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The Moon landing – Tamzin

“That’s one small step for man… One giant leap for mankind!” announced Neil Armstrong, my Space partner. We both stepped on to the Moon. I couldn’t believe it! Neil and I were the first people to land on the Moon! This was the greatest achievement anyone could ever make! Glancing around, it seemed unbelievable that I, Buzz Aldrin, had actually made it. The first! Ever! After taking in the scenery, Neil and I placed the flag into the rocky terrain. We had done it. Victory for the USA!!! We had won the Space Race! But what happened before this? Well, read on to find out.

16th July 1969

“5, 4, 3, 2…” the 5 numbers rang out in my head. We were eventually taking off! Feeling nauseous, Neil Armstrong received a message from Mission Control, “We wish you a safe journey. Good luck!” Without warning, a plume of smoke and flames appeared.

Then, the rocket (the Eagle) rose from the ground. It was actually happening! After a few minutes, the Eagle started to do 1 ½ orbits around the Earth to check if everything was in order. In addition, I had everything I needed:

My Space suit, my Space boots and the USA flag (in case we did actually make it!) The Earth’s orbit was beautiful! On one half, it was a pretty blue atmosphere, as blue as a sapphire. However, on another half, it was a pitch-black ocean of darkness. After the orbit, it was time. Bring it on!

Shaking with fear, we blasted off into Outer Space. Neil gave me a thumbs-up sign. I smiled back it him weakly. Another thing, I had dozens of questions racing through my mind. Will we get there? What will it be like? Will we win the Space Race? As we shot off into Space, I could see the glistening stars and the bright and colourful planets.  It was nothing like I’d ever seen before; a dark atmosphere with colourful lights. I was simply awestruck! Feeling nervous, I looked at Neil, who as busy steering the rocket.

17th July 1969

It had been a full day of excitement of travelling through Space. I felt very claustrophobic as if I was in a tiny room and I couldn’t get out. Suddenly, Mission Control proudly announced, “You have just entered the Moon’s orbit! You still have a way to go, though. Keep it up!” Bubbling with excitement, I bounced up and down in the back seat and exclaimed to Neil, “Neil, we’re in the Moon’s orbit! We’re nearly there!” My Space partner beamed at me happily. Suddenly, lights and sirens started whirring. “What’s happening?” I asked. Neil looked at me sadly, “We only have 60 seconds of fuel left. We need to find a landing place NOW!” he panicked. Generously, I helped him to search for a landing spot. However, there seemed to be mysterious holes and craters EVERYWHERE! Neil searched everywhere for a place to land. Eventually, we found one with seconds of fuel remaining! If only we didn’t use much fuel! If only we found a place earlier! If only we had a bigger fuel tank then we’d have lots more fuel left for the journey home. In a matter of minutes, we had landed on… THE MOON!

Feeling jubilant, I had un-fastened my seat belt. We stepped onto the Moon…

AND THAT is how it happened. In a lot more detail.

Brooklyn and the Witches Curse

My name is Brooklyn. I am 13 years old and I live at a castle hidden within a forest called Black Forest. I don’t know how but it just is, I suppose.I used to live with my Mother but sadly she passed away when I was 7 years of age. I live alone now. Actually, I do have maids to clean the house and cook for me. Also, my Dad. He just misses my Mother so is a bit upset.  Anyway, I am telling you a story that I will never forget. For my entire life! Here is the beginning.

It was the best day ever (kind of) me and my Dad were messing around, like back in the old days when Mother was out shopping. She hated it when we did mess around. But today, was good. He was in a good mood. We started playing and cracking jokes but at 12:17 pm on this wonderful day… something awful happened. The sky turned dark grey and a tornado just appeared out of nowhere! It was weirdly INCREDIBLE. Anyway, I got really frightened, my Dad pushed me behind him for protection. Suddenly, a witch appeared from inside of the tornado. She produced a large wand from her cloak and waved it around saying these words. Technically, GOBBLEDEGOOK! I think it was something like this:

“Zing wah Huyicon makh thize people dizzabeare!”

But then, even though no-one understood the language a huge whilrwind came and took away my Dad, the maids and mostly everything. But when she and all victims had gone, everything had remained and eerie shade of black.


Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 13

Dear Diary,

This is it, ‘Mother’ has told me the truth, but I just can’t believe it. I’ve never fitted in to be a girl who lives with wealth and fame. It isn’t me… or is it? I just can’t do it… write it in my diary, I think I better explain soon. I think she had better She should be sorry. Very sorry that I found out.

From Daisy

“I know, I know, I can’t say this. It is very hard.” ‘Mother’ explained.
“Just tell me!” I yelled. I sat down in the uncomfortable cage, waiting for an answer.

“I am… I mean we are not your real parents. My name is… Isabella. I was the youngest of my Mother’s daughters. She had 5 of us. I ran away when I was 18 and met your not-so-real Father when I was 26. That was it,” she confessed. I was fuming. When was she going to tell me about the whole me situation? About why I was here at this particular moment.

“I stole you from a cottage deep within the woods. I couldn’t bear it. You were crying and you wouldn’t stop, I tried to calm you but then your Mother came down and I wasn’t thinking-” she burst into hysterical tears. I felt a bit sorry for her. But mostly, I was angry.

“What else is there to this ‘story’?” I said.

“I picked you up and ran back to our cosy Hall. Heather Hall. It was my Grandmother’s. It has been in our family for generations. I wanted you to carry it out for another. I raised you as if you were actually my own. You smiled at your Father at 7 weeks old. Your first word was ‘Hello’ But then, it started to get awkward. You made friends with them 2 girls. Your attitude changed. I haven’t told you this story until now. That is all there is to it,” continued Isabella. I was literally as boiling as a lava bucket. I was SO ANNOYED at Isabella. I couldn’t believe it.


Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 12

“Help me Bubbles!!” I cried out. Darkwood had me by the leg. His grip was like steel, not letting go. I started wriggling to get out of his grasp. Laughing, he pulled me out of the portal, and away from Bubbles. Swiftly, Darkwood led me to his ugly, grey mansion (of terror). My Mother was still trapped in a cage. “Oh Mother. I tried to escape. But I failed. Only Bubbles left.” I cried. Mother sadly just looked at me and sighed. “I’ve always thought you of your real parents… oh no!” Mother stopped and looked guilty. “Mother… what real parents. You and Father are my real parents.” Slowly, my eyes filled with tears, and they slid down my face. “What happened, Mother? Can’t you tell me the truth this time? I have always thought you as my real parents… but you’re not…?” I whispered. I hid my face beneath my long hair and cried. “What HAPPENED, Mother. Or should I even call you that?” I mumbled, furiously. With a big sigh, ‘Mother’ opened her mouth and prepared to tell me… the truth

Greek Cinquains


helpful, kind

Understanding, fighting, helping

Helping women with childbirth



Powerful, ruler

Ruling, fighting, striking,

Mostly sending out thunder



Fun, sports

Wrestling, punching, running

Having no rules at all



Educate, cruel

Educating, working, growing

Educating children for weeks



Ancient Greece

Greece, which is in Europe, held the first Olympic games. The Ancient Greeks, who are very important in History, lived in 700BC. In this report you will find out about:

  • Greece Today
  • Olympic Games
  • Gods
  • Athens

Greece Today

Greece is in the South-East Europe; it is made up of lots of different islands. Furthermore, the capital city of this place is Athens, and it has a population of 11,183,000 people. Also, there are lots of popular foods including Moussaka – which is baked mince with meat and spices with egg and cheese topping. As well as this, Dolmades, which are stuffed vine leaves with rice and spices. This is a small country. This small country has a hot climate from June to August and a cooler climate from December to February. Moreover, there are lots of different holiday destinations such as Crete, Corfu and Santorini. The Prime Minister is Alexis Tsipros.

Greece is a popular holiday destination next to Turkey


The Olympics began over 2700 years ago in Olympia; it was part of a religious festival. Also, it inspired people for the modern games; in honour of Zeus was part too. People all over Greece came to watch and compete. Furthermore, the first event one day was a short sprint. The nastiest event was wrestling, with no rules! Biting, poking, punching after they were knocked to the ground were ALL allowed.


The Greeks believed that Gods watched over them. As well as that, the Gods and Goddesses lived high upon Mount Olympus. Their leader was Zeus, the God of all Gods. Moreover, not many of the leaders behaved well. Zeus usually went down to the Earth, where mortals lived, to trick women. Some Gods and Goddesses were related to mortals, and if they had children, then their child would become a demi-god. Most of these Gods were immortal beings and if they lived normally again, they would live as a mortal being.

The temple of Artemis


Athens produced many writers and artists. Athenians would live below the Acropolis, which is a rocky hill. Slaves were ¼ of working people in Athens. People didn’t have much wealth to pay them. The capital city of Greece was ruled by a democracy. Additionally, only men could become full citizens. There is a lot of farm land. The farm land, which is very expensive, was very busy and beautiful. In Athens, they had lots of temples and most people were greedy for land.

In conclusion, this Ancient civilisation played a huge role in History.


Olympics: bbc.co.uk

Greece Today: www.oddizzi.com

Gods: bbc.co.uk

Athens: primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk


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100WC – Tamzin

The silence was deafening. It rang through my ears like a loud ringing bell. I couldn’t take it anymore. I scream for all I’m worth. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man comes and approaches me. Scared stiff, I try to run, but he catches hold of me. He swings something at my head, but I duck. “Come back here, you!” he yells. I run and run as fast as I can. “Help me! Anybody! Help me! An evil man is following me, he is so suspicious!” I cry. An acquaintance of my mother helps me. She brings me into her house. It was so warm and cosy, I fell asleep immediately. Thank you for saving my life.

100WC – Tamzin

I walked along the path of the woods, eating my delicious ham sandwich. I was feeling really miserable today, as I had a nightmare last night that I was climbing a wall, to see that a horrific, dirty, grey creature was chasing me, a hyena. I hate hyenas, they’re a laughing beast and I have seen Lion King by Disney. They are SO scary. I walk home and reach my front door and a flashback of my nightmare came back to me. I scream and run into the house. “Mum! The hyena, it’s coming back for meeee!” I cry. I rush into the house and cry for all I’m worth. Will It return to haunt me?


Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 11

“Bubbles?! What are we going to do? Darkwood’s coming!” I cried out. Bubbles looked absolutely petrified. Also, she looked as if she was going to cry! Suddenly, Darkwood stopped singing. He opened the door…

“Bubbles! We have to think, what can we do?” I whispered, really quietly. Bubbles ran to the other end of the room. I sprinted across the room, following the little nymph and then she suddenly stopped. Her mouth opened wide and she started to screw up her face again and let out a HUGE puff of smoke from her tiny little finger-tips. She made a little portal in the wall so we could escape. Unfortunately, Darkwood had seen us…

“Get back here, you! You’re meant to be a prisoner, little Daisy. get back here this INSTANT!” Darkwood starts to shout at us. he grabs me by the leg and starts to pull me out of the portal the fairy nymph had made for us to escape. I started screaming but he clamps his free hand over my mouth to muffle my sounds. The fairy nymph had obviously had enough of this. She turned invisible and bit Darkwood on the finger. He suddenly let go of me and started yelling at the thin air. We both scrambled through the portal escaping from Darkwood, with only hope escaping with us. Will Darkwood ever leave me alone?

The Mystery of the Corner Shop

“What time is it?” I groaned. I looked at my heart-shaped pink clock. My clock said it was midnight. It couldn’t have been that short of a time. “I might just go and see Mother. She’ll know what to do. Actually, maybe my clock is broken. I just need batteries from the Newsagents. Open for 24 hours. I’ll just go now. Mother won’t notice.” I said to myself. I walked downstairs and out of the pure white door. The streets were cold and dark. I usually went out with Mother. I walked around the corner and to the Corner Shop. ‘Closed’ the sign said. “That’s weird. Oh well, I’ll go home now.” I mumble. Quickly, I run home and feel a touch on my shoulder. I feel a shiver go down my spine. I sprint to my white door and run to my room. This was the scariest night EVER!

Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 10

Dear Diary,

“HEY, GIVE ME MY PENCIL BACK!” I scream. I was screaming at somebody I had never met, or seen, before. “Oh, sorry. Hello. My name is Daisy. Could I please have my pencil back? I am writing in my diary at the minute. I do this every day without fail, apart from today. Please, please, PLEASE. I need it, I can’t stop today! Come ON!” I start to shout (again). The little person looks upset and hurt. But keeps a firm grip on the pencil of mine. I think deeply. Yes! “Hey, if I give you my pencil, will you help me out of this dungeon. I need to get out of here, and fast. Yes? No? Maybe?” I pleaded the mystery person. It looked at me and said, “Hello, I’m Bubbles. I want this because I like these. And yes, I will help you out.” she lisped. I was so happy to hear them words! “Oh thank you, thank you… um.. Bubbles.” I exclaim. I totally forgot her name there! Bubbles looked really happy too! I was so glad to be her friend! “Little girl, I am going to do what I do best!” she whispered. Without another word, she screwed her face up, held her breath and made magic! Without warning, the door to the dungeon I was trapped in, blew up! I was astounded to see what I had just seen there! “Oh, and one  more question, Bubbles.”

“Yes?” she asked.

“Well, could I have my pencil back, so I can write in my diary, please?” I query.

“Oh yes, of course.” she said, and hands me my pencil. I was so joyful to have my precious pencil back that I found on the grounds of that dreaded hospital. Oh, what would they think of me? Oh well, I can’t turn back now, not that I have my trusty new friend to help me out with. Bubbles!

Dear Diary,

Today I have met Bubbles the fairy nymph. She is so nice and friendly, not like SOME people. Not mentioning any names, DARKWOOD! Anyway, guess what she did? She blew up the door to my dungeon! How COOL is THAT?! She is like my hero for life! Even though she took my pencil and ran away with it, but no worries, I have it back now. No worries at ALL! Oh no, I take it back, I can hear Darkwood singing in the distance! I have to go, I have no time! Adios little amigo diary!”

Love Daisy X

“Bubbles! Darkwood is coming!” I said in terror. She looked terrified! Oh what are we going to do NOW?!

Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 9

Dear diary,

 I just can’t BELIEVE it. It’s a catastrophe! A catastrophe! He tricked me into being nice, so I would fall into his trap! It’s just not FAIR! Now I am in a cage, at the deepest dungeon in the universe, with only bread and water to have for a MEAL! How can I go to my favourite restraint Elli and Maya’s? That is BAD! SOOO BAAAAAAD! I can’t think about that, I need to find a way out! And fast!

From Daisy X

P.S Darkwood is coming now. So that is why I signed off early.

“Oh sweet little Daisy, how are you enjoying your bread and water?” he sang to me. “Darkwood, this is all your fault, and I will not rest until I find a way out of here! You should know that, right? I’m not a girl of the cage. Neither is my Mother. So, be prepared.” said fiercely.

“My, my. It’s ON!” he replied, his eyes gleaming. I stare at him, hard. Very hard. “I can’t believe you did this to me, Darkwood. I thought we were friends. Haven’t you ever had a friend before. It can be really nice to have someone who cares about you. It really is.” I promised him. He didn’t look convinced. I could hear his thoughts ticking. “I did have a friend. My wife was my friend. She was my only friend. I only wanted to be her companion. She was the special one. There was something special about her. I am ONLY going to be her friend, and nobody else’s.” he confesses, and walks away. Not even giving me my ‘dinner.’ I have to figure out this complicated mystery. But… how?

Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 8

Dear Diary

Darkwood is actually being NICE to me for once in my lifetime. It’s so strange that he is, however I don’t know why. It’s upsetting, his story, his wife died, blah blah blah. But it is quite sad. Well, his story, I have my story. I don’t want to get involved. Not in HIS story. Actually, he kind of IS involved in my story. Never mind.

Love Daisy X

“Darkwood, why are you telling me, even though I asked you, why?” I ask him.  “Why? ha ha. Why? Because…-” a loud bang, interrupted his speech. The bang of… another cage! “Um, Darkwood? What is that cage doing there. Who is it for?” I query, terrified. “Oh dear, I think you may have GUESSED RIGHT!!! Ha ha. it’s for…” the cage dropped on me! I was trapped! “You! Ha ha!”

Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 7

Dear Diary,

I just can’t believe it, I just can’t. It’s really him, and… I can’t write it, it’s too heart-breaking. I feel like crying, but I can’t. Not now. I found him. Found him.

Daisy X

Darkwood. It’s him. “Darkwood! But how…? You live here?” I ask him.                              “Where’s mother? Where have you put her? I demand an ANSWER NOW!” I scream and wouldn’t stop. “Oh good grief, stop that shrieking! I’ll tell you where I put her.” he claps twice and then a cage falls down from the ceiling. A dark and rusty cage that… “Mother!” tears start pouring down my cheeks quickly. I run to the cage but the evil beast grabbed me by the collar of my sky-blue dress to prevent me from going any further. “Let me go, let me GO! I need to see my Mother!” I cry and cry.                            “Why are you doing this, Darkwood. Why?!” I see his face soften.

“I do it… I do it… because… my wife died years and years ago… I was heartbroken… and she died… because of an illness. I blamed that illness for taking her away from me. So I did all this… with hope that one day… she would return for me… and keep me happy.” he starts to cry, something he’d never done before. All for what I’d seen, of course. “Don’t cry, Darkwood.” I sooth him.

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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 6

Dear Diary,

It is so cold, I can hardly write. My pen got lost in the hospital, and I found a pencil just lying in the corridor. That is why I am writing with a pencil. I have got lost somewhere in the Ever Tree forest and I can’t fond my way out. I can see a strange looking castle in the distance, however I just don’t know whether to go there for shelter or not.

Yours Faithfully,

Daisy X

I stand there, shivering. Going over my options in my head.

a) I could go back to the Hospital, sit in bed, and pretend nothing ever happened.

b) I could find my way out of the Ever Tree forest.

c) I could head to the strange-looking mansion.

I chose option C. I was quite curious to see what he had in living room and things. I started to make my way there.

After an hour or so, I got to the house of curiosities and stood, right there, in front of the door. I knocked delicately on the black door. No answer. I knocked again, louder than before. “Come on in” said the door. What on earth?” I said to myself. ‘Doors can NOT speak. Well, in this world they can’t.’ I thought. I walked through the doors and saw someone with another someone, I stared at them. Darkwood.

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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 5

Dear Diary,

Sorry, I have just woken up in a strange bed, it is definitely NOT mine. The walls are pale green. It makes me feel dizzy and sickly. My arm is really hurting however I do not know what has happened to it. It’s all bandaged up and I’m very curious to know what happened to me. Alice and Ariana have not come to see me.

Love Daisy X

“Hello? Is anybody there?” I call out to thin air. I hear people bustling about outside. A strange lady walks in, wearing a white apron and a funny small white cap with a red cross on it. “Ah, you’re awake now, missy. Right, let’s check that arm and leg of yours, now.” the funny lady says to herself. “Um, excuse me, but do you happen to know where I am in present?” I ask this complete stranger. “Yes dear, you’re in the hospital, the EMERGENCY! Ward. Why is that so important?”

“Hospital? Oh no, no, no, no, NO! I have to get OUT, like, RIGHT NOW! I demand to get out of this ridiculous bed, I have to save my MOTHER!” I cry. The nurse looks puzzled, completely blank. “What did you say? Oh yes, I remember, you’re the girl in the newspaper. Daisy? Is it, and the unknown man, who stole your mother? Yes, yes, we know.” she drones on and on about the article in the newspaper. The nurse goes to the next bed and quickly, but quietly, I walk out of the hospital ward (known as the EMERGENCY! Ward.) I just hope I get OUT safely. To save Mother. To get rid of Darkwood. For good.

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100WC – Tamzin (2)

The festival was AMAZING! It had everything I love there! “Oh Annie. Why aren’t you here, this is GREAT!” I shouted at the top of my voice. Just then, a man in a red striped suit walked up to me. “Name.” he said without expression. “Excuse me, but can I go to the fair. I just LOVE fairs.” I pleaded. What was that I could feel? It felt like… a cold hand on my shoulder, I gave out a shout in terror and ran for my life, the way back that I came from. “Annie, come HERE. I want to go HOME!!!” I cried. No answer.. I knelt in the snow on the ground and cried for all I was worth. This was the worst day ever.


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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 4

Oh my. The hall is RUINED. Totally ruined. All that hard work we did to furnish it and adjust it, all GONE. It’s surrounded in flames. Poor mother looks astounded. But in a bad way. Like, shocked, surprised, that kind of astounded. I hated it, Mother’s face was horrible. Like a goldfish. She cried, I cried. I was in my gown. Sky-blue gown. She looked at me, I looked at her, and I ran to save her life. But it was too late.. Darkwood got there before me..

Daisy. X

“Mother, NOOO! Darkwood, leave her alone, leave her ALONE. Mother, come HERE, please. Get away from him. I can’t lose you, Mother, I just can’t!” I yell at her, running toward her, but then Darkwood lashed out and pushed me into the scorching hot flames of the fire. I hit the floor and I totally just blacked out…

“DAISY!! OMG! Daisy!! Wake up, your burning yourself, get up, run away, your hurting yourself!!” Alice cries to her hearts content.

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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 3.

I have to get out of here, it’s all too sudden, I can’t live with this anymore. Alice and Ariana are helping me to calm down but I just can’t! Therefore, I am in hysterics and cannot stop it. My mother is downstairs, clueless of what is going on. Darkwood is there too and I just hate him. He has done it too soon, HOW can I get out of here surviving. How? And why is this happening to me? Have I done something wrong?

Yours Faithfully,

Daisy X  

FIRE! It was fire. He’d already set Heather Hall alight!

“Ariana, Alice. Let’s get downstairs and save my mother and everybody in it. I just have to okay. He has already set the Hall alight, whilst the ball is in control, and now Darkwood has set Heather Hall on fire and if we don’t act fast, everybody is going to get badly injured. My mother is the ONLY FAMILY I HAVE LEFT!!!” I shouted at them, shocking them into silence.

“I was the only family my Dad had left, and then I was gone. I followed him everywhere and he’s just so lonely. If you can free us from the curse I can go back to him.. but not yet. We’ll go and save everyone in the Ball, okay? If it makes you happy, then we’ll do it. But then promise us that you’ll at least TRY to free us from the curse, right?” Alice says, determined to help me.

“Yes, I promise on my little pinkie finger, okay Al?” I laugh at her, when she pulls a silly face.

“I’m so sorry I made you cry before, Daisy. I just.. I wasn’t thinking. Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.” Ari starts to say it over and over again.

“Alright, Ari. Alright. To the Heather BALL!” Alice says and runs like Superman. Consequently we all do. Hopefully, we’ll survive…

Picture from wpclipart.com

Non-Chronological Report about Aphrodite


Aphrodite is one of the many gods/goddesses who live high upon Mount Olympus. In this report you will find out about her:

  • Family
  • Powers
  • Appearance


Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. She has many siblings such as: Ares, Athene, Apollo, Artemis, Dionysus, Hebe, Hermes, Heracles, Helen of Troy, Hephaestus, Perseus, Minos, The Muses, The Graces, The Tree Nymphs, The Furies and the Gigantes. She also had many children too like, Eros, Phobos and Harmonia, Rhode, Eryx, Peitho, Eunomia, Priapus, Aenaes and finally Tyche.

Zeus was Aphrodite’s father.


This goddess is the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. She also protected sailors on the sea when they were in trouble. She was born as Sea-Foam according to the poet Hesiod. This goddess of love has a dove that accompanies her wherever she goes. When Trojan from Paris was asked to judge (out of 3 people) who was the most beautiful from Aphrodite, Hera and Athene. However, instead of choosing Hera or Athene, he choose Aphrodite was the prettiest.

One of her many duties was as the Goddess of Love.


Aphrodite was seen with a white dove with her quite often. She wore elegantly, a white toga, and loved to wear jewellery. She had curled eyelashes and she constantly had a big smile on her face. Moreover, she was very attractive and the boys that saw her, always fell in love with her. Sometimes she wore plain clothes, and never wore pink because in Greece at that time, there was no such colour as pink or red.

Aphrodite was often seen with a white dove.

In conclusion, Aphrodite was definitely beautiful, elegant and attractive. She has a big family and a lot of children too. Also, she was attractive and the Greek Gods thought so too.

Images from: wpclipart.com




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100 WC – Tamzin

The light was SO bright. “Where on earth am I?” I said to myself. “Mum, Annie, DAD?!” I shouted. After a minute, I started to cry. “I want to go HOME. Annie, is this one of your tricks again?” I cried. No answer. Suddenly, I remembered what had happened me and my sister were playing Narnia and we went in the wardrobe and then  Annie went out for a drink and then I had stayed in and then I went blank.

Slowly, I wandered through the grounds and I heard some festival music. I couldn’t help it, I ran up the hill and seen bouncy castles, bouncy slides and a hot dog stand and I started to play. This was the best day ever.

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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 2

Dear Diary,

It was just so scary, I can’t believe who I saw. They were right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe it! I screamed at them and told them to stay away from me. I just don’t have the heart to write who it was in my diary entry. It would haunt me forever to read back through all of this to find their names in my own diary entry! I just can’t, it would just scare me as much as when I saw them. I was just scared to the spot, I couldn’t move, I was so surprised, but scared at the same time. I am petrified. They are the ones who told me to stay away from the Heather Ball, but I have to go. I must do it for Mother, for everyone depending on me.

This was a very short entry but I can’t write any more.

Best wishes,

                         Daisy X

“Ali? Ari? It’s you! I can’t believe it! Why should I stay away from the Ball? What’s wrong with it? Why, why, why?” I ask, terrified that it’s actually them!

“Look, never mind us, you, it’s you that you should be terrified about, okay? Right, this is major. Darkwood has come to get you, take you away and burn the house down with your parents in it. You have to get out of Heather Hall, away from here, with your parents, well, your mother, and head for safety, in the vacant house, because, of course, nobody lives there, right?” explained Ali.

“However, your wrong there, this family from Australia came and moved in, it would be rude to just go in their house and say that we need to stay away from Darkwood because he’s going to burn my home down with my mother in it, am I?” I say to them.

“Well, that kind of just RUINED it all, Daisy. That has been our plan!! For around a day now. We are the ONLY ones who know about it, well, you as well now. Go somewhere, keep safe from harm WITH your mother and wait until he goes home, you listening to me?” screams Ari at me. I burst out crying. They’d never shouted at me before and I couldn’t help it. I cried and cried and cried. Suddenly, the house felt warmer. I smelt smoke and suddenly knew it was…

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Mystery of Heather Hall – Part 1


Dear Diary,

Tonight is the Heather Ball. I don’t really want to go because on this specific night, the Heather Queen (The Belle of the Ball) would go missing, and this year, I am the Heather Queen. I argued and protested with Mother, however she argued back saying that I was the next heir in line for the Ball. After that, I did come to my room and I have started to write my diary entry for today, as I write in this every day, don’t I? I have chosen a long, silky, blue coloured dress from my Mother’s wardrobe. I can’t say I like it, but it will do for tonight, I suppose. I keep thinking that I hear whispers, saying my name.. but it’s heard to believe that it sounds like Alice and Ariana. Maybe I’m dreaming or imagining things, that’s my nature! To imagine and sometimes picture things 🙂 No, I can definitely hear it… maybe it is Alli and Ari. But I’m not so sure..

I hope I didn’t scare you, but I just had to write this down, to let my feelings out, to show how scared I am. 🙁


Daisy X

“Daisyyy! Don’t go to the Heather Ball!” the whispers are most definitely real. I just can’t figure out who they are.. Don’t go to the Heather Ball?

“We’re telling you to stay away from the Heather Ball tonight!” they say again..

Oh my! It is…

Help me! I’ve got to be dreaming!!
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A letter from Santa Claus


Father Christmas

The Grotto

The North Pole


Dear Sammy,

                          Thank you for your letter. I am writing to you to hopefully answer your questions that you asked.

First of all, straight after Christmas, I have an exhausting time cleaning and washing the reindeer, I stamp out all the snow out of my winter boots, I have a nice sit-down near the fire to keep warm, and then I clean my sleigh and learn some new languages I don’t already know. After all of this, I have a lovely sleep until the Summer months. It’s great!

In the Summer months, I give my animals and transportation another quick rub. (Great.) Furthermore, after that, I go on a nice relaxing holiday. Somewhere like Egypt, France, New York and even Los Angeles. I love Los Angeles because I can relax on a lounge, sipping at a glass of wine and live in the life of luxury. Mostly, in the evening, I would go to a party whenever there is a one. I just can’t miss out on the parties! No way! The best part of the year IS Summer!

Additionally, when the Festive Season approaches, I would arrive home after a long Summer break, clean the herd, wash my vehicle and also pull out the weeds in the back garden. Moreover, I have A LOT of post. From people all over the globe. Therefore, I need to read over 1 million letters. What a great way to start my first day back home. My house is complete chaos! Whilst I read the letters, I find that quite a lot of the items are RIDICULOUS! How could you ever manage to put a pony in my sleigh? It would be too claustrophobic as it already is. How I love Christmas time. In addition, I feed the reindeer again, wash my sled and get it loaded up high with the presents I have in stock. Then I’m on my way!

In conclusion, I do quite a lot during the year. I don’t just laze around all year, as you have found out. I do a lot during the Holidays! I hope I answered your questions.

Love from,

                     Santa X

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How to create Electrifying Laser

Have you ever wanted to electrocute your worst enemies? Do you want to be invisible? If so then follow these instructions and you too can become Electrifying Laser!

What you need:

  • Lighting from the greyest cloud you can find in Scotland.
  • A sturdy stick from the deepest, darkest woods in Transylvania.
  • The fur from the fluffiest polar bear from the coldest parts of Antarctica.
  • An invisibility machine from a factory in America.

What you do:

First, capture lightning from the greyest cloud in Scotland that you can find.

Next, find a sturdy stick from the deepest, darkest woods in Transylvania.

Once you have done that, attach the stick and the lightning bolt together to make your electrifying weapon.

After that, take the fur from the fluffiest polar bear and make your cape.

Finally, take the invisibility machine from a factory in America and adjust this to yourself so you can become invisible!

Final Note:

Once you have become Electrifying Laser, stay away from water, fires, and MOST IMPORTANTLY stay away from little girls!