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Greek cinquain





Leader of all gods,





most undead of all,

dead guy




lord of the sea,

wet guy




killer of all people,


Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks, who are responsible for the Olympic games, worshiped gods. Greece, which was responsible for a lot of things we have today, had a temple of Zeus. In this report you will find out about: Greece today, the Olympic games, Athens and Sparta.

Greece today

Today Greece is a small (made of thousands of islands) European country also Greece has an area of mainland. In addition Mt Olympus is its highest mountain. Furthermore this nation has a population of over 10.9 million people! Mt Olympus is the seat of the (12 gods) Olympians.

A map of Greece today.

The Olympic games 

The Olympic games started over 2700 years ago, in south west Greece. The games were part of a religious festival also to worship Zeus. The Olympic games were thought to have begun 776bc and consequently inspired the Modern Olympic games. It happens every 4 years.

An ancient discus thrower.


Athens was the largest city in Ancient Greece however Sparta was their rival. From the 250,000 people to 300,000 are slaves but only the free men were slaves.


Sparta were always ready for battle unfortunately they would starve without slaves. Spartans wanted to be a strong city in Greece. Boys didn’t go to school they would be trained for battle instead.

As you can see The ancient Greece played an important role in our history and the sports as well.

The mystery of the missing death! 100wc Part 1

one dark and gloomy night a boy called Liam that was 11 years old was walking around his long dimly lit street. He was on his way home but noticed his friend were waiting at his door for him to come out but little they new about there friend was crossing the road behind them! While crossing the road a car pulled up in front of Liam and the person got out of the car and grabbed him and put celetape over his mouth, arms plus his legs threw him in the car……….

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A letter from Santa

Santa Claus


The Grotto

The North Pole


Dear Sammy,

Thank you for the letter. I’m writing to you to you to explain what I do in the other 11 months of the year.(not a 11 month holiday you know)

As soon as I finish delivering presents and get home I get something to eat,  feed my cat and dog, next I get a well earned long dreamless sleep and When I wake up I get a lovely warm  bubble bath(with a rubber ducky)

At  summer I plant a garden , take my pet to the pound to be taken care of, go on a holiday of paradise. One year my holiday, apart from the bills, was great. This year I might go to…. Egypt!!!! AHHH the scorching hot sun up against my freezing body! This year it will be great unlike last years bloomin’ bills and freezing weather.

By the time the festive season comes I get a new suit get my cat and dog from the pound, make the toys(this year I need 153), weed the garden plus my sack gets heavier every year.

Hope I have answered your question.

From Santa Clause

P.S HO HO HO Merry Christmas!!!!

PP.S Be good!!!!!
photo credit: d2digital via photopin cc

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How to create Toxic evil

How to create Toxic evil

Have you ever wanted to explode and survive?Do you want to drink toxic wast and grow to 10000 feet tall, if so follow these instructions and you too could become Toxic evil!!!

What you need:a glass of nuclear wast, the finest iron from a dwarf mine, the visor of a robot, the world champion wresting belt and a reinforced cape.

What you do

1.First take a glass of nuclear wast and slowly drink it.

2.Next take the finest iron (melt it first) and cover yourself in it.

3.Thirdly take the visor of a robot and put it over your eyes.

4.After that get the world champion wrestling belt and put it on your waist.

5.Finally put your reinforced cape round your neck.

Final note

Once you have become Toxic evil stay away from acid, magic wands and lava.

The Blits Poem

The Blitz Poem

The deadly silence in London, no sound in any street,

Little footsteps like ghosts racing past,

A red bus went past gliding in the night,

Children have nightmares that night but are not real yet…

Silently the first bomb falls BOOM,

Rumbling ground like an earthquake,

Children screaming like alternative bomb alarms,

Shattered smashed glass like daggers.

Crumbling buildings crackling fire

Will London survive this night?

Rotting bodies all down the street,

Many will die on the bombing night,

Buildings collapsing, fire spreading,

Cars are upside down black with fire,

Dust so thick it could make a blanket,

Hitler is not done with London tonight.