary,

So today I was being followed by the most horrible bear in the whole world. I think I might end up dying however who can blame me. I was tricked by a bear which made me think that the bear who found me could’ve been the bear murderer, which actually isn’t very good, I think that the animal that was chasing me could well be ~gulps~ A HUMAN! So that made me think a little bit harder than I already was. Did anyone know I was here except from the evil murderer.

I hope I’m safe


So as you know Daisy is going out of her mind thinking of what will happen now no one knows what will happen to Daisy…………



The mystery of slender hill university-100wc.


Dear Diary,

                Today was so weird I got changed in to my uniform since my university was a privet school and walked to my friends we were a secret group called the pink & blacks me and my friends walked down the hallway but my best friend Ebony was not there I was worrying I had not seen here since Friday and today I Monday I am really worried. Later that day I was pulled out of class and I was taken to the head teachers office then there was a police man. I asked “Why am I here?” the police man answered by saying your friend Ebony was found dead Saturday…

the curse of the ghost part 1 ( 100wc)

The dark night is getting darker by the minute. The street lights begin to fade as the light bulbs start to run out. When would the night end? All you can see is fog in the distance. I was coming home from my friends house. I was petrified as I stamped through the streets. Was I going to be alright? Would this nightmare end? Then all of a sudden I felt something cling onto my bag then I turned around. I thought to myself it can’t be the ghost of the Queens Temple. But what I seen was a shadow behind me…

Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 10

Dear Diary,

“HEY, GIVE ME MY PENCIL BACK!” I scream. I was screaming at somebody I had never met, or seen, before. “Oh, sorry. Hello. My name is Daisy. Could I please have my pencil back? I am writing in my diary at the minute. I do this every day without fail, apart from today. Please, please, PLEASE. I need it, I can’t stop today! Come ON!” I start to shout (again). The little person looks upset and hurt. But keeps a firm grip on the pencil of mine. I think deeply. Yes! “Hey, if I give you my pencil, will you help me out of this dungeon. I need to get out of here, and fast. Yes? No? Maybe?” I pleaded the mystery person. It looked at me and said, “Hello, I’m Bubbles. I want this because I like these. And yes, I will help you out.” she lisped. I was so happy to hear them words! “Oh thank you, thank you… um.. Bubbles.” I exclaim. I totally forgot her name there! Bubbles looked really happy too! I was so glad to be her friend! “Little girl, I am going to do what I do best!” she whispered. Without another word, she screwed her face up, held her breath and made magic! Without warning, the door to the dungeon I was trapped in, blew up! I was astounded to see what I had just seen there! “Oh, and one  more question, Bubbles.”

“Yes?” she asked.

“Well, could I have my pencil back, so I can write in my diary, please?” I query.

“Oh yes, of course.” she said, and hands me my pencil. I was so joyful to have my precious pencil back that I found on the grounds of that dreaded hospital. Oh, what would they think of me? Oh well, I can’t turn back now, not that I have my trusty new friend to help me out with. Bubbles!

Dear Diary,

Today I have met Bubbles the fairy nymph. She is so nice and friendly, not like SOME people. Not mentioning any names, DARKWOOD! Anyway, guess what she did? She blew up the door to my dungeon! How COOL is THAT?! She is like my hero for life! Even though she took my pencil and ran away with it, but no worries, I have it back now. No worries at ALL! Oh no, I take it back, I can hear Darkwood singing in the distance! I have to go, I have no time! Adios little amigo diary!”

Love Daisy X

“Bubbles! Darkwood is coming!” I said in terror. She looked terrified! Oh what are we going to do NOW?!

Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 9

Dear diary,

 I just can’t BELIEVE it. It’s a catastrophe! A catastrophe! He tricked me into being nice, so I would fall into his trap! It’s just not FAIR! Now I am in a cage, at the deepest dungeon in the universe, with only bread and water to have for a MEAL! How can I go to my favourite restraint Elli and Maya’s? That is BAD! SOOO BAAAAAAD! I can’t think about that, I need to find a way out! And fast!

From Daisy X

P.S Darkwood is coming now. So that is why I signed off early.

“Oh sweet little Daisy, how are you enjoying your bread and water?” he sang to me. “Darkwood, this is all your fault, and I will not rest until I find a way out of here! You should know that, right? I’m not a girl of the cage. Neither is my Mother. So, be prepared.” said fiercely.

“My, my. It’s ON!” he replied, his eyes gleaming. I stare at him, hard. Very hard. “I can’t believe you did this to me, Darkwood. I thought we were friends. Haven’t you ever had a friend before. It can be really nice to have someone who cares about you. It really is.” I promised him. He didn’t look convinced. I could hear his thoughts ticking. “I did have a friend. My wife was my friend. She was my only friend. I only wanted to be her companion. She was the special one. There was something special about her. I am ONLY going to be her friend, and nobody else’s.” he confesses, and walks away. Not even giving me my ‘dinner.’ I have to figure out this complicated mystery. But… how?

The curse of the missing Dr pepper -part 1

One day three children woke up after a sleepover there names were Jessica, Gabriel & Jamie they were going to a meeting of the Dr pepper army this was a very important meeting Gabriel was the leader of coca cola cherry and Jessica was the leader of coca cola all of the over leaders where coming except one the sprit army the worst army everyone hated them they always   fought with the over army’s  today was a normal day but something was missing…


The Puppy and The tomb.

Once on a stormy night a little girl named Caroline, she loved adventures and drama! Every night she’d imagine that one day she would investigate Cleopatra’s tomb! She read loads of Cleopatra story’s and pretended to be on a sacred mission to find the sacred Cleopatra tomb! 10 years later Caroline was 20 and was able to go and find the tomb! She was so excited to finally accomplish her dream! This was a big risk because she could get herself killed or trapped or even worst LOST! But all of a sudden a voice called for her! “Caroline come downstairs look what we got you!” Caroline raced down the stairs and saw a lush brown little puppy! “Thank you Mum!” Caroline raced over to the puppy and picked him up gently. “What do you want to call him?” asked her Mum. “Lets call him Storm.”

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Mystery of the broken cupboard- Part 1.

January 1st.

Dear diary,

Today I am moving house with my brother and mam. When we were all sorted I went to have a look around and I found a mysterious cupboard. I opened the cupboard and I found a magical key. I took the key out and there was another key hole. Suddenly, My mam shouted of me in the kitchen for some tea. As soon as I finished my tea I went back to the cupboard, took the key out and put the key in the key hole…

The lost miracle!! Part 1

Once long ago there lived a little girl, who was called Joanna, and she was 8 years old. Joanna had a little brother called Joey and he was 6 years old. One day in the summer holidays they went off on their yearly summer holiday. That year they went to Hawaii which was there favourite place to go. On the plane Joey was so excited he was jumping all around (he must have exhausted) but when the plane took off he fell asleep. Joanna was really pleased of that because Joey is really annoying when they go somewhere in the car, bus, train, plain or the helicopter. However when they got off the plane they got a bus to the hotel. once they got to the hotel and put their luggage in the room they put their swimming costumes on and went to the beach whish was just across the road. They always enjoyed going to the beach at home so they would love in Hawaii. As soon as they got there they got their towels on the sand for their mam and dad to relax on they went to go and bury each other up. First they tried to dig each others feet up. Joanna buried Joeys feet first then she buried hers. The sand was up to their knees. Once Joanna had buried her feet she could feel something funny so she yanked her feet out and asked herself “What was that I could feel!?”

The lost bear. Part 3

This is how Daisy felt when she found out it wasn’t her real mum.

When she found out that it wasn’t her real mum she was really sad who could that strange bear be? Could It be a child capturer? Or is it someone she used to know? Daisy realized that she was being followed. Without warning, the little bear ran away from the strange woman. Sadly, when the young bear stopped she didn’t know where she was , was she lost again? Unfortunately, Daisy couldn’t find where she came from. Did she know the way home? “Hello! Is anyone here?” Shouted Daisy.

However, no one replied. She thought to herself could she being chased by the……BEAR MURDERER!!

Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 7

Dear Diary,

I just can’t believe it, I just can’t. It’s really him, and… I can’t write it, it’s too heart-breaking. I feel like crying, but I can’t. Not now. I found him. Found him.

Daisy X

Darkwood. It’s him. “Darkwood! But how…? You live here?” I ask him.                              “Where’s mother? Where have you put her? I demand an ANSWER NOW!” I scream and wouldn’t stop. “Oh good grief, stop that shrieking! I’ll tell you where I put her.” he claps twice and then a cage falls down from the ceiling. A dark and rusty cage that… “Mother!” tears start pouring down my cheeks quickly. I run to the cage but the evil beast grabbed me by the collar of my sky-blue dress to prevent me from going any further. “Let me go, let me GO! I need to see my Mother!” I cry and cry.                            “Why are you doing this, Darkwood. Why?!” I see his face soften.

“I do it… I do it… because… my wife died years and years ago… I was heartbroken… and she died… because of an illness. I blamed that illness for taking her away from me. So I did all this… with hope that one day… she would return for me… and keep me happy.” he starts to cry, something he’d never done before. All for what I’d seen, of course. “Don’t cry, Darkwood.” I sooth him.

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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 6

Dear Diary,

It is so cold, I can hardly write. My pen got lost in the hospital, and I found a pencil just lying in the corridor. That is why I am writing with a pencil. I have got lost somewhere in the Ever Tree forest and I can’t fond my way out. I can see a strange looking castle in the distance, however I just don’t know whether to go there for shelter or not.

Yours Faithfully,

Daisy X

I stand there, shivering. Going over my options in my head.

a) I could go back to the Hospital, sit in bed, and pretend nothing ever happened.

b) I could find my way out of the Ever Tree forest.

c) I could head to the strange-looking mansion.

I chose option C. I was quite curious to see what he had in living room and things. I started to make my way there.

After an hour or so, I got to the house of curiosities and stood, right there, in front of the door. I knocked delicately on the black door. No answer. I knocked again, louder than before. “Come on in” said the door. What on earth?” I said to myself. ‘Doors can NOT speak. Well, in this world they can’t.’ I thought. I walked through the doors and saw someone with another someone, I stared at them. Darkwood.

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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 5

Dear Diary,

Sorry, I have just woken up in a strange bed, it is definitely NOT mine. The walls are pale green. It makes me feel dizzy and sickly. My arm is really hurting however I do not know what has happened to it. It’s all bandaged up and I’m very curious to know what happened to me. Alice and Ariana have not come to see me.

Love Daisy X

“Hello? Is anybody there?” I call out to thin air. I hear people bustling about outside. A strange lady walks in, wearing a white apron and a funny small white cap with a red cross on it. “Ah, you’re awake now, missy. Right, let’s check that arm and leg of yours, now.” the funny lady says to herself. “Um, excuse me, but do you happen to know where I am in present?” I ask this complete stranger. “Yes dear, you’re in the hospital, the EMERGENCY! Ward. Why is that so important?”

“Hospital? Oh no, no, no, no, NO! I have to get OUT, like, RIGHT NOW! I demand to get out of this ridiculous bed, I have to save my MOTHER!” I cry. The nurse looks puzzled, completely blank. “What did you say? Oh yes, I remember, you’re the girl in the newspaper. Daisy? Is it, and the unknown man, who stole your mother? Yes, yes, we know.” she drones on and on about the article in the newspaper. The nurse goes to the next bed and quickly, but quietly, I walk out of the hospital ward (known as the EMERGENCY! Ward.) I just hope I get OUT safely. To save Mother. To get rid of Darkwood. For good.

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winter the dolphin part 1

it was a sunny day in Florida and a little dolphin who was called Winter was swimming in the aquarium. Hazel who looks after Winter through in Winters favourite toy. Winter did not know and had a look around the pool to see what was in there.  Winter said to herself what was that I could feel.  Then Winter realised that they were her rubber rings. The dolphin jumped and leaped in the air she was having fun. But there is a sad part to Winters story her, tail got caught in a trap and had to be amputated. Poor Winter 🙁