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Diary recount of Neil Armstrong

“That’s one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind,” I happily announced. My foot stepping on the hard rock surface and jumping for joy. I looked back to see my foot prints being imprinted into the sandy dust as I walked towards the centre. How did I get here you ask, well let me tell you.

16th July 1969

“5,4,3,2…1!” Yelled ‘my partner in crime’ Buzz Aldrin, who I had known for age. Suddenly, the engine roared like a tiger pouncing on its prey. Do I have everything? I worriedly thought to myself. Space suite, dry food, water, Oxygen tanks. I thought again. “YES!” I yelled strangely. Seconds later I saw the flickering, fierce flames shoot out from the long dark tunnel.

Moments later, we were above the clouds looking down on the different countries, which looked tiny. Feeling nauseous we started spinning round the Earth “Um… Buss” I exclaimed “Yes?” He asked “I’m going to be…” I replied before being interrupted by mission control to say “Hang in there soldier we are almost round”.

At 16:16 we left the Earths orbit and set off towards the moon. I looked out of one window and saw space it was darker than the devils heart however, in the distance, glistening like mad, was O’ Ryan’s belt. “Buzz the further we go from earth the more I get home sick” I told Buzz secretly “I know… me too” he replied.

At 17:21 we entered the Moon’s orbit and I was waiting for a frightening adventure to strike us but the only thing that stuck us was a Meteorite shower. Feeling bittersweet ,because half of me was exited but the other was nerve-racking, I sat on the chair that looked to be futuristic.At 18:11 we left our ship and into the Eagle. Suddenly, the controls went mental and so did Buzz for that matter he grabbed the controls calmly and finally got it under control. With all that struggling the moon came into signt and we were dazed by its beauty.

That is the end of my story, Signed,



This is the life of the Green Horse…

This green horse lives at 22 animal road and he loves to sleep. One day he woke up and thought “Do I spent more time sleeping than awake?”. So he planed to change his life one morning he was up at 8:00AM Rather than 7:00PM and he decide to make an English breakfast. “Oh I’ve got everything I need” yelled the horse. Suddenly, he shrunk and was tiny. He was standing in the sink. So carefully he tried to climb down the sink pipe and swam in the dirt water and was never seen again.

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Greek cinquains


Musical, brave

fighting, serenading, running

playing beautiful music for people



powerful, strong 

fighting, ruling, astonishing

takes care of everyone



dangerous, fun

exiting, winning, losing

an amazing event for everyone



busy, special, 

forfilling, pushing, working 

everyone wants to come 


Ancient Greece

Greece, which is a wonderful place, has over 11,183,000 people living there. The ancient Greeks, who lived over 3,000 year ago, has many gods even the great Zeus. In this report you will find out about: Greece today, Olympic Games, gods and Athens.

Greece today

This island, called Greece, is a place in south east Europe with lots of islands. Also, their capital is Athens with the population of 11,183,000. In addition to this, some popular food is Moussaka, which is baked mince meat and spices with egg and a nice cheese topping, Also, dolmades it is stuffed vine leaves with mince spices.

Olympic games

The Olympics began over 2,700 years ago, exactly 776bc, in Olympia; it was part of a religious festival. This is in honour of Zeus. This event was watched all over the world everyone wanted to join in. Furthermore, the games where short sprint, from one end of the stadium to the other. Also, there was the long jump, javelin, discus, chariot racing, boxing and wrestling however it wasn’t all fun and games there was NO rules and if you cheated you had to buy a statue of Zeus.

This is someone in the Olympics doing the Discus throw.


The Greeks believed the gods watched over them; the gods lived in the clouds above mount Olympus. Their leader was Zeus however all gods didn’t behave well Zeus came down to earth to trick woman. All gods where immortal and very powerful. Zeus’ brothers was Hades god of underworld and Poseidon god of the sea.

This is a statue of the great god Zeus.


Athens produced many artists and writers. One third of people in Athens where working slaves and people didn’t have much money to pay them. Also, only men could become full citizens; Boys went to school and girls were taught at home.

This was all about Greece today, Olympic Games, gods and Athens. As you can see this life was very exciting. You could compete in the first ever Olympic games. Would you like to live in that time?

The lost island- 100WC

Dear diary,

What was that I could feel? Was it water? Slowly, I looked up and saw the ocean racing faster towards us! “Run” I yelled. If your wondering what happened well, it was simple. We where on a boat and a thunder storm came and wiped out everyone. So, we jumped over board and ended up on this island. There was only 3 survivor’s and we ended up passing out when we got here and now your all up to date. I looked be hide us when we stopped we heard a growl and all I saw was big red eyes and dripping red blood from it’s mouth…

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The deep dungeon- Part 4

BANG! I heard a loud noise coming from downstairs and I wanted to investigate but he told me to stay in my room however my foot slipped out of bed and my hand touched the door knob and it opened. “I will burn this place down with all the kids in it hahahahah, They won’t know what’s coming” whispered Mr Thompson. Oh my god I thought in my head I need to get out of hear. Quickly, I rushed into my room and told Maria to pack her stuff she whispered “Why, it’s to late” I replied “The owner…” “Mr Thompson” She interrupted “Yes, well anyway he is going to burn down this whole place with us in IT!” I yelled. A few minutes later, I convinced her and we climbed out the window however as we turned around the whole place was on fire “Come on we have to try to put it out” I yelled. Maria replied with a nod. We rushed to the pond in the back and got all the buckets however we where to slow and the fire had spread to all the trees. Quickly, we pulled the hose out and put the trees out. With all the smoke Maria fell to the ground but I raced over and with all my might I tried to pull her off the grass  but I felt my body getting weaker and my head spinning until I was in a deep sleep since I had breathed in so much smoke.

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The puppy 100WC

The light was so bright, my eyes where burning but my first look around the world. Slowly, I looked around to see where I was going to live but as I looked around all I saw was other dogs, puppies, cats and kittens trapped in cages and they look at me and one of them exclaimed “Kid, you better get use to this because you are in a dog kennel” I look at them I thought what… who are you? Quickly my head turned round to see my Mother being taken away from me. “I love you my pup” Yelled my weak mother.


Photo from http://www.wpclipart.com/

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The deep dungeon- Part 3

My heart was racing faster then lightning and all I heard from outside was children screaming. “NOW HURRY” The owner yelled. Slowly, me and Ashley looked at each other and walked in but as we stepped in all you could see was rats all over the floor so we hurried into the office. “Take a seat, so anyway Alex you will be sharing a room with Maria” He murmured. Ashley hugged me and said goodbye my eyes filled with tears when I saw her get in the car and left. Mr Thompson (The owner) grabbed me by my arm and led me to my room.” Now you little child you will NOT come out your room until we tell you. Anxiously, My hand knocked on the door and whispered ” Hello can I come in ” “Yes” a voice replied. I walk In the room waiting to see the horror of my new room but did it surprise me, Oh yes it did. A few hours later, I found out about my new roommate she is very nice and is 12 year’s old however horribly her parents where kill in a car crash but she was out with her friend’s until she heard the horrible news. In them few hours we where like best friends she let me have the bed to the right and I felt so safe in her room. I knew our friendship would last!

photo from http://www.wpclipart.com/buildings/architecture/Byzantine_architecture.png.html

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The deep dungeon- Part 2


How was I supposed to prove it ? Anyway, it started to hurt my head so i decided to go to bed but as always i couldn’t sleep so i went for a walk whith my dog Porky. I got Porky when i was 4 so it has been 8 years since i got him. A few hours later my head was totally batterd so i walked home however in the distance i saw an orange flicker with water being spread. I thought oh good my parents have the fire on for once but as i got closer it wasnt a fire place fire it was my house on fire. Suddenly, my heart stopped and looked round for my parents but couldn’t find them. Ashley came over and exclaimed ” I’m so sorry Alex but it’s bad news” My heart was broken well not just broken crushed and could never be fixed. “Alex you will be sent to a foster home, Im so sorry i know how you feel” Ashley wisperd in tears. Slowly, I dropped to the floor and cryed a river of tears… Two days later It was the day I was going to be sent to a foster home A few of my valubles was saved including my diary of course. I heard a knock on my tempary bedroom in Ashleys house “It’s time to go, Alex” she told me but i only replied in a nod. About 10 minutes later we arrived in the car park and i got out “You  must be Alex” Exclaimed a misterious voice “Sorry im the owner and BOSS of this place and please come this way” He murmered while walking in to the building. It look like my DOOM!

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The deep dungeon- Part 1


Dear Diary,

Slowly, my head banged off the table making a loud bang. 20 eyes staring at me. My head was spinning my eyes couldn’t stop to concentrate on the figure that told me to go to the office. A few minutes later I got called into the head teacher office, and it was only 10:49, my head stopped spinning however my body was shaking with nerves. ” What do you think you where doing sleeping in class !” Yelled Mr Barkensin “I.. I wasn’t sleeping I was…” I replied “Oh save it for when your parent’s get here! Now go and sit on the seat’s outside of my office!” he screamed. I t was 11:29 and my parents haven’t came yet, Uh I’m bored can’t I just go back to class  I thought in my head. I was an ondairany school girl but could get to sleep since I MOVED school a few moths ago but in then few months I made a lot of friends a quiet girl named Miya, a know it all Germy and my BESTES friend Sam. ” Your parents haven’t came yet so you can go back to class now, Alex” Murmured a very nice office lady. I walked up to class and sat down next to Sam “Hey what’s wrong with you, you never fall asleep in class?” he whispered “Um I’ll tell you at dinner” I whispered back. It’s  12:15  and I was outside talking to Sam, Miya and Germy “so what’s wrong?” They asked all at the same time. ” You won’t belie me I” I whispered “Go on tell us” Replied Miya “Ok I have a strange feeling our house is haunted or cursed or something”. Everyone went silent, They thought I was crazy, but I was about to prove them wrong!

photo credit: Melody Kramer via photopin cc

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A Letter from santa claus


Father Christmas

The Grotto

The North Pole


Dear Sammy,

                        I am very thankful for your letter, I am writing back to explain about my years routine.

Straight after Christmas I would get home, feed my reindeers ,dog and my giant talking tuckey (A.K.A A turkey). Then I would make a warm, nice cup of hot chocolate. Quickly, I would jump into a bubble bath and relax however I would need to get ready to go to Greenland. Me and my team take part in an ice skating competition with me Bilbo and Galdouf.

During the summer months I go to Hawaii and hula dance with hawien horse and Spanish hippo. Also, I swim in the relaxing pool while drinking a fruit smoothie. next, I would go camping in Wales with my giant tukey named Natalie. It is quit cold there and my tent always blows away. Plus, the kids on the site push my air bed in on to the water and I always wake up in the lake . After that adventure, I rent a submarine and try to find the Atlantic city underwater with Hawien horse and my dog however we never find it.

As Christmas approaches, I would come home and read all my letters (and it’s not a piece of cake) and make all of your toys. It takes me forever to put them on my sleigh. Once that is all done, I buy a new suite and polish my sleigh.

In conclusion, Thank you for writing me a letter as you see my year is very exiting and full of adventures. I hope this will help you understand what I do every year.

From Santa.

photo credit: d2digital via photopin cc

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Tia’s snow story


Out of the corner of my eye, I see a snow flake lightly falls on my nose. Suddenly, my hand shaking, my head spinning until I fall flat on to a pile of freezing cold snow. I wake up hours later in a small cabin with snow everywhere. Nervously, I get up and walk into the kitchen nobody is there. After a while, I work up the nerves to go outside I wander round the cabin and try to figure  out who/ or what brought me there? I see a dark figure in the distance and know who it is !
photo credit: Clearly Ambiguous via photopin cc

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How to make the silence

Have you ever wanted to freeze people when they touch your hair ? Do you want to be able to touch anything including fire and not get burnt ? If so read these amazing instruction and you too can become the silence.

What you need:

  • The ice from the deepest well on the hidden island
  • The feather from the angles wing in the baloon house in the sky
  • A piece of a dangerous white headed shark’s skin in the Atlantic ocean
  • A neclar poisen bottle inside a ticking tim BOMB !
  • The most biggest and specials star found on  the moon in the deepest darkess cave with mosters

What to do :

  1.  First, you need to smeer the piece of freezing ice over you hair and your hair should turn blue and cold.
  2. Next, put the feather on top of you left arm in the middle and angle wings should apear.
  3. After, wrap the sharks skin round your right leg.
  4. Once that has been done, take the neclar bottle and put it in to your whip.
  5. Finally, shrink the star and put it on the side of your pants

Final note:

Warning you can NOT fly in the rain and do NOT put your whip in the lava or you will EXPLODE !


Minecraft !

This information page will tell you everything you will need to know about Minecraft, even the best Minecraft Youtuber Stampylongnose (Mr stampy cat).

First of all, here are some tips of how to survive your first night: 5. When you first spawn you need to get wood from a tree, food from animals and break grass (not blocks) and maybe get seed. 4. if you come across a sheep KILL IT even if you love animals. You can skip the night and avoid the googlies by making a bed! 3. Find a mountain because 1. there might be a chance of finding coal 2. If you dig in to it you can have a non- permanent home or if you want to maybe die building a house 2. Try and make all wooden tools, like a pickaxe, get some cobblestone for a furnace and stone tools a hoe- to plant seed for bread or CAKE an axe- to chop down trees faster a shovel- to clear dirt, gravel and sand faster and most importantly a sword- to protect your self. And finaly 1. Try to light up the area, get as much armor as possible, and MOST IMPORTANT STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLIES !

Now, Mr stampy cat is the best youtuber in the world he has soooo much fun with all his friends like Sqaishey quack (who he dose sky den with here is the link to part number one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM_biPF2mjM ) Finball, ballistic squid, Amy lee 33, Rosie, lion maker, choo choo, and last but not least his cake giver L for Leeeeeex. Lee ( Also know as Lee Bear) is always in stampys videos every morning he goes on his balcony and say ” Hellooo this is stampy and wecome to a minecraft lets play viedo another viedo in stampys lovely world and today i am going to be joint by LEE BEAR!” Then lee gives him his cake then he adds someone to his love garden then chooses a dog and 50% of the time he killes his dogs but by acedent and always replaces it. Plus his world is the best anyone could create he has lots of mini games and shops.

This is the end of this imformation page but if you need help either leave a comment or watch stampys viedo’s and he will give you advice.

Letter to Intersnack

Tanfield Lea community Primary

Tanfield lea





Dear Intersnack,

                         We are writing to you because we are learning about advertising and products. We would like you to come to our school and tell us about business, like the quality of the product, how much we need to sell it for. Furthermore we are a very local school so if you could make it that would please us. Also, if you are interested please read on.

First of all, we are Tanfield Primary in Mr Patterson’s year 5/6 class we are aged around 9 to 11 years old. We have been learning about creating our own adverts and would like to know how to advertise and the profit and prices. Another thing, we would like to know what makes a good enterprice.

We feel that a grand company like you could help us with our learning. Since you do make 3 million Hula Hoops every day, which is very impressive. Plus, you make 2.4 million packets of McCoy’s a day. Furthermore, you sell billions of products like Choc dip, Space raders, Nic nacks, Pretzels and lots more! We are so glad that you said “We are committed to the community because we are a school in you “Community”. So it would be amazing if you would help

Would you be available to help your community by visiting us or we visit you? Could you help us learn more about enterprice? First, could you explain how you produce so many crisps in one day? Also, we want to know how hard it is? Finally, all of our class want to know would you donate 100 of your crisps, which is only 0.004 % of 1 day so you could help our enterprice project.

We hope you respond and agree to help us.

Yours sincerely,

Tia Bailey (year5/6)